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Fifth Grade Reading Curriculum updated
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Fifth Grade Reading Curriculum

1st Six


2nd Six Weeks

3rd Six Weeks

4th Six Weeks

5th Six Weeks

6th Six Weeks

*Unit 1


Cultural Setting effect of Plot

*Unit 2


Paraphrase, Summarize

*Unit 3

Argumentative Text

*Unit 4


Relationships and conflicts


*Unit 5

Main Ideas of Informational Texts

*Unit 6

Poetry,sound devices and figurative language

*Unit 7

Making Inferences

*Unit 8

Plot elements


*Unit 9

Word meaning with affixes

*Unit 10

Retelling in logical order

*Unit 11

Dramas, acts, scenes, stage directions,



*Unit 12

Making connections within texts

*Unit 13

Figurative language, literal language, imagery

*Unit 14

Text features in informational


*Unit 15

Point of view


*Unit 16

Text structures

*Unit 17

Author’s Purpose

*Unit 18

Characteristics of genre


*Unit 19

Themes and inferences

*Unit 20

Informational texts, central ideas, supporting evidence, organizational patterns