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Literature & Debate

“Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument.”

-Desmond Tutu

Welcome to the grade 9/10 Argument and Debate class at HSPS! In this writing intensive course we will be honing our persuasive and argumentation skills by examining rhetoric, reading informational texts and learning how to conduct a formal debate.

Arguments are everywhere. Whenever you are turning on the television, reading a newspaper or magazine, talking to friends or family or engaging in a class debate, you encounter arguments. Because arguments are so prevalent, the better your argumentation skills, the better you will be able to function -- not just in school but also in the wider world. When you have a clear claim, convincing support, and effective refutation of opposing arguments, you establish your credibility and go a long way towards convincing others that you are someone worth listening to. This class will teach you the skills needed to problem-solve, work collaboratively, and use analytical thinking to make your voice heard.

Core Texts

Areas of Exploration:

Required Materials:

Class Expectations:

It is expected that you will arrive to class on time and fully prepared to engage with the work of the day, every day. To be successful in this class requires you to be responsible, organized, and ready to contribute. Discussion is an extremely important aspect of our classwork and everyone is expected to come ready to participate in class! Because of the nature of some of the discussion topics, this class also requires you to be kind, thoughtful and respectful of others. Any behavior that deviates from these expectations will result in significant consequences both for you AND your grade.

Grade Policy

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Late Work Policy:

Accessing Your Grades:

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**NOTE: Academic dishonesty is when you take someone else’s words and present them as your own and/or when you use information without giving appropriate credit to the original source. Any incidents of plagiarism will result in automatic failure of the assignment, a phone call home, a meeting with the principal and may include a suspension.

“Argument is the soul of an education”

 -Neil Postman

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