Admission Preferences

Lottery and Public Random Drawing

Applications will be accepted during a publicly advertised pre-enrollment period each year for enrollment in the following school year.  Following the open enrollment period each year, applications shall be counted to determine whether any grade level has received more applications than availability.  In the event that this happens, BCMHS will hold a public random drawing to determine admission for the impacted grade level, with the exception of existing students, who are guaranteed admission in the following school year.


In accordance with Charter Law, (CA Ed. Code 47605), preference shall be extended to students residing within the enrollment area of Vacaville Unified School District.  BCMHS will administer that preference by assigning in-district students two lottery entries compared to one entry for out-of-district students.


Admission preferences in the case of a public random drawing shall be given to the following students in the following order:


1.     Students of BCMHS employees

2.     Siblings of existing BCMHS students

3.     Students who reside in the VACAVILLE UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT

4.     Students on J-1 visas

5.     All other students residing in Solano and surrounding counties, and the State of California


At the conclusion of the public random drawing, all students who were not granted admission due to capacity shall be given the option to put their name on a waiting list according to their draw in the lottery. This wait list will allow students the option of enrollment in the case of an opening during the current school year. In no circumstance will a waiting list carry over to the following school year.  If students with enrollment priority do not adhere to designated re-enrollment/registration protocols and procedures, they may forfeit their enrollment priority and may request to be added to the waiting list.