Tairangi School Procedure Statement

FOOD AND NUTRITION        NAG 1 Curriculum

        NAG 5 Health and Safety

The following procedures are to be followed by the school:

  1. We will fulfil responsibility to encourage and help students to establish and maintain healthy eating patterns as we believe healthy eating patterns are essential for students to achieve their full academic potential, full physical and mental growth and lifelong health and well being.
  2. Classroom programmes will encourage students to take responsibility for their own health.
  3. Staff members will be encouraged to model healthy eating behaviours.
  4. We will educate and inform the community about healthy food choices via newsletters and promotions.
  5. All levels will teach food and nutrition units (see Phys Ed/ Health long term plan for details).
  6. Food choices made available in the school lunch service will align with the Food & Beverage classification system and will support and reinforce what students learn about nutrition in the classroom.  Fruit and milk products will be available at all times.
  7. Steps will be taken to discourage the consumption of food high in fat, sugar or salt.
  8. The school is part of the Healthy Heart award programme run by the Heart Foundation and work towards the Healthy Heart Awards.
  9. Food provided at School events, and school camps will be health positive and consistent with this policy.
  10. Physical activity is recognized as a vital partner to nutrition and healthy eating and is actively promoted within our school community.
  11. The school will promote health by focusing on different aspects and values regularly.

File:foodnutr15.doc        Procedure Statement - Food & Nutrition