Welcome to CodeDevils!

Below is some information, tips, and rules to know as you get involved in the club.

  - Get Involved in the Community -

Firstly, our most up to date constitution is available on the website, Be sure to carefully read the Code of Conduct (Article X). In addition to what you would expect (harassment, discrimination, don’t be a jerk) we have information on academic integrity. Conversations happen at in channels. Keep conversations relevant to the channel topic, or discuss whatever you want in #random. #announcements is for… announcements! If you have a question about an announcement or want to comment on something in an announcement please thread it or have the discussion in #general to keep #announcements clutter free. #general can be used for any discussion relevant to the club, but not specific enough for another channel.

  - Projects -

Projects are an opportunity for members to collaborate on coding projects. Anyone can propose an idea for a project, and a project can be anything that involves coding in some way (regardless of language or platform). #projectdiscussion channel is for discussion ideas for new projects. If there is something you think would make a great project, post and discuss it! In order for a project to be greenlit, you need to make an official proposal, have a project lead, and have at least 3 members commit to working on the project. More information is available in #projectdiscussion.

  - Coding Competitions -

We host a coding competition each semester on HackerRank. See channel #codingchallenges. There are several easy, normal, and one or two hard challenges each competition. Completing a challenge earns you points, with more difficult ones earning you the most points. One of the cool parts about utilizing the Hacker Rank platform is that there are 30+ languages supported. This is a great opportunity to try out problem solving in a language you are trying to learn, or show off your skills in one you know intimately. At the end of the term you could win some swag! (Not all competition may have a material prize. If there is a prize it will be stated when the competition starts. Generally the three participants with the most points are eligible for a prize.)