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Study Richard J Froese
July 28 2018 1743

Started November 26 2017

Richard J Froese
6 The Mall
Syosset NY 11791-4127
+1.516.496.9625 (business) [needs verify as to “this Froese” - probably not]

Dear Mr Froese:

I am writing you (as I am sure you can imagine) about your June 23 1989 visit to my family’s home at 55 Liberty Street # 17C.

While there on June 23 1989, you captured these two photographs:

nb:  the blue arrow is mine - and you and I will discuss that arrow and what it points to later in this letter.

In that June 23 1989 visit, you made three statements - and this is my best recollection as to your exact words:

I’d like to verify that it is indeed true that you made these three statements.  Did you make any or all of those statements?

I took your importuning me to commit insurance fraud as a solicitation of a bribe.  

And I am particularly interested in your use of the term unfair.

As you will also remember, in your visit et seq. I provided you with a complete bound copy of the 55 Liberty Owners Corp proprietary lease.

I also supplied you with a copy of the insurance syndicate USAA’s indemnity contract with me [contract limits page attached as Exhibit “_”].

The full insurance syndicate contract may be downloaded here:

Koenig family Indemnity Contract with the 2.5 Million USAA Syndicate Names - through Robert F McDermott

The insurance syndicate USAA indemnity contract provided for the cost of a complete restoration of the apartment from the studs in.

As you also know, my family’s proprietary lease was constructively identical with all cooperative apartment leases in NYC.

And as you clearly know, ¶ 17 . (a)  of the proprietary lease (which I had supplied to you) clearly laid out my family’s responsibility to keep in good repair.

In case of any damage, the proprietary lease required us to restore the apartment at our expense and to bear all the effort and all the costs.

Richard Froese - please phone me right away if there is something I am missing here:  +

If there was some other purpose to the insurance syndicate indemnity contract that Robert F McDermott arranged between me and the other 2.5 million syndicate names - please phone me rIght away and tell me.

As you also know - my family (wife, 2 children and one on the way) were contractual subrogors and the insurance syndicate and the 2.5 million syndicate names were our subrogees as to any and all right we had to to seek payment from 55 Liberty Owners Corp.

I also genuinely believe that you had researched the matter and had already determined that 55 Liberty Owners Corp insurer - Greater New York Mutual Insurance Company NAIC 22187 under Policy # 1131M75921-S - harbored an intent to not pay USAA’s costs.

There may have been a problem - for example - that 55 Liberty Owners Corp had already used up their water damage policy limits.

I also believe that Robert F McDermott had a congenital case of paralysis of the check writing hand when he couldn’t lay off his bad bets on other people.

From what I understand - McKinsey had a complete office at USAA teaching the fellow syndicate names that worked there how to evade claims.  I am willing to bet that you had a checklist of evasive techniques.

I also believe that these persons at 9800 Fredericksburg Road were expressly instructing you and suborning you to orchestrate a criminal evasion of the duty of the 2.5 million syndicate names at the insurance syndicate USAA to pay my  family’s actual and reasonable costs of restoring the damage from the steam pipe explosion.

Robert Frances McDermott
My Attorney-in-Fact



Should any person disagree or find fault with my above analysis is strongly encouraged to ring me right away on my personal phone - #1.212.904.1095.  In the alternative - email me at:  Phoning is preferable  - and will get you an immediate response.

McDermott hired these two miscreants to supervise the fraud that was carried out against my family.

General Charles E Bishop
[Charles Emerson Bishop]

29626 Double Eagle Circle

Fair Oaks Ranch TX  78015


General Wilson Charles "Bill" Cooney

[Wilson C Cooney Company]

29350 Grand Coteau Drive

Boerne TX 78015-4507

+1.830.981.8581 (home)

+1.210.568.3596 (office)

+1.210.859.1495 (cell)

Under Generals Bishop and Cooney was the Senior Vice President for USAA’s overseas and NY Region:

Duane G Divich

13902 Bluff Wind

San Antonio TX 78216-7915


And advising Robert F McDermott and Divich, we have:

Bradford Whitman Rich
USAA General Counsel

Research produces this additional attorney who I believe was the “staff attorney” who supplied internal “opinions” to NE Regional USAA staff.

David Woodard Esq

2571 Rolling Creek

Spring Branch TX 78070

+1.830.885.5065 (home)

+1.210.325.0707 (cell)

You were also likely handled and coordinated by these two USAA San Antonio claims clerks:

Norma Mendiola

Jannie Morse

The NY based staff counsels who also likely supervised your criminal actions were:

Anthony D Perri Esq
46 Bayville Park Boulevard
Bayville NY 11709

Neil L Kanzer Esq

75 Franklin Street  

Amityville NY 1170

John Robert Seybert Esq

59 Watchogue Avenue Unit 23

East Moriches  NY 11940


And there were other members of your own office who were involved.

Joseph Thomas Madden

405 Columbia Avenue

St Cloud FL 34769-2650


Grace L Ward

Excel Claims Service, Inc.

103 Fort Salonga Road - Suite 8

Northport NY 11768


fax:  +1.631.261.2676 (good 05 oct 13)

I also believe that you, Richard J Froese, with a criminal intent to evade, asked me to infer that identifying the cause of the damage was an instrumental prerequisite and a central sine qua non to obtaining our restoration costs from the  2.5 million syndicate names.

I think you were bull-shitting me;  I think you were playing me.

I believe that at all times you knew that water damage is a named peril in all NYS/NYC Coop Policies, that none of the possible exceptions (e.g. floods) applied, and that my family had the exactly correct insurance contract.

And here are the contract limits against which we supplied our syndicate name deposit.

At all times you knew that we had been indemnified for the costs to restore without regard to the particular cause of damage or determination of responsible/negligent party.

A determination of responsible/negligent party was a matter that only concerned Robert F McDermott as trustee for the 2.5 million syndicate names who would pay the actual costs to restore.

If McDermott could find a solvent third party - then he could institute a recovery of costs as subrogee of my subrogor rights against the 55 Liberty Owners Corp.

All that remained between you and me was to organize a restoration project that was reasonable and agreeable to all the parties:  and we were entirely flexible

You tortiously interfered with the process of our obtaining costs:  I believe your continuing tortious interference has a criminal origin.  And the statutes have not run as (your criminal cover up being so exquisitely orchestrated) as your acts were canonical fraud - and I only figured it out today.

I am hoping you kept your workpapers, etc, so that you can defend.  If you need replacement paperwork - I’ll be happy to help you out.  All my files are in high-quality pdf.  Everything I have is available to you.

I am annexing by link all the insurance policies that had been obtained by 55 Liberty Owners Corp. 

One final question:

Jannie Morse, one of your handlers, wrote an extraordinary  July 25 1990 letter [Exhibit “_”] stating that we had the wrong policy for our condominium: blaming me.

I extract this gibberish from Morse’s criminally motivated letter:

You can aso note that while she was chewing her cud, slothful fat cow that she is, Jannie Morse also referred to a non-existent document - the Master Policy.

Mose asks us to infer that I had needed to request a wrap-around to supplement a Master Policy that never existed:  cunt!  Are you kidding me?

And when I phoned and spoke to Jannie Morse - she cunted out and lied saying she’d call back which she never did.

Criminal Morse could be forgiven for a slothful correctable error except for one small detail: you [Mr Froese] had already told Jannie Morse on December 6 1989 [Exhibit “_”] that my family’s home was a cooperative apartment with a proprietary lease.

And as you very well know, Mr Froese, ¶ 4 of our proprietary lease governed only the the landlord building owners duties as to cooperative apartment property - in general the common areas.

The damaged floor that you photographed on June 23rd 1989 was my family’s property: everything inside that apartment was property belonging to my family - from the studs in.

And you knew that!

Criminal Morse also said something else that was odd.

The criminally motivated language of Morse’s letter suggests that I had failed in my duty to select the correct policy and the correct policy limits.

It is my understanding that under NYS law, the party with the insurable risk describes the insurable risk and the licensed salesperson selects the options.  And then the person seeking indemnify choses from the options.

Now listen here, Mr Froese - and you god-damned listen carefully - you fucking liar.

The $51,000 100% property damage limits were set by the licensed USAA salesperson that I contacted in December 1986 before we had even closed on the apartment.

We had a contractual duty with the estate of the deceased seller to assume the duty to 100% repair the contained tenant improvements (from the studs in) during our occupancy prior to closing [January 1987].

When I described the insurable risk to the USAA sales person, she asked me the apartments square footage and construction quality.

I told her 600 square feet (30’ x 20’ exactly) and  medium quality.

The USAA  licensed sales person consulted a USAA table for NYC construction costs of medium grade apartments and pulled this number.

$85/square foot

If the cretinous cocksucker who runs USAA today, Stuart Parker, goes back he will see that the USAA manual of NYC construction costs in 1987 for medium grade appartments was $85/square foot.

Cock-sucker scum-licking Stuart Parker, with you stroking his dick and licking his ass-hole and whatever it was that you were doing with McDermott back in 1989 - or whatever:  you two can go measure the 55 Liberty Street # 17C today and see that it is exactly 30’ x 20’ = 600 square foot.

600 square feet x $85 = $51,000.

Now, douche-bag Froese with your head between Grace Ward’s legs, or whatever:  look at the policy limit for property.  $51,000.

In describing the insurable risk over the telephone in December 1986, I used this exact example:

I told the USAA licensed salesperson that if the building were entirely destroyed (911 took place only 200 meters away); and if the cooperative corporation elected to rebuild; that in that worst case scenario my family’s duty to restore would begin with white dotted lines on a new concrete slab on the 17th floor of a band new building.

And if there was a fire which destroyed the 17th floor, that once again -  my family’s duty to restore would begin with white dotted lines on a new concrete slab on the 17th floor.

Nothing could be simpler.

The entire duty to restore our home rested on my family’s shoulders.

And bitch cunt Jannie Morse had the fucking temerity to fucking sit there, out of the clear blue sky, never having even spoken to me , and having done exactly zero due diligence :

and to write a fucking used-Tampax letter saying that I hadn’t purchased correct policy.

Well - Mr Froese - I think you wrote that letter.  And if you didn’t write it - then you know who did!

On January 29 2016, I wrote the NYSDFS [BKC-2016-1130348] asking whether it was possible to glean from the form and language of a USAA indemnity contract:


whether it had been explicitly written for either a condo or a cooperative:  one to the exclusion of the other.

The packet I sent along was on form HO6.

NYSDFS punted and sent the question to:

Laura Olguin
Subscribing Member Investigations
Executive Offices
United Services Automobile Association
9800 Fredericksburg Road
San Antonio TX 78288
+ (o-direct) 

Laura Olguin never answered the question.

And the NYSDFS closed the case out.

Now, I ask you.

Is there, or was there ever, anything in either the form or the language of the insurance contract that Robert F McDermott arranged between my family and the other 2.5 million syndicate names at the insurance syndicate USAA which can be read so as to determine whether I had either a condominium or a coop.

Since in 1989 (as you know) there were very very few condominiums in NYC:

and as virtually all pre war building are organized using the corporate cooperative apartment model:

what sort of junk was Jannie Morse snorting when she wrote that rude and highly accusatory letter?

Who is emg - the initials shown on the letter?

Who do you think wrote Jannie Morse’s robo-signed letter?

Please phone me:  +  Let’s get this settled.

Maybe I am wrong on some key points?

Very truly yours,

Robert J Koenig

PS:  I promised you a discussion of this blue arrow:

The blue arrow in the June 23rd photograph above points to the same section of floor you photographed on August

Lying cocksucker scum-bag Judge Lebedeff and blow-job USAA adjuster Grace Ward and clit stroking Robert Spadaro had this to say about that hole in the floor.

Grace Ward and Robert Spadaro said that between our May 25th 1989 visit when you observed so surface defects on the floor and your August 3rd 1989 visit - that I intentionally damaged the floor then cut the water-soaked wood out to  cover-up my crime.

Well you and I know that the black plastic bag contained the wet wood which had been cut out and that you took ha bag with you for forensic analysis.

btw - Richard:  here is the language of Robert F McDermott’s 1989 lease at Robert F McDermott Towers in San Antonio.

So please don’t tell me that cocksucker McDermott didn’t understand coop insurance.  Please!

Exhibit “_”:  Insurance Syndicate USAA Indemnity Contract

Exhibit “_”:  Jannie Morse’s letter of July 25 1990

Exhibit “_”:Froese letter of December 6 1989

Exhibit “_”: Joseph Madden - Orlando area - former Froese employee

Joseph Thomas Madden is a licensed insurance adjuster

Joseph Thomas Madden
405 Columbia Avenue
St Cloud FL 34769-2650

Joseph Thomas Madden
Litigation Claims Analyst
Frontline Homeowners Insurance
500 International Parkway
Lake Mary FL 32746 

Rose M Baer

Donna Ann Madden

Donna Laquara Madden 

License: Joseph Thomas Madden



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