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INSPIRE Dance Academy Fees and Expectations 2021-2022
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INSPIRE Dance Academy Fees and Expectations 2021-2022

Tuition** -

Due on the 1st of each month


*10% Sibling Discount Available For All Company and Academy Levels. Any additional classes: +$35/mo per class including siblings (DOES NOT include Company Programs)

-$400/mo Family Unlimited, including Academy. *Does not apply to Company Programs. 

Summer Required Training -

This year the INSPIRE Dance Academy will have two dance intensives. One required and one optional to keep the dancers training through the summer. The REQUIRED Intensive will be held  June 21st-25th,  from 9am-12pm daily. This is a required training and will help our team members to progress and get a jump start on the year. Cost is $125 and is due June 1st.

The OPTIONAL Intensive will be held July 26th-30th, from 9am-12pm daily. This is for those who would like to step up their training in preparation for the upcoming season. Cost is $125 and is June 1st. If you register after June 1st, the intensive tuition will be due at time of registration.

*If you cannot make the required summer intensive week, please enroll for the optional intensive to fulfill your intensive requirements.

Commitment Form & Registration Fee -

To accept your spot on the INSPIRE Dance Academy Team, please return the Commitment Form by noon on June 21st, which is also the first day of intensive. (Commitment form will be attached to the acceptance email). The fall registration fee is due at the time that you turn in your commitment form.

Costumes -

Costume Deposits per dancer are due beginning Aug 15th. Depending on what level your child is in, will depend on how many deposits you will have. We won’t know the final costume costs until they are chosen by the teacher. Here is a breakdown of deposit amounts and due dates:

Level 1 - $75 Aug 15th, any remaining amount due Oct. 15th

Level 2 - $75 Aug 15th, $75 Sept 15th, any remaining amount due Oct. 15th

Level 3- $100 Aug 15th, $75 Sept 15th, any remaining amount due Oct. 15th

Level 4 - $100 Aug 15th, $100 Sept 15th, any remaining amount due Oct. 15th

Level 5 - $125 Aug 15th, $125 Sept 15th, any remaining amount due Oct. 15th

Team Wear and Required Tights/Shoes -

All Academy Team members are required to purchase an INSPIRE Team Jacket and Academy Team Leo. Leo’s will be used for technique class attire base, as well as for full team performances. Jackets are worn for warm-ups, to and from performances and competition/convention. Optional Academy items offered: dance bags, studio theme tshirts, hats, etc.

Jacket - $85, INSPIRE Academy Leo- $50

Academy teams will also have required shoes and tights, specific to their age and skill level, for uniformity when performing in public venues or onstage at competitions. ALL Team Wear, required shoes and tights, must be purchased through our INSPIRE boutique. This helps us avoid having shoes and tights with differing colors and helps our dancers look more professional.

Nutcracker -

INSPIRE Entertainment will be doing the Nutcracker this season and we will be having some of our Academy levels participating in the performance. More information TBA after auditions in August.

There is a $65 show fee per dancer, which includes rehearsals, one costume rental, and show t-shirt. This fee will be due Oct. 15th. If a dancer has more than one costume, there will be an additional $25 charge per costume.

**Please note, dancers will need to attend some Saturday rehearsals for this production.

Competitions/Performances -

Competitions and Performances are required events and can only be excused by the Academy Director.  

Competition Fees depend on how many dances they are competing and group dances range from $55 - $65/dance. Conventions range from $180-$250. Competitions will be chosen by mid September and dates will be communicated after that.

Reasons for Disciplinary Actions - 

Attitude issues, payment issues, appropriate class attire, or dependability issues that do not change will result in dismissal from class, suspension from program, or dismissal from program with no refunds.

Should you choose to end your commitment to Academy before the end of the year, without Director approval, you will be charged and automatic drop fee equal to ONE MONTHS TUITION based on your training level.

Dress Code -  

To create an atmosphere of focus and  professionalism, Academy dancers will follow a more uniform dress code for technique classes.  The Academy leo or other black leo, will be your base wear. A list of required dance shoes is attached to this document.

Ballet: Base leo, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, hair in high tight ponytail or bun

Jazz: Base leo, tights, leggings, dance shorts, jazz shoes, hair in high tight ponytail

For all other classes, (i.e. Tap, Hip Hop, Tumbling, etc.), please wear modest dance attire (no bare midriffs) and make sure you have a cover up on when you are outside of our studio doors. Please also make sure all dance shoes and costumes are labeled with the student’s name. Our dress code applies at all competitions and conventions as well because you are still representing INSPIRE.

Communication -

We use the app called TEAM App as the main form of communication. It is required that all INSPIRE Dance Academy Team parents, and dancers (if they have a smartphone), to download the app. This will ensure that you are always up to date with the calendar and what is going on in the Academy.

All correspondence will happen via TEAM App!

For questions or concerns about Academy throughout the year, please email:

Please make sure that you join our INSPIRE Entertainment Facebook and Instagram pages and look at them often.

Absences -

Dancers are expected to attend all classes, performances, competitions, and events unless excused by the Dance Academy Director. If you know that you have a family event or school event, please enter the absence on TEAM App under Absence Requests one month ahead of your absence to be excused.  We understand those few instances of unexpected accidents, illness, or family emergency, but please do your best to follow the month ahead rule.

Please note: There will be no excused absences two weeks prior to a competition or performance. Unexcused absences are never acceptable. Even if absences are excused, you may still be removed from a dance if absences have affected the dance rehearsal time.

Every time a dancer has had three unexcused or excused absences, the director will be contacting the student and parents to discuss it and give a consequence. Depending on the amount of absences, consequences could involve a sit down meeting, make-up classes, private lessons, dismissal from a dance, or dismissal from the team.