How To Set Up Cart Recovery In Infusionsoft

Using InfusionSoft and an abandoned cart recovery app like Logik makes it simple to start recovering lost potential customers and increasing your sales and profits.

The first step in using Infusionsoft for shopping cart recovery is to have your email campaigns set up and ready to go. If you have been working on reducing cart abandonment for a while, this may be a tried and tested sequence. If you are just getting started, you may have a few different campaigns set up to let you split test and see which one works best in converting lost carts to sales.

Your campaign should apply a tag to your Infusionsoft contacts when they visit your sales page or if they reach your checkout page. If they do not complete the checkout, your cart recovery campaign should kick in.

You may need to test a few variations to see what sort of campaign works best, but as an example, a short sequence may look something like this:

However one of the main limitations of trying to run a cart recovery campaign directly from Infusionsoft is that it relies on the campaign being triggered by actions that happen on the order form, but not necessarily from the sales page or checkout page.

This is where a third party app that integrates with InfusionSoft such as Logik comes in handy. Logik is easy to set up ,easy to integrate and gives you a much more flexible range of options with which you can trigger your cart recovery campaign.

This means that you can have a campaign in place, fully integrated with your pre-existing InfusionSoft system, that covers a much broader range of actions. For example, you can vary your recovery campaigns depending on if a contact stopped at the sales page, left the process at the checkout page, or didn’t even open your emails in the first place. This is much more in-depth than what InfusionSoft on it’s own will let you accomplish.

If your website visitor isn’t already an email contact, than you won’t necessarily be able to send them cart recovery emails. So the next step is to have retargeting in place so that you can aim to recover abandoned carts from new buyers. You can run retargeting ads on Facebook, through Google’s display network or use a specialist service. All you will need to do is set up the appropriate tracking pixels on your sales page and checkout page.

Logik offers a solution that fully integrates with Infusionsoft and allows you to run personalized, advanced and in-depth cart recovery campaigns and also includes retargeting options so that you can manage your whole shopping cart recovery process from one easy-to-use software solution.

Be one of the first to use Logik with Infusionsoft and find out how many lost sales you can recover with minimum effort!

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