elite Dance & Theatre Student Handbook

Dear elite Students and Parents,

We are very excited to have you be a part of elite Dance and Theatre!  

Please find the following information on the STUDIO page of our website:

Class Schedule


Studio Calendar for: Sessions, Shows, Events, Closure Dates

General Studio Information

Dress Codes

Company Apprenticeship Program   

Information and application forms for both the JR CO and the elite Company Apprenticeships can be found on the elite Company page on our website.

Level Placements

New students begin in Preschool, Level 1 or 2 (according to age). Advancement into higher levels is through EVALS. EVALS are offered in July of each season. In July (Session 1) we will take three weeks to review all curriculum taught through the season. On the final week we will be holding audtions and giving an intro to our holiday show.  New students with previous dance training may request a free placement appointment. Parents may request a Private EVAL at any time during the season.  Private EVALS are scheduled and priced as a Private Lesson.

Here are a few details you need to know about EVALS:

What level do I register my student in for the July EVALS? Register your student in the level that they are currently in.  New students can register for EVALS in order to be placed for the new season.  Students may also schedule a Private EVAL in the office.

What level should my child be in for Jazz? Register your child for Jazz in the same level as Ballet.  Jazz classes will open in August.

What if my child does not want to be evaluated? Students may stay in their current level as long as they like. If a student is fearful of an EVAL, please bring them to an EVAL class to observe the process or you may schedule them for a Private EVAL.

Have a question that isn't answered here? Please feel free to talk with the Class Manager or contact us through the website!  

Student Incentives (Preschool through Level 4)  

Show Ensembles - Students (Level 2 and above) who attend EVALS in July will be eligible to register and perform in a special ensemble for the Holiday show.  Students who attend EVALS in December will be eligible to register and perform in a special ensemble for the Spring Show.  There is an additional registration fee and rehearsal times (Saturdays) for pariticipants.

"elite" Student Award - students will be awarded a jewel (we will apply to their leotard!) if they have perfect attendance AND dress code, and can recite their vocabulary for each session.

Splits - Level Pre-2 students will earn a jewel (we will apply to their leotard) for gaining either their Right or Left splits. Level 3 students will earn the privilege of wearing a skirt (skirt may be ordered in the elite office) for gaining both splits. Dancers that gain all three splits will be given an autographed (and decorated) pair of pointe shoes from one of the professional company dancers. Boys will earn a star for gaining splits and will earn a $10 gift card for all three splits

Student of the Month- We will be selecting students each session for a Student of the Month award. Teachers will submit names of students that are working hard, displaying "elite" behavior (respect, kindness, discipline) and are showing improvement. The Student of the Month will receive a jewel or star for their leotard/shirt, and will be featured in our elite NEWS email, the elite website and on elite's Facebook page!


The elite Youth Program has three featured performances each season. The Holiday show will feature students as they dance with their Ballet class levels for dance pieces.  The Spring Showcase will feature students as they dance with their Ballet classes for dance pieces. The elite JR Company and elite Company Apprentices will join the kids to provide pre-professional soloists and actors.

We also host an Open House event at the studio each spring for our Tap program.

The elite Kids Theatre project (ages 8-14yrs) starts with a week long acting workshop, ending in a performance at the North 4th Theatre.

elite Kid's shows are designed to highlight student's achievements, to educate and create a love for performing arts and theatre for both students and parents, and to provide a memorable experience for all.

Registration Information will be emailed in the elite monthly newsletter and on the STUDIO page of our website