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– MARCH 1, 2022 –


A goodbye,

from us to you.


The Admit List launched over three years ago. We wanted to democratize college admissions, share resources, and demystify a convoluted process as much as we could – and we did! Along the way, we forged connections, made friends, crafted memories, and so much more.


We also got old. The youngest members of our first cohort of mentors are getting ready to graduate from college. As the last of us take the jump from school to the real world, we recognize that we’re not a relatable group of advisors to juniors and seniors in high school anymore. A big part of our success has always come from the day-to-day lives of our mentors resonating with the people we’re advising. Unfortunately, that’s not where we are anymore.


Most of us aren’t on TikTok. Almost all of us use hashtags unironically. We actually lived through the twee aesthetic. The youths and teens don’t really get us anymore (at our ripe old ages of 21-24), and that’s okay. We still have love for our TAL community and are still passionate about making higher education accessible to all.


So what does this mean?


We’re not abandoning any mentees in the middle of their admissions journeys, or anyone in our collegiate transition program. Those programs will finish up as scheduled through the end of 2023. However, we will not be accepting a new class of mentees during the 2022-2023 admissions cycle, and our September 2021 cohort was presumably our last. If you’re a current high school student looking for free admissions counseling or resources, we’re big fans of these orgs/initiatives:



We miss you already.




The Admit List Team