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BSH IP Guidelines - August 28, 2021
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Guidelines for Usage of Intellectual Property for Individual and Group Projects

Revised: 8/28/2021


The concept of the brotherhood emerged when the threads entitled “The Best Submariner Homage” on (started by Fullers1846) was referred to as a brotherhood by KIGER.  The concept was adopted by Fullers1846 who coined the name Brotherhood of Submariner Homages.  This name, Brotherhood of Submariner Homages (BSH), became the title of numerous threads on  These threads are the genesis of today's

The BSH logo was created by FMadrid for the first BSH dial.  As the successor to these creations, the now has the full and exclusive rights for the use of the aforesaid name and logo in the  The name and logo are the hallmarks of the and are integral to its identity .  It follows that the wishes to protect the usage of the name and logo in order to protect its identity to the fullest extent possible which has prompted the establishment of these guidelines for such goal.  The is committed to use the name and logo consistent with the intents and purposes for which they were conceived, while paying tribute to the legacy of the “Submariner” watch.

 In addition to the above, the wishes to protect its own name.


In recognition of the need to protect its identity through the protection of its intellectual property, the has designated one or more of its members as guardians and administrators (the "Guardian" or "Guardians") of the use of its intellectual property which is more fully defined below.

 For the purposes of these guidelines the intellectual property includes the following:

  1. The name and any iterations or variations thereof (the "Zone Name") such as bsh-zone, bsh zone and bshzone.
  2. The name Brotherhood of Submariner Homages (the "Brotherhood Name");
  3. The initials BSH (the "Initials");
  4. The logo comprising an anchor intertwined with the Initials as created by FMadrid and as shown in Figure1 below (the "Logo"); and
  5. Any offshoot, derivation, interpretation or variation of the Logo.

    Note:  The recognizes the existence of various designs of variants of the Logo and that some of these may have intellectual property rights belonging to their designers.  Examples of such variants of the Logo are shown in Figure 2 below, and such examples do not represent the entirety of variants of the Logo in existence on the date of this revision to these guidelines being August 28, 2021.

    As of August_28, 2021, it shall be incumbent upon those wishing to use previously produced variants of the Logo for their intended individual or group projects in the to obtain approval from their designers.
  6. Any one of, or any combination of, the Zone Name, the Brotherhood Name and the Initials in conjunction with the graphic of an anchor.

The items specified in 1 through 6 above shall be collectively referred to as the "Protected Elements".

Figure 1:


Figure 2:



Usage of Protected Elements in the includes their use on watches, dials, watch accessories, publications, and usage as graphics on clothing or other products or merchandise such as lighters, coffee cups/mugs, and hats to name a few.

Usage of Protected Elements in conjunction with Patented, Registered, Copyrighted or Trademarked names or logos shall, in addition to the approval of the usage of Protected Elements, require the approval of the owner of such names or logos.


Usage of Protected Elements in conjunction with the reuse of unique names, graphics, or text specifically created and used in conjunction with a previously approved project shall, in addition to the approval of the usage of Protected Elements, require the approval of the project manager of the prior project.  If the project manager of the prior project cannot be reached to grant approval, then the granting of such approval shall be at the discretion of the Steering Committee.

The is keen on the usage of Protected Elements in a respectful manner and shall, in its sole discretion, reject any usage associated with undignified items and usage associated with demeaning, derogatory, hateful or discriminatory language or symbols.



Individual Project: A project where the requestor is applying for the use of Protected Elements for the sole benefit of the requestor (and any family/friends) and where the number of items produced on which the Protected Elements appear is small

Group Project: A project where the requestor(s) is one or more person acting as the project manager applying for the use of Protected Elements for the benefit of two or more individuals and where the number of items produced on which the Protected Elements appear is, at minimum, commensurate with the number of beneficiaries (project participants).

Requests shall be submitted to the Guardians according to the following requirements:

Requirements for Individual Projects and for Group Projects:

  1. Submit a written request describing the intended project accompanied by an illustration/sketch/rendering showing how the Protected Elements will be used.
  2. State whether the intended project will be using the Logo or a design that is a variation of the Logo. In the instance where the requestor wishes to use a design that is a variation of the Logo, the requestor must state whether such design is their design, and if not, that they have obtained permission from the designer.
  3. Provide the number of items (by type) on which the Protected Elements would appear.

 Additional Requirements for Group Projects:

Provide a plan for how funds needed for the project would be collected and disbursed and explain how and to whom project participants will make payment for the items they purchase.


NOTE 1: requests for the use of Protected Elements shall be approved on a one time project basis.  A new request shall be required for the use of Protected Elements each time a requestor wishes to use such elements on a project.  No open ended requests shall be approved.

NOTE 2: Approval or rejection decisions either by the Guardians and/or following an appeal to the Steering Committee are final.  Failure to adhere to these guidelines or to respect a decision or instruction by the Guardians and/or the Steering Committee shall constitute a violation of the's rules of conduct and may be sanctioned as such.  The retains all rights to the Protected Elements and reserves the right to seek any and all legal or equitable remedies available to enforce these rights.


Guardians are authorized to review and approve requests for the use of Protected Elements for individual and group projects provided their use is in compliance with these guidelines.

It is recognized that these guidelines are established to anticipate and address most types of requests.  In instances where the guidelines are not sufficiently clear for the Guardians to make a decision on the use of Protected Elements, Guardians may request the intervention of the Steering Committee for a final decision.

In instances where the Guardians reject a request for the use of Protected Elements and the applicant for such request is in disagreement with such rejection, then the Guardians shall refer the matter to the Steering Committee for a final decision while both presenting their reasoning for the rejection to the Steering Committee and allowing the rejected applicant an opportunity to appeal their case to said committee.