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DIS Student Handbook 2023-2024
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Dalton Intermediate School Student Handbook

Student Records Policy, Student Code of Conduct, & Other Information


Revised January, 2024


Dalton Intermediate School provides differentiated and appropriate learning opportunities for all students.  In addition to the regular curriculum, principles and practices of good citizenship are taught and demonstrated, including the appreciation of the rights of others.  This can be systematically accomplished if students are explicitly taught the expected rules and procedures and are provided with on-going guidance to follow both school and classroom rules and expectations, which have been made for the benefit of all students.

Dalton Intermediate School offers its students many privileges, but it also requires the acceptance of individual responsibilities; for while individuality and diversity are encouraged, there must also be an orderly and manageable framework in which to operate.  Dalton Intermediate School is concerned about the rights of each of the individual students and feels that the best method to protect these rights is by uniform enforcement of all school regulations.


Bobcat Bridge - RCPS’ alternative instructional program and alternative learning environment for students who are not able to function successfully in a traditional school setting.  Successful response to intervention strategies help dictate students’ transfer back into the regular school program.

Bobcat Connections - After school program that serves as an opportunity for students to receive small group tutoring in any subject area in which they are struggling.  This program also serves as a restorative practice for students to struggle to adhere to school expectations.

Bobcat Reset - In-school supervision program designed to solve root problems of student behavior by developing reflection, and problem-solving skills. Bobcat Reset is designed to encourage positive student behaviors while discouraging repeated offense.

Community Service - Voluntary work intended to improve our school community.  Community service to our school community is an expectation of all athletic and academic teams on campus.  

Community School - A Radford High School initiative where families within our community will be invited to have community-building conversations regarding school-wide topics with school staff and other community members.

Expulsion - Permanent removal of a student from the school division as a result of disciplinary action.  Recommendations for expulsion can be made by building principals, but only the School Board has the authority to expel a student.

Lunch Detention - A disciplinary response assigned by administration for students who have failed to meet such expectations as tardiness, minor classroom disruptions, etc.  Students will get their lunch and report to the Bobcat Reset room where they will eat, and have an opportunity to work on assignments silently.  

Night School - Night School is designed as a collaborative effort to maintain student achievement during Out-of-School suspension, which provides students with an opportunity to complete classwork missed due to suspension. Night School offers students an opportunity to work with a licensed teacher outside of normal school hours. When completed as assigned, Night School also fulfills students’ attendance requirements.

Restorative Actions - Alternatives to traditional disciplinary actions that center on punishment for misbehavior or violations of school expectations.  Restorative actions resolving the underlying conflict while also repairing damage done, and healing relationships of those affected by inappropriate actions.

RCPS School Board Policy Manual - A copy of the Radford City Public Schools School Board Policy Manual can be found on the RCPS website.  The policy manual documents the school division’s official policies and regulations.

School Counseling -  School counselors are trained professionals who work to help students by removing barriers to academic achievement, supporting social/emotional development of students, and guiding college and career readiness.

Social Probation - Social Probation indicates that a student may not attend or participate in any school-sponsored activities (extracurricular activities including sports, academic teams, band, theater, clubs, etc.). Students may be placed on Social Probation for behavior issues, attendance concerns, or at the discretion of building administrators.  In the case of Social Probation for attendance concerns, students may be able to earn their social privileges back by attending and participating in the Bobcat Connections program.

Suspension - Suspension indicates that a student has been temporarily prohibited from attending regular school or regular classes.  Suspended students may be required to serve a period of time in Bobcat Reset (in-school), Bobcat Bridge (alternative learning environment), or in some cases at home (out of school).  While a student is suspended, they are not allowed on school property or at school functions unless otherwise approved.

Truancy - Unexcused or excessive absences from school.  Defined in the RCPS School Board Policy Manual as missing 10 or more school days, per school year; or as having 7 or more unexcused absences.

Radford High School & Dalton Intermediate School

Core Values and Behavior Expectations 8/22

MISSION: The mission of Radford City Schools is to foster and promote a safe and positive school environment that enhances student learning through teaching and enacting positive behavior.

School-wide Expectations


  • Have pride in yourself and your school
  • Be on time and be prepared
  • Use positive and appropriate language and volume
  • Polite and positive interactions with others
  • Treat all school property with care


  • Walk and move calmly throughout building
  • Treat everyone with kindness and compassion
  • Maintain personal space
  • Help and assist others
  • Express concerns to staff
  • Make healthy decisions
  • Use internet and technology for appropriate educational use


  • Use positive and appropriate language and volume
  • Respect individuality
  • Show empathy
  • Be friendly and inclusive


  • Smile and greet others
  • Be friendly and inclusive
  • Seek new connections with others
  • Introduce yourself and participate in conversations
  • Work as a team helping and assisting others
  • Engage in community service
  • Get involved in school activities, clubs, extra-curriculars
  • Support other students by attending academic, athletic, and fine arts events

Radford High School & Dalton Intermediate School

 Progressive Discipline Process 8/22

RCPS has created a progressive discipline process to identify the most documented challenging behaviors and possible consequences to be assigned, if needed.  However, the process including behaviors and consequences, are an example or guide to be referred to.  RCPS recognizes that not all situations can be predicted.  Therefore, the administration/staff has the autonomy to make decisions based on the specifics of each situation.  Decisions will be made in the best interest of students, teachers, administrators and the school community in general and may not always align with the process below.  

Classroom Managed

Office Managed

Level 1

  • Inappropriate language
  • Teasing
  • Refusal to work
  • Lying, dishonesty, cheating
  • Minor disruption
  • Minor aggression - passing hits/shoving
  • Unsafe or rough play
  • Disrespect
  • Actions
  • Speech
  • Tone
  • Attitude
  • Body Language
  • Inappropriate use of materials
  • Inappropriate use of technology
  • RCPS devices
  • Personal devices
  • Cell phones, Smartwatches, tablets, etc.

Level 2

  • Property destruction
  • Physically aggressive
  • Pattern of aggressive/profane language
  • Harassment of student/teachers
  • Major/chronic disruptions
  • Major/chronic refusal to follow school rules
  • Major dishonesty
  • Cheating on major assessments
  • Bullying
  • Direct or Indirect &/or Social media
  • Skipping/leaving class without permission

Level 3

  • Fighting
  • Repeated classroom disruptions
  • Weapons
  • Drugs (Vaping, THC, edibles, etc.) & Alcohol
  • Leaving campus
  • Credible threats
  • Major Theft
  • Vandalism/Severe Property Destruction

Disciplinary Action Levels

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Minor issues should be addressed 3 times by the teacher prior to an office referral.  Office referrals should have evidence of verbal parent contact by the referring teacher.

  • Teacher reminds student of expectations
  • Teacher conferences with student
  • Teacher contacts parents
  • Teacher submits discipline referral to office
  • Meet with Administration and Parent Contact

Meeting with Parent and Student with potential Response to Intervention (RTI) meeting

  • *Bobcat Connections
  • Community Service
  • *Bobcat Reset - ISS(less than ½ day)
  • Social Probation
  • *Lunch detention
  • NRVCS referral
  • *Bobcat Bridge

Meeting with Parent and Student

  • Potential Response to Intervention (RTI) meeting
  • *Bobcat Reset (ISS)
  • Community Service
  • *Bobcat Bridge
  • OSS
  • Police referral
  • NRVCS referral
  • Expulsion Recommendation

* Students will be expected to turn over their cell phones (or other electronic devices) at request of Administration or

  1. Mission Statement – Dalton Intermediate School

The mission statement for Dalton Intermediate School compliments and builds upon Radford City School’s mission statement.

Dalton Intermediate School will provide a learning environment that will afford students opportunities to become independent thinkers and problem solvers in an ever-changing and complex world.  A desire for lifelong learning will be encouraged and students will be challenged to accept their roles as informed, productive, responsible citizens.

  1. Radford City Schools Policy Manual

All parents/guardians and students of Radford City Schools need to review the Radford City Schools Policy Manual to familiarize themselves with division – wide policies and procedures.

  1. Student Responsibilities

The following is expected out of each student:

  1. Student Conduct

A printed copy of Students Records Policy – Student Code of Conduct – Other Information – can be provided by Radford City Schools upon request, and can be accessed at the Dalton Intermediate School web page.  It is imperative that each student read the Code of Conduct carefully in order to understand the rules and regulations that govern student life at Dalton Intermediate School and Radford City Schools.  Any questions should be directed to an administrator.

  1. Student Dress – (Specific Building Regulations for Dalton Intermediate School)

Note: The class time missed due to a violation of the Student Dress Code will be unexcused.  Anytime a student is found in violation of the dress code, the student will meet with an administrator or counselor to discuss the offense and attempt to correct the violation.

  1. Attendance, Unexcused Absences, Absences, Tardiness, and Skipping Class 

Unverified Absences:

Verified absences – Parent call in.


Excessive Absences

Participation in Extracurricular Activities: 

In order to be eligible for participation in any extracurricular activity, a student must be in attendance for the entire school day. If a student is not in school for the entirety of the day, he/she will be deemed ineligible for extracurricular activities including, but not limited to, sports games or practices, clubs, academic competitions or practices, drama, band, chorus performances, etc. A student may participate under the following exceptions:

● Presentation of doctor’s note, dentist note, or other medical documentation;

● Student’s court or probation appointment with appropriate documentation;

● Serious illness or death in the immediate family (sibling, parent, grandparent);

● Observation of religious holy days;

● Parent or sibling departure or return to active military duty;

● School related activity;

● Extended documented medical condition;

● Extenuating circumstances recognized by the principal.

  1. Disruptive Conduct

Disruptive Conduct (Disorderly Conduct) of the learning atmosphere and / or normal school day is not allowed, since it interferes with the rights of the administrators, teachers, staff, and other students.  Disturbances of extracurricular activities are also prohibited and are subject to discipline consequences.

Disruptive Conduct (Disorderly Conduct) consists of, but is not limited to, the following:

Shouting, hollering, mischief, back-talking, creating a disturbance that causes a teacher to stop instruction in a classroom, cafeteria / lunch disruptions, bullies, threatens, or intimidates others, picks fights, being willfully disobedient, openly and persistently defiant, interfering with the school’s ability to provide educational opportunities to and a safe environment for other students, behavior on school property, school bus or any other contracted or uncontracted school transportation, or at a school sponsored event that is detrimental to the welfare or safety of other students or of school personnel, including behavior that creates a threat of physical harm to administrators, teachers, students, and the general public.

  1. Profane, Obscene or Abusive Language

Profane, Obscene or Abusive Language consists of but is not limited to the following:

Intimidations, threats, profanity, offensive and/or derogatory remarks, sexual remarks, other blatant ridicule, directed and / or non-directed comments, or responses intended for administrators, teachers, staff, students, and the general public any place on the school campus (hallways, classrooms, gym, auditorium, parking lots, cafeteria, etc.) or at a school related activity.  This includes verbal, non-verbal, or by electronic means (including social media).

  1. Threats or Intimidation

  1. Assault and Battery (Fighting)

  1. Bullying

  1. Gambling

Students shall not possess on school grounds or school sponsored activities the following items that include but are not limited to:

Students shall be subject to discipline consequences ranging from time with a counselor,  1-10 days out-of-school suspension.  If the situation warrants such per the Students Records Policy – Student Code of Conduct – Other Information.

  1. Use and / or Possession of Alcohol, Tobacco, Electronic Cigarettes or Similar Products, Anabolic Steroids and Other Drugs

Possession and/or participation in using tobacco, electronic cigarettes or similar products is a Level 3 offense (see pg. 4). Consequences will be as follows, as determined by the administrator:

  1. Distribution or Sale of illegal Drugs or Possession or Distribution with Intent to Sell

  1. Vandalism

Vandalism is a Level 3 offense (see pg. 4). Besides paying restitution, additional consequences will be as follows, as determined by the administrator:

  1. Defiance of the Authority of School Personnel

Abiding by the authority of School Personnel is an expectation of our students.  Defiance consists of, but is not limited to, the following acts: Continued disregard or disobeying of school rules, ignoring requests and/or directions from administrators, teachers, or staff, and failure to obey classroom rules and expectations.


Depending on the defiance, students will have a consequence based on the Progressive Discipline Process (see pg. 4).

  1. Possession or Use of Weapons or Other Dangerous Articles

  1. Theft

Theft and/or stealing of any property is a Level 3 offense (see pg. 4). In addition to paying restitution, additional consequences will be as follows, as determined by the administrator:

Theft cont. -  Cheating and/or Plagiarism (Intellectual Theft)

If a student is unclear on any assignment, quiz, test, or exam concerning what is allowed, or not allowed it is the student’s responsibility to ask the Dalton Intermediate School teacher or facilitator for clarification prior to submitting the work for review or grade.  If a student fails to do this prior to turning in the assignment, quiz, test, or exam, he/she is subject to the consequences below.

If an assessment (quiz, test, exam, etc.) is being given, students will be required to either leave their cell phones, and other smart devices in backpacks or turn them in to the classroom teacher at the beginning of the class.  The devices will be given back to the students at the end of the class period.  If a student is caught using or in possession of smart technology during an assessment, the student will receive no credit (a zero) on the assessment.

  1. Trespass

  1. Gang Activity

  1. Harassment

  1. Possession of Electronic Devices (Miscellaneous Electronic Items)

The following are prohibited and include but are not limited to: video game players, video games, electronic games, wireless devices, Bluetooth devices, headphones, earbuds, and any other device that the administration deems inappropriate.

  1. Reports of Conviction or Adjudication of Delinquency

  1. Laser Pointers

  1. Acceptable Use of the Internet

  1. Felony Charges

  1. Bomb Threats (Setting off Fire Alarms)

  1. Hazing

  1. Out of Area

  1.   Displays of Affection

  1.   Locker Inspection

2.28.        Sexual Harassment / Title IX complaints

2.29.  Equal Educational Opportunities/Non-Discrimination

3.0.        The Standard Response Protocol

Notice to Parent / Guardian

Dalton Intermediate School has a School Resource Officer who is a sworn Radford City Police Officer who is stationed at Dalton Intermediate School.  This is to let you know that your son and / or daughter are bound by the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia as prescribed in the Code of Virginia and any additional laws of the City of Radford while on school campus and the jurisdiction of Radford City.  If you or your son and/or daughter violate any of these laws while on the school campus or its jurisdiction, you are subject to criminal charges being filed against the violating person(s).

If your son and/or daughter violate any law(s) while on a school sponsored activity, they are subject to the laws of that jurisdiction.

Also, see Radford City Schools - Standards of Conduct Policy - Extra and Co-Curricular Activities for Students, Parents, and Coaches for additional information not covered in this document.

If a situation occurs that is not covered in this document or in the Students Records Policy – Student Code of Conduct – Other Information or the Radford City School Board Policy Manual that causes a disruption of the educational environment or campus, students shall be subject to discipline measures as deemed appropriate by the administration of Dalton Intermediate School.

By signing the Parental Statement of Receipt of Notice of Requirements of Virginia Code § 22.1-279.3 and School Board’s Standards of Student Conduct both (Parent / Guardian, Student) are acknowledging that you have read and understand the Dalton Intermediate School Student Code of Conduct – Supplemental Insert for Students Records Policy, Student Code of Conduct, Other Information and the Radford City School Board Policy Manual.

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