This document is about to obtain available prizes through the platform.

1. Procedure for obtaining prizes

1.1a. The bycoins can be accumulated in two types of balances, the "Main Balance" represents the bycoins obtained by bets and can be redeemed for prizes in the website. The "Bonus" balance represents the bycoins obtained by any method different from bets (video ads, quizzes, promotions, etc.). The accumulated bycoins in the "Bonus" balance can NOT be redeemed for prizes. The user can only use this "Bonus" balance for betting and the net winnings will be added to his/her "Main Balance".

1.1b. Once the user get enough Bycoins in the “Main Balance” to redeem any of the available products (“Prizes”) through the platform, the user should make a request for redemption through the procedure established in the Platform.

1.2. Once Betsim receives a request for redemption, it will perform the following verification process in advance:

  1. Betsim performs an exhaustive check on the user activity to detect possible fraudulent uses (IP changes, Multi-accounts, malicious use of a system failure, use of scripts or automatism to get Bycoins, VPN ...)
  2. Betsim verifies with its affiliated partners the correct use of the promotions to avoid possible fraudulent uses.
  3. Betsim may require the user documentation that proves their identity.
  4. Betsim will verify that the delivery address is within the limits established for the prize.

1.3. Once Betsim has been able to verify all the activity and the identity of the user, the prize will be sent according to the delivery address provided by the user. Betsim will have a maximum period of up to 30 calendar days to complete this process. The user can track the delivery process through the platform.

1.4 Once the prize has been validated, the delivery deadlines have been completed and the user has not received the prize redeemed, they should contact Betsim by sending a message at to check if there was an incident during the process to manage the solution.

2. Conditions

2.1. Bycoins can only be redeemed for Prizes that appear on Betsim platform in accordance with the specific conditions of each prize. User may redeem a prize when they have acquired the amount of sufficient Bycoins determined by the prize in question.

2.2.At the time of the redemption of any of the prizes, all active bets of the user will be canceled and the fund of your account restarted. There will be no refund of prizes, nor possibility to change the previously requested prize.

2.3. In principle, prizes can be redeemed in the Platform only by users over 14 years old.

2.4 Prizes about real money balance in local or international currency can only be redeemed by users over 18 years old.

2.4. Every user has the right to redeem a single prize per month (30 Calendar Days). This means that if a user redeems a prize, regardless of its nature or conditions, they can redeem another prize after 30 calendar days. If more than one prize is exchanged per month, the Bycoins will be returned and the request will be invalidated.

2.5. In case of confirmed fraud, Betsim reserves the right to block all accounts and, thus, eliminating all requested orders.

2.6. The User will lose the right to obtain Prizes through the platform if they don’t comply any of the rules or conditions that govern the use of the platform.

2.7. Also, the user will not be able to obtain a Prize if they don’t provide a copy of their ID within 15 days after a request made by betsim.

3. Shipping and shipping costs

3.1. Once the User has requested a Prize through the Platform and in case of a non-digital prize, the user must fill out a specific form with the address where they want to receive the Prize. User is responsible for providing a correct address and receiving the prize in it. If it was not possible to deliver for reasons not attributable to Betsim, and if this prize was returned to Betsim's address, it will not be obliged to send it back, nor to reimburse Bycoins as a consequence of the redemption.

3.2. The shipping time of any of the available prizes is up to 15 days after being sent.

3.3. Shipping costs will be covered by Betsim and it will be totally for free for users. However, the user is responsible of any charge, procedure, tax, duty or obligation imposed by any competent authority or applicable law as a result of sending the prize to the country or place of destination and exonerating Betsim from all this charges.

4. Modifications

Betsim reserves the right to modify, at any time, the initial balance of Bycoins as well as the list of prizes and the number of Bycoins necessary to obtain them. As well as the way to deliver the prizes. The balance of Bycoins held by the User can be extinguished or canceled in case they don’t comply with the present terms or if they ask to quit Betsim.

5. Availability of the Prizes

5.1 Betsim makes clear that all products and services in the prize section could be available only on condition of complying with certain goals of registered users indicated in the description of each prize. This is due to guarantee the sustainability of the entire platform and offer the best prizes to users.

5.2. In the event that a redeemed prize can not be delivered due to lack of availability, the user will not be able to claim for a monetary compensation. However, Betsim will try as much as possible to replace those products or services that are not available for others with similar conditions and characteristics as well as with a similar cost.

6. Guarantee of the prizes sent

The guarantee of the products sent as prizes is given by the manufacturer. Betsim is not responsible for defective products or that have manufacturing faults, it is the duty of the user to contact the company to claim the guarantee directly.