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Intro:  Welcome to Into the Nexus! The Heroes of the Storm podcast!

This is a very pretty patch with tons of forethought. Really pleased.


May 9th Balance Patch

Support Nerfs


Moonfire (W)

Twilight Dream (R)


Bio-Kill Switch (Trait)

Lurking Arm (E)

Level 1 - Growing Infestation (E)

Level 4 - One Good Spread (Q)

Level 7 - It Hungers (E)

Li Li

Targets Win-rates. Not popularity.

Level 1 - Wind Serpent (W)

Eager Adventurer (Trait)

Level 4 - Safety Sprint (Trait)

Level 16 - Blessings of Yu’lon (W) (61.9% win-rate)

Support - Buffs


Developer Comment: While Ana is showing a positive win rate, we’re still not seeing her picked up in the solo-Support position as often as we’d like. These changes should allow her to stick around longer in fights and limit wear and tear on your Hearthstone hotkey.

Shrike (Trait)

Healing Dart (Q)

Nano Boost (R)

Level 7 - Debilitating Dart (Active)

They are also testing internally if healing shots could pass through allies who are full health


Bestow Hope (Trait)

Level 4 - Repeated Offense

Level 13 - Repelling Strike (E)

Level 20


Developer Comment: Deckard’s foray into the Nexus has been incredibly successful from a balance perspective. He’s sitting at a healthy win rate of anywhere between 47% and 51% in high level play, depending on the experience of the Deckard player. Many of his Talents are also looking to be in good shape. We’re making some tuning changes intended to adjust under and over performing Talents without impacting his overall win rate too much.

Lorenado (R)

Level 1 - Sapphire (Active)

Level 4 - Ruby (Active)

Level 13 - Ancient Blessings (Active)

Level 20 - Bottomless Flask (Q)


Level 4 - Trauma Trigger (Passive)

Level 16 - Extended Care (Q)

Not Touched

Meta Balance


Health, Health Regen, Shields, and Shield Regen all reduced by 5%

Weapon Mode: Phase Bomb (W)

Warp (E)

Bug Fix: Purification Salvo Channeling can no longer be interrupted by displacement effects, like Raynor’s Penetrating Round.


Basic Attack range decreased from 7.5 to 6.5. [-13.3%]

Natural Agility (Trait)

Level 4 - Explosive Arrows (Q)

Developer Comment: These changes require Hanzo to put himself at greater risk to deal the considerable amount of damage that he can dish out over the course of a game. While we believe Hanzo has a unique place as an Assassin who specializes in using his superior range to kite enemies, he was able to do so too safely, which was crowding out other ranged Assassins.


Health and Regen down 6%.

Vault of the Wardens (R)


Recall (E)


Level 7 - Arcane Explosion (W)


Groundbreaker (Q)

Level 16 - Rough Landing (Q)

Developer Comment: These changes are meant to make the immediate aftermath of being thrown by Wrecking Ball a little less punishing for Garrosh’s opponents, particularly when he throws an enemy Hero and then Stuns them with Groundbreaker. We’re slightly reducing Groundbreaker’s Stun duration so that enemy Heroes can more quickly pop defensive cooldowns to try to survive. We’re also compensating Garrosh with a slight increase to Groundbreaker’s Slow. This way, he can still reliably catch enemies if he starts with Groundbreaker and wants to close in for a throw.


Level 4 - Hurricane (W)

Shot of Fury (Trait)

Level 7 - Battle Rage (Active)

Level 13 - Mystical Spear (Q):

Developer Comment: Battle Rage is proving to be the dominant pick on its Talent tier and provides a lot of generic power to Sonya’s kit. Rather than nerf it, we're placing it against stronger Talents at Level 7 to lessen the amount of generic power she can get overall. Similarly, Mystical Spear at 13 is giving a bit too much raw power in addition to its utility. It should now be more in-line with the more situational Talents at that tier.


Chain Lightning (Q)

Level 1 - Rolling Thunder (Q)

Level 4 - Frostwolf Pack (W)

Obvious missing meta touch :



Level 1 - Glyph of Drain Life (W)

Level 1 - Chaotic Energy (Passive)

Level 4 - Health Funnel (W)

Level 7 - Devour the Frail (W)

Curse of Exhaustion (E)

Level 20 - Haunt (R)

Developer Comment: Our resident warlock has been in and out of the meta a couple times since his epic release and his Talent tree has become a bit lopsided. We began these changes by looking at Rain of Destruction (even going as far as testing the Ability without a channel!) but quickly realized that we would need more than just a balance patch to appropriately address the Heroic. We were, however, able to make some Talent adjustments that will hopefully give players fun new ways to drain the life from their opponents!


Level 4 - Energy Roil (E)

Level 7 - Sunfire Enchantment (Trait)

Level 13 - Pyromaniac (W)

Level 16 - Arcane Dynamo (Passive)

Level 16 - New Talent: Ignite (Q) Removed back in August of 2015

Level 20 - Presence of Mind

Developer Comment: We’re taking passes at some older Talent trees that, while not in need of a full rework, could use some design tweaks. The changes to Kael’thas in particular went through quite a bit of iteration. We’re happy to report that, unlike some of the insane Talents we tried internally, we managed to re-imagine and restore the power of Ignite!


Other - And a Tychus buff


Overkill (Q)

Level 4 - Fully Loaded (Trait)

Level 4 - The Bigger They Are (Trait)

Diablo Rework Next Patch


Lucha Event Incoming

Also Diablo voice overs in Spanish are fantastic


No HGC Till June 9th

Heroes of the Dorm this weekend

New Lightning Fast

Big deal since we have so few independant tournaments

Tempo Storm and HeroesHype are excited to partner up to bring you Lightning Fast! Lightning Fast is a tournament in which 4 HGC teams will battle in Best of Fives through a single elimination bracket- but that's not all.

Teams will be playing with special cheats: game speed will be set to "Faster" and both teams will have infinite mana!

The map pool will be limited to Cursed Hollow and Volskaya Industries, and will alternate between the two for games.


A Bunch of News that existed before balance changes


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