East Greenwich High School Library Policies

Service Policy

The East Greenwich High School (EGHS) Library is open to all East Greenwich students, staff and faculty. EGHS students, school district staff members, and parents can check out all items that are part of our regular circulation.

Borrowing Library Materials

Students may check out up to three books for a period of two weeks.  Library materials can be renewed online and in person so that students can keep library materials for a longer period of time.  Students requiring more than four items should speak with the librarian and accomodations can be made.  Students who forget to return their borrowed library books will receive a reminder notice and cannot check out books until the overdue item is returned. There are no fines for overdue library materials.  

Taking Good Care of Library Books

  1. Keep all books inside.
  2. Keep all books away from pets and babies.
  3. Be sure your hands are clean when you read a book.
  4. Protect your books from bad weather.
  5. Use a bookmark to save your place.
  6. Store your books in a safe place when you are finished reading them.
  7. Return library books on time.

Lost or Damaged Library Materials

Our library strives to provide students with materials that are in good condition, including books that are free from food stains and water damage.  Because of our responsibility to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars, we may charge book replacement costs if your child returns items that are:

If the library item is lost, payment will equal the cost to replace the book with an item of similar binding, as well as the cost for book processing.  Payment can be paid in cash or by check made out to East Greenwich High School Library.

If the book is found and returned in acceptable condition within one month of payment, a refund will be issued to the family. If a book is found and returned after that one-month period, no refund will be paid. The school may replace a lost book with a copy of comparable binding, if in print, or another title of comparable subject matter, readability, and cost if the original title is not available.