Digibowl Tournament Series - Event #1, Presented by Motiv

Location: Lang’s Bowlarama

USBC Certified and SMART Funded

Tournament Date: August 17th, 2019

Entry: $35 (breakdown on prize structure sheet)

Walk-in entries are welcomed!

Prize Fees returned 100%

Prize Ratio is at least 1:5

Tournament Rules

1.        Eligible participants who are not USBC members can qualify, prior to participation, by paying the

appropriate associate membership dues ($21).

2.        Competitors may enter once per squad  (Rule 315).

3.        Handicap for Standard events is 90% of 220.

4.        Entering averages

        a.        Previous season’s (2018/19) highest of

1)        A  single USBC league average based on a minimum of 21 games.

2)        A composite average of all USBC leagues, including leagues with less than 21 games.

        b.        If no average last year,  use highest current season USBC average at the time of entry for 21 or

more games.

c.        Unsanctioned bowlers who sanction at this event will use their current league average with a 5%


        d.        Bowlers with none of the above must bowl scratch.

5.        If current season average for at least 21 games at time of bowling exceeds last season’s average by 10 or

more pins, current season average must be used (Rule 319a-2).

6.        If bowler’s current Composite Average (found on Player of the Year page) is at least 20 games and higher than all above averages, this composite average must be used.

        a.        Composite Average calculation

        1)        Standard average is determined by pins divided by games bowled, including match play.

        2)        Challenge average is determined by pins divided by games bowled, including match play,

and then increased by 14%.

3)        Sport average is determined by pins divided by games bowled, including match play, and

then increased by 28%.

4)        All three averages are then combined and divided by 3 to determine Composite Average.

5)        All numbers are rounded down.

7.        Qualifying

        a.        This event will consist of 4 games for each squad.

        b.        Bowlers will skip lanes based on availability and tournament director’s decision.

        c.        The minimum amount of bowlers on a pair will be 2 with a maximum of 8. The preferred amount

will be 6, only increasing if space does not allow for more pairs.

d.        Squad cut is 1:8 entries, rounded up. Total bowlers who cash will be 1:5. Any additional spots needing to be filled after squad cuts will be filled by an At-Large.

8.        Reporting of previous tournament winnings will apply (Rule 319d).

9.        Bowlers who compete on a sport league that does not sanction as sport can be subject to re-rating at

discretion of the tournament director.

10.        The average adjustment rule will apply (Rule 319e).

11.        Any bowler may be subject to a re-rate at the discretion of the tournament director at any point until

practice for their squad ends. Re-rated bowlers may opt for a refund or accept the re-rated average.

12.        It is each bowler’s responsibility to ensure their average and handicap are correct in the event. If the

average submitted is lower, the bowler may risk disqualification if not corrected before the end of the first

game of play, as it could lead to a bowler receiving more handicap. If the submitted average is higher, the bowler will bowl with the number submitted if the error is not corrected by the end of the first game of play.

13.        All decisions of the tournament manager are final unless an appeal is made in accordance with Rule 329.

14.        All USBC rules will apply.