Team Drives


Who owns the content?

members of the team


Who can move files?

members with full access to the original Team Drive and at least edit access to the destination Team Drive


Who can move folders?

only the domain administrator


Who can view files?

all team members can see all files

depending on their access to the files, different people may see different files

Who can delete files?

only members with full access

While anyone can “remove” a file from his/her Drive, the file’s owner is the only one who can delete it.

Who can restore deleted files?

team members who have edit or full access to the file(s)/folder(s)

the owner of the file

Who can edit files?

anyone who has at least edit access to the files or the folder where the files exist

*The biggest advantage to Team Drives, and the reason it was initially developed, was to prevent the loss of shared work when an individual leaves the organization or is not longer part of the domain in which his/her files existed.