Ink to Internet Instructions

Table of Contents

Getting Started

Create an Account

Claim an Item

Transcribe an Item

Release an Item

Finalize a Transcription

My Contributions

Tips & Troubleshooting

Getting Started

Ink to Internet works best using Chrome or Safari browsers.

You must create an account and be logged in to transcribe.

Create an Account

Hooray! We are delighted you want to join our transcription efforts!

  1. Click “Request an Account” on the homepage.

  1. Submit your name and email in the form.

You will receive an email indicating we received your request. (Check your junk mail if you don’t get one.)

Account setup is a manual process so there may be a delay in activation. An email will be sent when your account has been made.

The message contains your username and a temporary password.

  1. Click the link in the email and log in using the temporary password.

  1. You will be prompted to set a new password. Click “Continue login”. (You may see the screen change a bit after this. That’s ok!)

  1. Click “Ok, Now Let’s Transcribe!” and log in to the site using your new credentials.

Claim an Item

  1. Click “items to transcribe” in the menu.
  2. Select a collection.

This displays a collection summary and items from the collection that are available to transcribe.

  1. Select a page to transcribe. Confirm it is available for transcription.



Claimed by you

Claimed by someone else

  1. Click “Claim Document”.

The page indicates you’ve claimed the document and displays a “Transcribe This Item” button.


Transcribe an Item

You must claim an item before transcribing it.

  1. After claiming an item, click the “Transcribe This Item” button to start transcribing.

The link(s) on the “My Contributions” page and the “Transcribe This Item” button take you to the transcription page.

  1. Click the blue box with the transcribe icon to open the transcription window.


  1. Transcribe away! Adjust the placement by dragging the document and using the zoom controls.


Visit the Transcription Tips page for help with formatting, reading handwriting, marking illegible writing, and more.

  1. Save your work often by clicking the “Save draft transcription” button.

A “Finalize transcription” option will appear the first time you save a draft.

Release an Item

There may be times you want to release a document so others can work on it.

On the item page, click the “Release Document” button.

This will not remove your existing transcription.

Finalize a Transcription

  1. Save a draft before finalizing a transcription. Otherwise, your most recent changes will be lost.

  1. Click “Finalize transcription”.

  1. A caution window will pop up to confirm. Click “Finalize transcription”.

        Items with finalized transcriptions will still appear on your “My Contributions” page.

My Contributions

The My Contributions page displays the documents you are currently working on as well as documents for which you’ve completed transcriptions.

Tips & Troubleshooting


Check out the Leader Board to see the top contributors!

Need to edit a finalized transcription? 

Access the item via your “My Contributions” page.

Need context for the document?

View collection information by clicking “Collection Notes” below the bottom right corner of the item viewer.

Do you have an account for other Omeka sites?

Ink to Internet will be less glitchy if you log out of Omeka.

Can’t stay logged in?

It’s a cookie thing. Log out and log back in.

Need to change your password?

Visit the Ink to Internet Account Manager.

Forgot your username or password?  

Visit the Ink to Internet Account Manager.

Need help with something else?

Contact Sarah Dorpinghaus or Eric Weig.