Marina Committee Slip and Mooring Lease Agreement

Name ___________________________________________________________

Street Address ____________________________________________________

City ____________________________State _____________


Home Phone ________________Work Phone ________________Cell Phone____________

Email _____________________________________________________

Name of Boat ___________________Type_____________


Length OA ____________________ Beam ______________

Year of Mfg.____________

Engine Type_____________________ Engine HP______________

Slip or Mooring Number as assigned ____________

Orig. date assigned ____/____/____

Insurance Company ____________________

Policy Number ______________________

All lessees of docks and moorings must provide the Marina Committee Chair with a photocopy of their insurance policy, which must have a minimum amount of coverage of $25,000.00. Please submit your insurance policy copy with the lease agreement form.

All lessees are required to abide by the Marina Rules and regulations as stated in the Tiverton Yacht Clubs current Log Book and any rules or regulations that may be enacted and approved by the Marina Committee and /or the Board of Directors of the Tiverton Yacht Club.

All lessees or their assignees are required to assist in the installation and removal of the floating dock as scheduled by the Marina Committee. These work parties are mandatory and do not count towards other work requirements of the Yacht Club.

The Lessee is also be required to annually sign the following agreement which states,

I do hereby release the Tiverton Yacht Club and any or all of its officers, members, and employees from any liability and/or damage claims that may accrue in my favor against them growing out of or as a result of this assignment and occupancy and use of any slip, dock, float or facility provided: I assume all risk of injury and damage to person and property whether caused by negligence or otherwise.

Signature of Owner _______________________________________________________

Signature of Marina Committee Chair ___________________________________________

Please Mail to:

Marina Committee

Tiverton Yacht Club

P. O. Box 54

Tiverton, RI 02878

Form lease 2020