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Inclement Weather Policy
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Sheridan AllPrep Academy

Inclement Weather Policy

Generally, Sheridan AllPrep Academy does not have the same snow days that are recognized by resident school districts.  Students are still expected to complete regular work since it is done primarily in the home.  If you have a home visit scheduled, your teacher will reschedule if they are unable to safely drive to your home.

In the event of hazardous weather conditions, teachers will not travel into, out of, or through a school district that has been closed due to inclement weather; if it's not safe for their teachers, it's not safe for ours.  A late start in a school district may also cancel a home visit, depending on the circumstances.  Additionally, our computer lab will be closed.

If you're unsure about a cancellation, please check with your teacher or the office. If the Sheridan School District is closed, then our office and computer lab will be closed for the day.  You can check for Sheridan School District closures by checking the Sheridan School District website.

Because Sheridan AllPrep is an online school, we do not have snow days that will be made up later in the school year.  Regardless of weather conditions, students are expected to complete their daily work from home.