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Please remember to look at the Class Pages for topic webs and class letters

NEWSLETTER 8                                                                        Monday 14th January 2019

Dear families

Happy New Year!  We hope that you all had a restful holiday and spent time with your family.  Welcome back to all our families and an especial welcome to new families joining the school.  We had a fantastic first week back - the whole school were working hard and the atmosphere around school was particularly calm and purposeful - thank you to all staff and children for this.  This is a short but busy half term with lots of exciting topics planned - please check the Class Pages section of the website at the following link for more information about your child’s class (Class Letters and Topic Webs).  https://sites.google.com/hagbourne.oxon.sch.uk/classpages/home 

Just a reminder that our newsletters will be sent out every two weeks - please check them carefully.  Please download the parentmail app to ensure you get event alerts and notices. Simply visit the your App Store, search ‘ParentMail’ and select to download the App!

Best wishes

Mrs Lewis

Morning Routines

As before, the school doors open at 8:35am.  Children should not be left unattended on the playground before this time and older children who walk to school on their own should not aim to arrive before then.  If you do arrive before 8:35am, please supervise children carefully and remind them that school rules apply as soon as they are on the school grounds - e.g. no football.  Children in all classes are fantastic at coming in independently ready to start the day but please do pass any messages for teachers on to the adults on the gate/door.  The doors remain open until 8:45am; any children arriving after this time must enter school via the office.  

Reading Expectations

Reading is a key skill in all learning and we will be working hard in school this term to encourage children to read regularly and promote a love of reading.  Please support us in this by hearing your child read regularly or discussing reading with your children if they are reading independently.  All reading should be recorded in the children’s reading records or homework diaries.  Please speak to your child’s teacher if you need any support in choosing appropriate books or encouraging your child to read.  Look out for another reading bingo later this term!

RM Unify

Remember all children have a log in to RM Unify (which can be found in their reading record or homework diary).  This gives them access to programmes such as RM Easimaths and Phonics Bug (for extra reading books for KS1).  Please use these websites to support your child’s learning at home.  RM Unify can be accessed via the Pupil Area on the school website or via the following link https://hagbourneschool.rmunify.com/.


As a school, we have identified that children often struggle with the concepts of money, time and measures.  These areas of maths do get taught in lessons but are also life skills which can be better understood when children get a chance to use them in practical contexts in real life.  This term, we would like to encourage families to have a go at activities which support learning in these areas.  This could include (but is not limited to) activities such as:

Thank you for your support with this.  Please also remember to encourage your children to practise their times tables and the associated division facts as this is a key skill in maths.

Medical Updates

If there have been any changes or updates to your child’s medical needs, including medications and allergies, please ensure that you inform the school and fill out the relevant forms.  If your child has an inhaler or epipen in school please check the medication is in date!

PTA Meeting

The next PTA meeting is tomorrow evening at 7.30pm in the staff room. The main topic for discussion will be preparations for the STEM day on March 16th.

Please do come along if you have ideas or would like to get involved , or if you can’t make the meeting you can always email the committee on pta@hagbourne.oxon.sch.uk.

Parents Evening

Parents Evening will take place on Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th February this term.  More information about how to sign up for an appointment will be sent out via ParentMail nearer the time.  

If you wish to speak to your child’s teacher about something in particular please do not feel you have to wait until Parents Evening.  Please make an appointment with the teacher directly or via the school office.  It is often better to discuss worries or concerns as and when they arise so the appropriate time can be given.

Hagbourne CE School Primary Facebook Page

We are relaunching the school’s Facebook page (not the PTA page - that is separate!).  The idea is to keep you updated on all the many lovely things going on at school, with the odd reminder about various events/trips etc.  Please ‘like’ the page if you would like to see these updates.

School Improvement Summary 2018- 2019

Please click on the summary image to see the areas that we are focusing on in the School Improvement Plan (SIP) this year.

Please see a member of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) or a governor if you would like to know more.

Dolce - Name the Monkey Competition

We have an exciting competition for the children to take part in - to name the monkey that lives above the pudding hatch in the school hall.

If your child/ren would like to enter all they need to do is write the name of the monkey along with their name and class on a small piece of paper and pop it in the box in the school office.

The prize is a £10.00 voucher and the deadline is Friday 15th February and the winning name will be announced after the February Half Term.

Elf Run

The Elf Run at Milton Park was a huge success, it was great to see parents joining in or cheering at the finish line. A big thank you to the parents who volunteered! We had a lot of fun and we look forward to taking part again this year.


Please make sure your children attend school with warm coats, hats and gloves.  These must be named!


On Saturday March 16, the PTA will be holding a Super STEM Day at school. Suitable for primary school children, this promises to be a fun-packed day full of activities designed to engage children in science, technology, engineering and maths, featuring hovercrafts, fossils, forensics, marine creatures, and more!

We also need any CDs or DVDs for the event, if you have any that you no longer need or want, please drop them into the school office.

Lunch Menu


Please see here for next terms menu, remember to log onto Live Kitchen and select school lunches


We will include key term dates in the first newsletter of each term.  At other times, please remember to use the ParentMail app for reminders.



6th February

Reception Class trip to Pizza Express

12th February and 13th February

Parents Evening

Friday 15th February

End of term 3

Monday 18th - 22nd February

Half term

Sunday 24th February

St.Andrew’s Church - Cafe Church 10.30 am

Monday 25th February

Start of Term 4

7th March

World Book Day - activities to be confirmed

12th March

Year 3 Trip - RAF Benson

12th March

Primary Pop Concert - choir (Years 5 and 6 only)

14th March

Year 6 Trip - Junior Citizens

Saturday 16th March

PTA Super Stem Day

Friday 5th April

End of Term 4  - 1:30pm finish

Monday 8th April

Start of Easter Holidays

Tuesday 23rd April

Start of Term 5

Thursday 25th April

School Photos

Monday 6th May

Bank Holiday - School Closed

Wednesday 8th May - Friday 10th May

Year 4 Trip - Youlbury

Monday 13th May - Thursday 16th May

Year 6 SATs

Monday 20th May - Friday 24th May

Year 6 Trip - Yenworthy

Friday 25th May

End of Term 5

Monday 27th May - Friday 31st May

Half Term

Monday 3rd May

Start of Term 6

Wednesday 24th July

End of Term 6 - 1:30pm finish

Dates for end of year reports, Sports Day and other events will follow once confirmed.


These are not recommended by the school but maybe of some interest to you.


          St Andrew’s Hagbourne Christingle Family Service

                                Sunday 27th January 10.30 am

Christingle Family Service Sunday 27th January at 10.30am at St Andrew’s. A Christingle is an example of the true understanding of the meaning of Christmas, for the following reasons: the orange is round, like the world;

the candle gives us light in the dark, like the love of God; the red ribbon goes round the ‘world’, as a symbol of Christ’s blood, given for everyone;  the four sticks point in all directions, and symbolise that God is over all: North, South, East and West; and the fruit and nuts remind us of God’s blessings.