ALTTP Randomizer Spring 2018 Tournament

What are the Randomizer settings for the tournament?

Please see for more information.

How do I get involved and join the tournament?

Players must register on Challonge and join the Discord server by midnight EDT Saturday 6th April. Anyone who has not done both will be dropped. Discord will be used for tournament communication so please remain on the server for the duration of the tournament.

What format does the tournament have?

Will there be qualifier races?

Is there a Secondary/Overflow tournament?

How many people can join the tournament?

Who makes it through from the Swiss to the Bracket?

  1. First, we use the average win/loss ratio of your opponents.
  2. Then if required we use the average win/loss ratio of your opponent’s opponents.

What are the dates for the tournament?

        All weeklong formats run Monday - Sunday. Races may not be scheduled after 9:00pm EDT on Sunday evenings.

Swiss (117 or more participants)



How are player seedings determined?

What happens if we tie in a race?

How are dropouts and forfeits handled?

What will the races be like on the restream channels?

Where do races take place?

How do I generate my race seed?

What happens if the randomizer gets updated during the tournament?

What are the rules regarding which glitches are allowed?

Can I use my own custom sprites?

What cool stuff does the winner get?

What are my commitments as a player entering the tournament?

What happens if I have internet, tech or power issues?

What should I do if I think someone is cheating?

What hardware/software can I use?

What other rules apply?