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**Radiology suite and other off site locations
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Radiology suite and other off site locations

Radiology suite

Each morning, please check the schedule for cases to be done in Anesthesia Specials: (kyphoplasty etc)

The anesthesia machine and anesthesia cart are kept in the hallway outside interventional radiology. These need to be brought into the room and fully set up. The computer needs to have the ibus on, and network cords plugged into the wall next to the cabinet. Suction needs an extension tubing and connected to the wall.

Anesthesia cart:

Anesthesia drug tray

EKG leads


Needles: 21 gauge, needle-less and filter

Propofol pump

Propofol pump tubing with anti-siphon

Tape: silk, transpore, paper

Prone pillow - low profile pink

Anesthesia machine:

ETCO2 nasal cannula

Oral airways: green, yellow, red

Nasal trumpets: 28, 30, 32


EKG leads