Catholic East Elementary

2019-2020 Tuition Information


Catholic East offers a discount for 2 or more children from the same family in Grades K4-8th. Here are tuition figures, including this discount where applicable.

Parishioner K4-8th

Annual Tuition

Payment Breakdown by Month

1 Child


10 payments of $298.70 each

2 Children


10 payments of $522.80 each (25% discount)

3 Children

$6, 870

10 payments of $687.00 each (45% discount)

Non-Parishioner K4-8th

1 Child


10 payments of $391.40 each

2 Children


10 payments of $685.00 each (25% discount)

3 Children


10 payments of $900.00 each (45% discount)

K3 for All Families

1 Child

$4,095 full time

10 payments of $409.50 each

Catholic East accepts a limited number of students through the Milwaukee and Wisconsin Parental Choice Programs. Please see the reverse side of this sheet for the Income Limits for New Students to see if you can qualify. Please contact the Dean of Operations for details. K3 is not part of the Choice Program.

K3 Families: A non-refundable registration fee of $40 will be required and a down payment in the amount of $409.50 must be made to enroll. This down payment will be applied to your final monthly tuition payment for May of 2020.


KIDS CAMPUS- Kids Campus our before or after school care program.  The cost is $4.50 per hour per child with a discount for siblings (for 2 children $4 per child per hour; for 3 children $3.50 per child per hour). Kids Campus is available to scholars who need daily or occasional care and is open from 7AM to 6PM. Cost and time is subject to change.

MEALS- Breakfast (with milk) is $1.25, Hot Lunch (with milk) price is $3.15, just milk is $0.40 per carton. Some families may qualify for free or reduced cost (40 cents per day) breakfast/lunch. Applications are sent home at the beginning of the school year. Lunch and milk fees are subject to change.

ATHLETICS- $40 fee per sport, including a $5 refundable uniform deposit