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2023-2024 5th Grade Leadership Course Syllabus_Parent Notification
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2023-2024 Course Syllabus Leadership

Course Title:        5th-grade Leadership                        Teacher: Summer Shelton


Room Number: 619                                                         Planning time:  Rotates: 1st Hour / 4th Hour

School Email:                        

Your web page:


Online Textbook Resources:


Oklahoma Academic Standards for this class:

Standard 1: Listening and Speaking​ ​|​ Students will listen and speak effectively in a variety of situations.

 Listening​: Students will develop and apply effective communication skills through active listening.

Speaking​: Students will develop and apply effective communication skills to share ideas through speakin

Oklahoma Health Standards:

NU.5.1-3 Describe the benefits of eating a healthy breakfast every day. Explain the importance of eating a variety of foods from multiple food groups (e.g., fruits, vegetables, dairy, protein and whole grains).

1.SU.5.1-3 Describe potential risks associated with inappropriate use of medicines. Identify school rules about alcohol-use. Identify short- and long term physical effects of using tobacco [e.g., cigarettes, cigars, electronic cigarettes (e cigarettes), vaping products, hookah, heated tobacco products, smokeless tobacco].

1.MH.5.1-3 Describe healthy ways to express and cope with needs, wants, emotions, feelings, and/or trauma. Identify and explain characteristics of a mentally and emotionally healthy person. Identify feelings of worry, sadness, and hopelessness and determine when to seek help with coping skills.


Describe examples of what and when to report to a trusted adult (e.g., parent, guardian, health

professional). Describe the benefits of healthy family and peer relationships. Explain why everyone has the right to consent to being touched.


Describe how the family influences personal health practices and behaviors. Identify the influence of culture on health practices and behaviors. Examine how peers can influence healthy and unhealthy behaviors. Determine how the school and community can influence personal health practices and behaviors (e.g., tobacco free environment, healthy food access, safe bike routes, walking school buses, etc.). Describe how media and technology (e.g., television/film, video


Identify characteristics of valid health information, products and services

based on self-identified need (e.g., reliable,

appropriate, accurate, or trustworthy). Locate resources from home, school, and the

community that provide valid health information.

games, advertisements, social media, and other screen time) influence health practices and behaviors.


Explain situations that need a health-related decision. Decide when help is needed and when it is not needed to make a healthy decision. Explain how family, culture, peers, technology, or media influence a health-related decision. Examine healthy options to a health-related decision. Identify options and their potential outcomes when making a health-related decision. Choose a healthy option when making a decision. Explain the outcomes and benefits making a health-related decision.

Scope & Sequence of Learning:  

Leadership Topics/Units


Growth Mindset-Failure

Personality Types- Multiple Intelligences, Animal, Color, Meyers-Briggs


8 Habits of Highly Effective Kids

The Art of Conversation- SPECIAL, Etiquette

Teaching Methods:


The objective of 5th-grade Leadership is to teach students manners, discipline, respect, and professional conduct. The goal is to prepare students to be able to present themselves exceptionally well for the opportunities of today as well as for those in the future.  In addition to these skills, students will work within their classroom community to contribute to the betterment of the Oakdale school community and beyond.

Leadership will have a variety of different teaching methods including whole-group instruction, hands-on activities, group and class discussions, reading materials, writing, and short video clips to introduce or reinforce topics and skills.

Supplemental Materials:  

Picture books by unit list

Supplemental Videos will be used within each unit.  Specific video links will be provided the week before in our Weekly Newsletter

Distance Learning:

In the event we have to move to distance learning, students will be given assignments through Google Classroom.  The date will be listed as a topic in their Leadership Google Classroom and assignments will be under those topics.  Zoom call links will be listed in the stream portion of their Google Classroom.  Students are expected to arrive in the waiting room 5 minutes prior to the class start time.  Videos must be on and microphones muted.

Assessments and Grading:

Grades will be given for participation, class discussions, and completion of in-class assignments.  

Tests Required:  


Homework Guidelines:

Any work not completed in class will be assigned as homework unless otherwise specified.


Check your student’s grade REGULARLY on TeacherEase:

5th Grade will send a weekly newsletter on Friday afternoons to let you know what we’ve been working on and what’s coming up.

Email is my preferred method of communication but I am always willing to visit by phone or in person. Simply email me to set up a time for us to visit.  I will get back in touch with you by the next school day.  If you need to change transportation for your child, please call the office to give them the message.  I am teaching and don’t get a chance to check my email throughout the day. My email address is

If you need to request an alternative assignment, email me and I will contact you with an alternative.

*** Syllabus is subject to change.  Changes will be announced in the weekly newsletter.