Lion’s Mane Mushroom Block

(Hericium erinaceus)

  Congratulations on purchasing your very own mushroom grow kit! With this kit you’ll be able to  experience the satisfaction of growing mushrooms in your own home. The block you’ve purchased contains a mixture of locally sourced hardwood sawdust (either oak or alder) and wheat bran which has been properly hydrated and sterilized in our autoclaves for 5 hours. The block was then inoculated with spawn (the seed of the mushroom) and allowed to incubate in our warehouse until now. At this point the bag should be sealed and the block should be fully colonized with white mycelium (the body of the organism).  With proper care and attention this block can produce multiple flushes of lion’s mane  mushrooms. Follow the guidelines below to set up a fruiting environment for your mushrooms. The best results will come from maintaining high air flow and high humidity during the fruiting period.

Things You Will Need

  1. A cool  area to fruit the mushrooms (55-75F)
  2. A clean sharp knife or razor blade
  3. A humidity tent  (a plastic bag, tote, or container slightly larger   than the block with holes to allow air flow (bag provided))
  4. Fine mist spray bottle with chlorine free water
  5. A clean plate or tray


  1. Always Inspect the bag first. The bag should be sealed and free of mold or bacteria. Yellow liquid is a normal byproduct of digestion but presence of other colors (blue, green))  may indicate a contamination.
  2. Using a clean sharp knife cut the bag 1 or 2  times on the face of the block. Be careful not to cut into the block while doing this. Pull the bag away from the block while cutting if necessary.
  3. Set the block on a plate or tray with the cut side of the block facing up. The mushrooms will grow through the cut(s) in the bag.
  4. Place the humidity tent (bag, tote, etc.) over the top of the block and puncture it (the humidity tent) multiple times with a clean sharp blade.  Make sure the holes are wide enough to allow air to flow through.
  5. Mist the inside of the humidity tent several times a day (2-3 or as needed) to maintain high humidity. If you can see water droplets on the inside of the humidity tent you’re probably good. If you don’t see water droplets, time need to spray.
  6. Once mushrooms appear they can take anywhere from 4-10 days to ripen (usually depending on weather). Lions mane are ready to harvest when the top of the mushroom begins to develop a brown tinge.
  7. When ready to harvest use a clean knife to cut the base of the mushroom where it is coming out of the bag.
  8. To initiate a second flush cut the bag 1 or 2 more times on the same side. Place the block back under the fruiting tent and repeat the process. It usually takes 1-2 weeks for mushrooms to begin growing again.  Yield will decrease with each subsequent fruiting as the mushrooms use up water and nutrients within the block.

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