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War Snipers 2.1/2.3: Rules
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War Snipers 2.1 / 2.3

General Information

Requirements To Join

Clan Rules

Strike System

Troops Donated / Received Requirement

Clan Ranks

General Information

War Snipers 2.1

Clan Tag: #9CYCYYLU

Clan Level: 29

Clan Leader: Adi

War Snipers 2.3

Clan Tag: #2QU90U2U

Clan Level: 29

Clan Leader: -BRUTAL LEGEND-

Clan Discord

Requirements To Join



Clan Rules

 Discord is required to be a Member. 

 You have to Request for Troops a lot.

If you don't meet donation requirements two seasons in a row you will be kicked.

 Donate only what is requested. Ask in chat if you would like to offer a  

  different troop to donate and wait for the requester to respond.

If you request for “any” / unspecific request, don’t complain if you are given  

  what you didn’t want. To prevent that from happening, be specific with what  

  you want and / or don’t want in your request.

 Read all clan mail thoroughly and act accordingly.

 Do not donate any troop to the clan war clan castles.

If you are going to be inactive for a period of time, please inform the leadership on  


 Strike System

Members get 2 Strikes before they are kicked (Have to reapply on Discord if    

  they would like to rejoin).

Strikes reset to 0 at the end of every two seasons or at the end of the  

  following months: February, April, June, August, October, December.



Insta-Kick (1 week ban, have to reapply on Discord)

Failure to meet the Troops donated or Troops received requirement (“Season ends in: 1d” mark)

Getting incorrect # of stars on a base that is not your mirror.


#12 2 stars #1 before #1 2 starred it

Not having your “war farming” war base set ACTIVE before Preparation Day ends.

Incorrect donations (screenshot required to report)

Not replying when @’d in a post on Discord by a Co / Leader

3 starring a base in a WAR LOSS.

Missing war hits (either mirror and / or covered base)

Breaking any rule in the discord server (e.g. serious spamming, posting questionable content in family friendly channels, mass tagging etc).

Hitting #1 and #2 in War when you aren’t supposed to.

Failure to get 1000 min. points in Clan Games

Leaving the clan or Discord without approval

Troops Donated / Received Requirement

Season Length

Troops Donated

Troops Received

28 days or 35 days

At least 2,500 (when "Season ends in:" timer hits 1d left)

At least 2,500  (when "Season ends in:" timer hits 1d left)

      Clan Ranks


Members are players who just want to be a part of the clan and nothing else. They must follow all clan rules and there are no added benefits (see Elder or Co-Leader if you would like added benefits)


Elder is for players who want to help the Co / Leaders with the recruitment process for our clans. You will need to be active on Discord and also have experience with using Discord, Reddit and / or the CoC forums. The standard Troops donated / received requirement and strike system applies to you.

Benefits of being an Elder:


Are you interested in helping run the clan as a Co-Leader?

Benefits of being a Co-leader:

What we are looking for:

Some tasks we are expecting you to do are:

To apply for Elder or Co-Leader:

DM ᴀᴅɪ#4350 (Lead - Adi) on Discord. When you DM me, include what time zone you are in as well as saying what the current time is for you. You should also include anything else you think we will need to convince us you would be a good candidate for Elder or Co-leader.