Chatham NC Primary Elections 2020

This is an unofficial listing of candidates and issues provided as a service to Republican and Unaffiliated voters for the March 3, 2020 Primary Elections. This will be updated as new information becomes available. Please address any errors or suggested changes to (Updated January13, 2020)

Elected Offices


Republican Candidate

Democrat Candidate


Donald J. Trump*

Bill Weld

Joe Walsh

Amy Klobuchar

Andrew Yang

Bernie Sanders

Cory Booker (withdrew Jan 13)

Deval Patrick

Elizabeth Warren

John K. Delaney

Joseph R. Biden

Julian Castro (withdrew Jan 2)

Marianne Williamson

Michael Bennet

Michael R. Bloomberg

Pete Buttigieg

Tom Steyer

Tulsi Gabbard

US Senate

Thom Tillis*

Paul Wright

Sharon Y. Hudson

Larry Holmquist

Atul Goel

Cal Cunningham

Erica D. Smith

Steve Swenson

Tervor M. Fuller

US House District 4

Debesh "Dave" Sarkar

Steve A. Von Loor

Nasir A. Shaikh

Robert Thomas

David E. Price*

Daniel Ulysses Lockwood

US House District 13

Ted Budd*

Scott Huffman


Dan Forest

Holly Grange

Scott Huffman

Lt. Governor

Mark Robinson

Deborah Cochran

Andy Wells

Greg Gebhardt

Renee Elmers

Scott Stone

Buddy Bendel

John L.  Ritter

Mark Johnson

Allen Thomas

Bill Toole

Chaz Beasley

Ron Newton

Terry Van Duyn

Yvonne Lewis Holley

Attorney General

Jim O'Neill

Sam Hayes

Christine Mumma

Josh Stein*


Anthony Wayne (Tony) Street

Tim Hoegemeyer

Beth Wood*

Luis A Toledo

Commissioner of Agriculture

Steve Troxler*

Donovan Alexander Watson

Jenna Wadsworth

Walter Smith

Commissioner of Insurance

Mike Causey*

Ron Pierce

Wayne Goodwin

Commissioner of Labor

Pearl Burris-Floyd

Josh Dobson

Chuck Stanley

Jessica Holmes*

Secretary of State

Chad Brown

EC Sykes

Michael LaPaglia

Elaine Marshall*

Supt. of Public Instruction

Craig Horn

Catherine Truitt

Constance (Lav) Johnson

James Barrett

Jen Mangrum

Keith A. Sutton

Michael Maher


Dale Folwell*

Dimple Ajmera

Matt Leatherman

Ronnie Chatterji

NC State Senate 23

Tom Glendinning

Valerie P. Foushee*

NC State House 54

George T. Gilson Jr.


Robert T. Reives II*

Chatham Commissioner 1

Jay Stobbs


Karen Howard*

Chatham Commissioner 2

Jimmy Pharr


Mike Dasher*

Katelin Hancock

Chatham Commissioner 5

Andy Wilkie*

(no Democrat filed)

Register of Deeds

(no Republican filed)

Lunday A. Riggsbee*

School Board 1 (nonpartisan)

Ryan Armstrong


Melissa Hlavac*

Timothy Winters

School Board 2 (nonpartisan)

Dennis R. Lewis


David M. Hamm*

Soil and Water (nonpartisan)

June filing period

June filing period

*indicates incumbent

Judicial Candidates


Republican Candidate

Democrat Candidate

Supreme Court Seat 1

Paul Newby

Cheri Beasley

Supreme Court Seat 2

Phil Berger Jr.

Lucy Inman

Supreme Court Seat 4

Tamara Barringer

Mark Davis

NC Court of Appeals 4

April Wood

Tricia Shields

NC Court of Appeals 5

W. Fred Gore

Lora Christine Cubbage

NC Court of Appeals 6

Chris Dillon

Gray Styers

NC Court of Appeals 7

Jeff Carpenter

Reuben F. Young

NC Court of Appeals 13

Jefferson Griffin

Chris Brook

NC District Court 2

(no Republican filed)

Samantha H. Cabe

NC District Court 3

(no Republican filed)

Erika R. Bales

Hathaway Pendergrass

Lamar F. Proctor, Jr.

Noah Oswald

NC District Court 4

(no Republican filed)

Sherri Murrell

NC District Court 5

(no Republican filed)

Beverly A. Scarlett

Two Referendum will be on the ballot

1. Chatham County Malt Beverage Election. To permit the "on-premises" and "off-premises" sale of malt beverages.

2. Chatham County Local Sales and Use Tax. Local sales and use tax at the rate of one-quarter percent (0.25%) in addition to all other State and local sales and use taxes. Read the resolution here. There is no definite use for the additional taxes, and if passed the Commissioners could spend it any way they please.

Is that how you want your money to be handled?

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