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Nida on Campus Access” video


Text, Campus Access, Nida Din. Nida uses sign language.


What strategies do I wish universities would consider? Make the campus itself accessible to begin with. For example, fire alarms should have flashing lights for our safety. Texts access to emergency alerts. Not just via the phone. Instead, texts or even email. Students using note takers should have easy access to a copy machine so that copies of notes can be made without cost to the student.

Also, trained professors and staff. Whether they have students with disabilities or not, train them to be aware so that they're prepared and have access to resources for later when they do get a student with a disability. If a deaf student comes in their classroom, they already have access to all of the information about captioning videos, and what working with an interpreter or speech-to-text provider might look like.

Also, one thing I wish. You know, deaf students are already facing the challenge of being at a primarily hearing university. And already feel isolated. We would really like to meet other deaf and hard of hearing students, but don't know how. It's tough. The disability offices want to respect the privacy of students, which I completely understand. We get it.

So why not simply host an event on campus? There are a lot of different restaurants on campus, and it could be advertised as a deaf and hard of hearing mixer, and each student can decide on their own if they would like to participate. I would definitely go. Sure, other students will know about me, but I would go because I want to meet other deaf students. Please, I encourage you to do this so we can meet people and find friends on campus that we can communicate with in sign language. That would be nice.


Text, National Deaf Center dot org.

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