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Guidelines for Successful Odoo Projects with Simplify – Partners, v3
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GIT – Source Code Management

Github is used for SCM.

Our private Github repository:

Customer Repositories

To integrate into client repositories, Simplify developers are able to  target their commits into customer repositories.


Clean as You Code – SonarQube

Simplify developers use SonarQube to test their code by static-analysis for complying with clean-coding standards. is integrated with Github.

Customers can obtain test reports at any time.

In addition, we encourage customers to specify their coding standards to our developers before the beginning of the project.

OCA Guidelines

Official OCA guidelines are followed by Simplify developers.


Video with shared screen

Video with screen share is the best form of communication. It manifests body language, tonality as well as leading with mouse-pointer on screen (for ex. Source code, functionality on browser etc).

We use the Norwegian video and screen sharing service Whereby. Each developer has her/his own dedicated room, ex.


We discourage developer communication only with audio, because of the vast possibilities of miscommunication.

Email & Project Alias

Simplify-ERP® provides access to our project management system (based on Odoo) with mail integration.

Every project can obtain a mail-alias, ex.

Developers and customers must protocol designs, decisions and attachments in Chatter of Tasks.

Of course, client project management systems can also be used. In this case, it is essential for our client to provide an email or PDF with instructions of utilisation, especially essential features such as day to day communication, project/feature specifications and time-tracking.


We support chat tools Google Hangouts and Telegram. These can be used for quick agreements, as well as free international voice calls.

Decisions made and instructions given on Chat should be copy-pasted into Task.

Additionally some developers also use WhatsApp and Telegram – please check with those working with you, if you prefer.

Stand-Up-Meetings (SUM)

It is advisable to have a short 10-15 minutes face-to-face meeting on video each day at the beginning of the day and agree on the next deliverables. Indeed, our most successful client relationships are those where this small amount of time is invested regularly.

At the minimum, we recommend 2 face-to-face video meetings per week, ideally Monday & Thursday or Tuesday & Friday.

Professionalism and Respect

In developer interactions, it is important for the customer to maintain the friendly communication standards – combining professionalism with leadership skill.

Simplify’ s developers are trained to put the customer’s project first. They focus on accomplishing software functionality delivered on time in the best code-quality possible, according to guidelines defined under Quality.

Tips & Best Practices

Task Management

Description & Assignment

Assign tasks to the responsible developer.

Clients are requested to describe tasks in details, using text, diagrams as much as possible and screen-recordings.


Developer maintains timesheets for each task. If Simplify’s project management system (based on Odoo) is used, a timesheet export can be requested by customer on a weekly/monthly basis.

Your contact for Quality Control

Any concerns and complaints pertaining to Odoo code shipped by Simplify-ERP® developers can be reported to:

Ashant Chalasani, +4971179472394