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Cambridge course

ONLINE for age 10 to 16

If you would like to join click here for booking form

Teacher : Julia Stockley

Wednesday 9.30 to 10.30. Improvers (started Sep 2020)

Friday 10am to 11am Beginners (start Feb 2021)

Latin online lessons in very small groups. Improvers courses and beginners courses may start at various times of the year. The current Wednesday group are working at Cambridge Level 8. Please contact Debbie if you would like to join advising her of your students current level or if they are a beginner and we will try to accommodate you.

This is an interesting article if you are wondering what the benefits are to children who learn Latin.

Its payback benefit may well be much greater. Learning Latin is an exercise of the intellect that helps stretch and develop the brains of children. The more they learn of Latin, the better they may well be at many other subjects”

Learning Latin strengthens literacy skills in English

Latin develops a child for computer programming

Latin prepares children for scientific, legal or medical careers

Latin teaches children about Ancient History

Learning Latin makes grasping another language easier

Learning Latin helps increase Maths scores

Learning Latin lifts academic outcomes

Learning Latin gives a CV and UCAS application boost

Fee £11 for one hour classes

Students require this text book series. Please check with Julia which book number to buy for the current level of the group. For example January 2021 the Wednesday group were at Level 8 in book 1.

Cambridge Latin Course Book 1 Paperback – 6 Aug. 1998

ISBN 9 780521 635431