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Fourth Grade Newsletter No 09

October 9-13, 2017

Mrs. Miller | (916) 331-7377 ext. 318

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I hope things are going well with you and yours.

With the cooler weather upon us, the jackets and sweaters are out.  Please label your child’s outwear with his/her name as so many of them are similar (lots of navy blue) and the children don’t always recognize theirs.   Also, for parents of girls: if your girl wears a dress or skirt, be sure she also wears shorts underneath.  Bike shorts work really well.  Thank you!

There is nothing going on this week that you need to be aware of. Everything that I am about to tell you is upcoming weeks.

*Red Ribbon Week October 23rd - 25th

*End of Quarter 1 is on the 20th. What that means for you; *IF* your child has missing work, get that work to me ASAP. Then I can get a better grade in the gradebook for your child. If you check Jupiter, I will always have a little note that says ‘missing this assignment’ or something along those lines. Otherwise I will have to put in a zero for all missing work.

*Parent Teacher Conferences October 26th - 27th. Oct 26th is a half day, Oct 27th there is no school

*Trinity Life Church Fall Fest is on the 30th @6pm.

*Im kinda excited about our upcoming art project for this week and next. I will be combining Art and History. We will be completing a region's relief map for the state of California. I may send home a note asking for materials for your child to complete this assignment. This will be completed in class, and will be displayed in the classroom.

I love you all!

Ms. Miller


Ephesians 6:4-5


Math: Written Practice p. 177-179 #1-30

Spelling: List #6 spelling words 1x each, used vocab in a sentence

History: Study for History test #4


Math: Written Practice p. 184-186 #1-30

History: Chapter 4 Test

Grammar: Think B & Write D p. 52

WEDNESDAY (bring violins)

Math:  Cumulative Test 5 & Power Up Test


Music: Continuing with the third phrase of “Twinkle Twinkle”. Begin testing on “Hot Cross Buns”.  We are getting ready for the Christmas Concert on December 19th.  Download and listen to songs to prepare for Concert:


SING WE NOW [MP3 - link]   [LYRICS - link]


Math: Written Practice p. 190-192. #1-30

Grammar: Write D p. 55

Spelling: List 6 3x each, use vocab words in a sentence

Science: Study for Chapter 3 Quiz #5 p. 46-58. There *might* be a science worksheet that comes home to help study for the upcoming science quiz. There WILL be a study guide that will be sent home.


Bible: Chapter 7 Test & Memory Verse quiz

Science: Quiz #5