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Missing Child Policy


The welfare of all of our children at Sunningdale School is our paramount responsibility. Every adult who works at the school has been trained (via safeguarding induction) to appreciate that he or she has a key responsibility for helping to keep all of the children safe at all times. Our staffing ratios are generous and are deliberately designed to ensure that every child is supervised the whole time that he or she is in our care.

Information for Parents 

The management and teaching staff of Sunningdale school provide quality assurance in:  

Registration & checkpoints

There are various checkpoints throughout the day that would alert staff if a boy was missing. In nearly every case, the boy is not intentionally missing and is found safe and well on school premises. Or, it is a day boy who is ill and the parents’ have not informed the school The school however cannot take this for granted and needs to act quickly and decisively in the case of an absent pupil.

Boys are collectively registered three times a day via our online management system ISAMS. At 8:30am (breakfast), 1:30pm (lunch) & 7:30pm (prayers). This is supplemented by staff who are expected to check a form register at the start of each lesson and any absences investigated.

ISAMS has a ‘Daily Bulletin’ panel which all staff check throughout the day. The matrons, administration & SMT will communicate through the Daily Bulletin which boys are/will be absent each day, i.e. for illness, school visit, doctors etc.

Any boy who has been authorised to leave the school during the day must sign out in the ‘Signing out book’ (entrance hall) on his departure and back in again on his return. All day boys are required to sign in in the ‘Day boy register’ by the front door & sign out at the end of the day by the ‘Day boy register’ by the library entrance.

By the third register of the day in prayers (7:30pm), the evening duty staff check that all day boys have signed out. For any day boys’ who haven’t been picked up, they wait in the library under the supervision of the evening duty staff. Any day boys who have not signed out & can not be found, then the procedure below for ‘Missing child’ is followed.

Once evening duty staff have checked the day boy register, they will then carry out a full register for all the boarders’ in the main boarding house. The matron in charge of top dorms (youngest boarders - who sleep in a seperate part of the school & go to bed at 7:15pm) also carries out a register. There is only one register, so duty staff can clearly account for any missing children.

The matrons will then check every boy again in the boarding house as they go through the showers & clean their teeth. This will identify any boy who has not gone upstairs. The evening duty staff will then follow out the ‘Missing child’  procedure below.

There is also at least one adult member of staff sleeping in each boarding house at night, responsible for the boarders’ in the house. All the matrons are easily accessible and the boys know what to do if they need to speak to them.

Actions to be followed, if a child goes missing from school (day or during boarding) 

Our procedures are designed to ensure that a missing child is found and returned to effective supervision as soon as possible.

Actions to be followed, if a child goes missing on an outing  

Actions to be followed once the child is found

This policy is reviewed annually in order to satisfy ourselves that it is robust and effective. All new staff receive a thorough induction into the importance of effective supervision of very young children.

Updated AJL 07/01/2018

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