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August 30, 2018, Denver, CO- A Colorado Municipal League (CML) survey of its 270 member cities and towns reveal an aggregate $3 billion shortfall for needed transportation improvements and another $750 million in maintenance needs for municipal streets and bridges. Combined with expected county shortfalls, the collective local government need may meet or exceed the $9 billion deficit for state transportation infrastructure.

“It is clear that the status quo is not going to cut it for municipal needs around the state – let alone all the county and state needs,” said Adam Paul Mayor of Lakewood. “Coloradans deserve better.”

CML Executive Director Sam Mamet shares, “The primary issue is that we have been relying on the same .22 cent per gallon tax for over 25 years. Meanwhile, inflation, costs of labor and construction have gone up exponentially. Toss in fuel efficient vehicles and the gas tax yields half of what it once did. This unsustainable structural problem must be fixed and can be done in a way that boosts transit options, too.”

Proposition 110

CML supports Proposition 110, a long-term funding solution that guarantees a comprehensive statewide approach. It will help towns from Nunn to Trinidad, from Burlington to Fruita, and every municipal, county, and state road in between get caught up and meet the funding needs of tomorrow. For more information on Proposition 110 and the statewide need it will help resolve, visit the website of Let’s Go Colorado at 

CML opposes Proposition 109, the “Fix Our Damn Roads” initiative from the Independence Institute. Even if the scheme to wring transportation funding out of the state budget works, the only roads it fixes are the state’s roads.

With Colorado’s population projected to double by 2050, it is imperative that a comprehensive solution be taken now to ensure our state’s commuters, residents, and the millions that visit Colorado experience the same quality of life we have all come to expect here.

CML is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization established in 1923 that represents the interests of 270 cities and towns. Our vision: Empowered cities and towns, united for a strong Colorado. For more information visit or call 303-831-6411.