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Please contribute to the growing collection of open resources, materials, and activities developed by the Equity Unbound community. We will keep this document publicly available on our website for others to benefit … and may integrate some of your ideas in future iterations (with attribution, of course).


Please use the space below to list a resource or activity (preferably openly available) that is related to the issue of Empathy & Bias :

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On Being Included: Racism and Diversity in Institutional Life 


Topic of Othering

Several links tweeted (will post later)

A student in my class suggested we go beyond talking about individual unconscious bias and talk about “Othering”


Amy Tan’s Essay “Mother Tongue”

Provides activities connected to a reading of Amy Tan’s essay “Mother Tongue,” promoting discussion of language and its influence on how we view each other and the world.


Returning and Facilitating

Now that that course is over, perhaps the principals can return and sift through various responses.  I know I contributed

early, but got no “traction”, i.e. I was largely ignored.  Now un-ignore (i.e. facilitate) what you invited.



I suggested we tackle the academic concept of “Othering” which I believe tackles a lot of issues, like racism, sexism, stereotypes, and many more, in a very interesting and valid perspective.

Mariam Ibrahim Hassanen

Documentary The Stanford Prison Experiment

The purpose of this experiment was to understand the different dynamics of power that occur in prison between the prison guards and the prisoners and the social behaviour and social norms that will result from being in a position of power or being powerless. It shows how people can lose sight of their empathy and become blindly biased.