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War Snipers 2.3: Rules
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War Snipers 2.3 Rules

General Information

Requirements To Join

Clan Rules

Strike System

Troops Donated / Received Requirement

Clan Ranks

General Information

Clan Tag: #2QU90U2U

Clan Level: 32
Clan Capital Level: 9

Clan Leader: Duck

Discord Server:

Requirements To Join

                         • Townhall:


Clan Rules

-Discord is required to be a Member. 

- You should request for troops whenever possible - more donations help others reach their minimum and push FIN.

- Minimum 60 attacks won in a season.

- If you request for “any” / unspecific request, don’t complain if you are given  

  what you didn’t want. To prevent that from happening, be specific with what  

  you want and / or don’t want in your request.

- Read all clan mail thoroughly and act accordingly.

- Do not donate any troops to the clan war clan castles, unless specified otherwise.

- If you are going to be inactive for a period of time, please inform the leadership on  


- If you participate in raid weekends you must use all attacks and get over 10,000 raid medals. We won’t give you strikes for not participating in a raid.

- We don’t have a donation ratio you need to maintain - however you must not ignore troop requests.

- If you’re fully maxed out and need a break or will be staying less active, you should let the leader know about it.

Strike System

• Members get 2 Strikes before they are kicked. You can reapply on discord for other clans but chances to get back in 2.3 will be slim.

• If you don’t understand any rules, you have to ask the leadership team.

• If you’re unable to meet any of the requirements, you should tell the leadership team and we will inform you what to do.



2 STRIKE (insta-kick)

Missing either donated or received of 3000 each

Failure to get 2000 minimum points in Clan Games

Failure to switch to FWA base after a BL match or to a war base when we match BL.

Minor failure to follow war plan (under leadership discretion)

Failure to reach 3000 donated and 3000 received

3 starring both attacks in a WAR LOSS.

Missing war hits, missing raid weekends

Not following war plan.

Leaving the clan or Discord without approval

Getting under 10,000 CG in raid weekends.

Not meeting minimum attack requirements of 100.

Not doing CG, leeching CG or having under 1000 D/R

Starting raid weekend and only doing 1/2 raid.

There are  2  ways to have your strikes removed/reduced:

Note: Leaders have the right to trump the strike system and act as they think is more appropriate. The system will be followed in most normal situations

Clan Ranks


Members are players who just want to be a part of the clan and nothing else. They must follow all clan rules and there are no added benefits.


Elder is for players who want to help the  Leaders with the recruitment process for our clans. You will need to be active on Discord. All the strike rules apply to you.

Benefits of being an Elder:


Co-Leader is for players who have either been in the clan for an insanely long time or those willing to take up responsibility.

Benefits of being a Co-leader:

What we are looking for:

Some tasks we are expecting you to do are:

 → Participate in our Co-leader chat

To apply for Elder or Co-Leader:

DM @Duсk#7500 (Lead - Duck) on Discord. When you DM me, include what time zone you are in.

Depending on your activity or how helpful we deem you to be, you might not be accepted for the position.