The Producer’s Playbook

The Mystery of Love Revealing

The Mystery of Love

is Revealed

through 1 Corinthians 13, Verse 12:

“For now we see a reflection, as in a mirror,

Then we shall see face to face,

For now I know in part, then I shall known fully, even as I am fully known.”

Dedicated to

We, Who Have Loved and Lost,

and are Love Transforming.

By Mingjie Zhai

Power of 13

If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. If I give all that I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing.

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. For we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when completeness comes, what is in part disappears. When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me. For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.”

And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.

1 Corinthians 13, NIV, Apostle Paul’s Love Letter to the people of Corinth.

Table of Contents



Love Letters to the Broken Hearted

A Personal Love Story Prequel

The Big Why

“All the World’s a Stage”

The Promise

The Premise

God is Love

Love is Defined

Contextual War:

Meaning is unique and can not be replicated, and the means in discovering one’s own meaning is Love.

Down the Rabbit Hole

“God Codes”

The Fiction, Based on a True Algorithm of Spiritual Intelligence.

Lucifer meditated:

Lucifer Chose the Fruit of Judgement First

“Love is Sovereign”

Fiction. Based on a True Fruit of Life in the Holy Trinity.

Lucifer’s Fall

“The First Lie”

Fiction. Based on a True Luciferian Alchemy.

The First Lie

The First Alchemy

The Duality of Reasoning in Every Action

The First Shadow Cast

Act I: God’s Hope

“Falling for Eve”

Fiction, Based on a True Falling in Faith.

Perception Deception

The Bitten Fruit, the First Curse, the Self-Deception

Fierce Faith

The Power of the Phoenix, the Mirror, the Love Reflection

The Bitten

Fierce Faith


Fiction. Based on True Lessons from The Fall.

Act II: God’s whY.

“Falling For Eve”

Fiction, Based on a True Adam’s Compassion.

“God’s Curse”

Fiction, Based on a True Integration of the Shadow.

Act III: God’s Broken Open

Jesus is the Truth, the Way, and the Life

The Fiction, Based on a True Walk of Perfect Love.

Why did God die?

To reveal the Truth of Love--

That Love Stand’s True even in Love’s Absence.

By living this experience called Life to its fullest so one day, in another realm, we can compare notes and realize no one person’s event, circumstances, relationship, imprint is the same, our own experiences are single, unique, and nuanced, yet there is a still universal constant among us all.

The Name above all names

Love is Defined, the Meaning is Unique, Single, and Alone because Love is Sovereign

The Means is Always Love and Unlocks the Meaning for the Sovereign Human Being.

The Perception Deception

Love is Truth

On Hate

Love is The Way

Love is the Life

The Power of Love

Self love vs. Selfish Love

Love is a Choice

Choosing Love

The Resonance of 13

The Producers

Why the name “Producer?”

Act I: We, The Journal-Artist Producers

Act II: We, The Storyteller Producers

Act III: We, The Showcase Producers

What do all producer’s have in common?

First Principles





On Love Loss


There is another way...

One of Many Ways

A Producer’s Personal Anecdote:

The Big Why

Why is Love important in Heartbreak?

Love’s Spiritual Warfare

Our Dimension Operates on Dualities.

Breaking Open

Why Discovering your Authentic Voice Matters

On Truth:

The Big What

The Three Acts

The Playbook is broken down into three acts:

The Big How

The Actions of The Journal-Artist

Human Beings in the Human Doings

The Journal-Artist Producer’s Playbook

The Truth concealed and revealed in Fiction.

The Reality of Multi-dimensional Complexities of Human Character:

What is Truth (Revisited)?

So what is truth? How do we distinguish truth from lies?

Divine Sovereignty

On Meaning in Context to Truth

On Meaning over Expediency

Fiction as Protection and Containment

Shadow Wars

It is a Mirror.

The Power of the Mirror as Protection Against Projections

The Power of the Mirror Revealed in 1 Corinthians 13:12

Writing/Riding the Dragon

Hidden Desire: The Hero’s Shadow Revealed


First, Deconstructing the Id

The Trigger and the Crack

The White Cat with the Black Heart

The Hero’s Ordinary World

The Call to Adventure

Supernatural Aid

The Threshold Guardian

How to Write

The Hero’s Pursuit: The Yin and Yang in You.

The Black Cat with the White Heart

What is your Journey?

Maps of Meaning, Myths, and Drama

The Transpersonal Pattern

And the polarity of Good and Evil.

The Spirit of Good

The Spiritual Warfare in Fiction

Truth Revisited through The Ethic of Redemption

Start with Heart in 13 Entries

The Ambassador’s Program of

Cultivating Connection, Community, and Catharsis

The Journaling Circle

Start with the Low Hanging Fruit

Step 1: The Ask Template:

Please Note when writing the letter:

Step 2: The Gathering

Step 3: Merry Go-Round and Set Schedule

Group Flow

The Storyteller Producer’s Playbook

We, The Storyteller Producers

“...then we shall see Face to Face…”

-1 Corinthians 13, Verse 12


“But I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more….” - The Proclaimers

Take an action.

Actions define Character,

not feelings nor lip service.

Failure to Act and How to Act when Failing

Milestone #1: Know Thyself

Milestone #2: The Pitch

Milestone #3: Pre-Production

Milestone #4: Interviewing the Artist

Love Note #1: Interviewing the Artist

The Art of Interview and the Bodhi Tree

Establishing Rapport

The Bodhi Tree

Humility as both a tactic and a trait

A Personal Note on Production

Milestone #5: Post-Production

The Showcase Producer’s Playbook

“As I am Fully Known…”

Notes for The Love Story Showcases

About The Love Story

Why We Exist

Our Mission

Our Purpose

13 journal-artist producers

13 storyteller producers

13 showcase producers

Simultaneously harmonizing in pre-production, production, and the breaking open process
All designed to Break the Producers’ Hearts Open:

The Producer’s Playbook: The Mystery of Love Revealing


This playbook is dedicated to all the lovers, friends, and family members we have lost along the way.

This playbook is dedicated to the 2013 version of me, the inner child, who was bitter, angry, confused, broken, and lost.

This playbook is dedicated to you, the bitter and broken hearted, the hard shell, the shell shocked, the apathetic, the numbed, the blunted, and the hurt. It’s time to break your heart open, sojourner.

It’s time you transform your pain in to the passion you produce.


This is a working draft written by yours truly that will eventually become The Producer’s Playbook, which aims to reveal the mystery of love defined in 1 Corinthians 13:12 through divine orchestration among international producers who stand together in a collective mission to transform pain into creative expression. I am currently in the process of researching and integrating the past five years’ adventures and misadventures journaling, pitching, producing, publishing, traveling, coordinating, filming, and creating through The Love Story project. This project is designed to expose me, so that the shadows are revealing me, while the pain is used as fuel for the fires of creative expressions to heal me. I appreciate your patience whilst I work to accomplish The Producer’s Playbook, which aims to expose you, so that the shadows you hide may be creatively revealed and, in the same breath, creatively healed.

As I am Fully Known

“For now I know in part, then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.” 1 Corinthians 13:12 (third part of the verse)

 That said, this is a working draft--a live, living and breathing, working draft--and will be enhanced, optimized, and customized as time flows. I hope you engage, interact, and act, for it is in the act that creates the pact with a Loving God on the right hand journey of experiencing love after love.

Love Letters to the Broken Hearted

You may think you’re mentally ill. Search your heart, and you will discover that you are mentally filled.

You may think you’re broken. Search your heart, and there, you will know the way to breaking your heart open.

You may think you’re just human. You are. Search your heart, and there, you will understand the meaning of the human experience.

The Producer’s Playbook will inspire you to transform pain into passion, provide a strategy to choose self-expression over self-destruction, and serve as a road map in discovering, creating and revealing your inner artist while you are still hurting, breaking, and searching for meaning.


The Producer’s Playbook is a design, a strategy, and a roadmap for pursuing, understanding, and experiencing love after love. Like a playbook in a show, it only works if the players on stage know their lines--in other words, play your part, embrace your role, and act as if so you may discover the meaning of the play you are part of.

The Producer’s Playbook is one of many ways that one can metamorphosize the broken state into the broken open state through the orchestration of multiple producers acting in sync.

What is the broken state?

What is the broken open state?

If life is like a refracted crystal, then living is the light beams that allow the observer to see pieces of refraction, because experiences are where the light focuses. We all perceive from the same rainbow but the color that the naked eye chooses to focus on, and the hues that dance around it, is where you paint your love story.

A Personal Love Story Prequel

There is a reason why so many social causes, non profits, and pay it forward organizations exist. We have all tapped into the universal law of giving and receiving. Often, the treatment to a dis-ease is in the ease of giving. Sure, you hear it a lot, like something on a bumper sticker, but you can take the words out of a bumper sticker and into an embodied reality, what we call “on the playing field,” when one chooses courage to act out love even when one does not feel loving. This is a breakthrough phenomenon that people are waking up to in the New World mileu.

I’ve joined a few non profits while in high school, college, and professional life, but it was mainly for “looking good” reasons. I needed my high school resume to look good so joining Circle K may get me into a more reputable school, I needed my college resume to look good for hiring once I graduate, so joining a few non profits may look good on my resume for hire, and even post divorce, I wanted to do philanthropy to distract myself from the pain and to look good to myself that everything is just fine. All of those reasons are not bad reasons, and the miracle of giving still worked, whether I did it for selfish purposes or for true philanthropic purposes. I did end up going to a reputable college, I did get the teaching job I wanted, and I did end up bearing the fruits from paying it forward in other ways when I did involve myself in social good causes.

Even with a half-hearted way of going through the motions, I still got the results of my aim, but something major was missing.

I was aiming shortsightedly.

What was missing?


The Love Story was inspired by a very dark and desperate place of personal crisis.

In 2013, I was stuck on empty and meaningless, stemmed from the anguish and suffering of an existential question I had posed to God of, “What’s the point of being created to love when loving hurts so much? Is the point just to suffer the pain of loving?” A voice in my head that sounded like me but was not me told me that God was cruel, sadistic, and a mad scientist using me like a lab rat for experimentation. A part of me knew this was a lie and a part of me rationalized that this has to be the case since I nothing seemed to give me joy, peace, and love after the I had invested so much time, hope, and dreams into a man who I thought had betrayed me. I thought my situation to be some sort of cruel joke and I was the punchline at the end of it. I thought I was too dangerous for the world, for the voice told me that I could not hide my bitter and broken heart behind this persona of “niceness” and “every thing is just fine” forever. I was called out to be a fraud. How dare I scam the children and parents I was hired to educate when I was at a place of being so lost; how dare I move onto another relationship and dream of building a family again when I have completely lost my faith in love and the foundation of family; how dare I even breath another breathe when I am a walking, ticking time bomb, ready to explode or implode. I had no answers for these paradoxes other than my sheer hatred towards God for designing me as such to go through such terrifying extremes and experience such horrible contradictions.  

Weeks prior, I had ran into my ex-husband with his new wife and child, and days prior, I had broken up with my boyfriend who had jumped right into the arms of another woman. I was jaded by love. I reasoned that love was more functional than it was foundational. Like a withered flower, I told myself that I had passed my prime for any man to find worthy of cultivating a family with. And what’s the point of love anyway when to be involved in love is to bring inevitable pain upon myself?

I had decided to take my own life because I could not imagine a life without love yet I can’t stand the pain of loving. Hours before this “suicide spell” grew strong, I knew I was dealing with supernatural forces that aligned with a spiritual battle I was grappling with and this supernatural tug of war was strong. “To be or not to be” was no longer a philosophy, but an actual reality. Do I continue playing on the world stage or do I exit stage left?  I had prayed to Jesus hours prior for protection and direction, and a voice in my head prompted me to start calling friends. Those three phone calls saved my life; the first two friends had called the cops, and by the time I was on the call with my third friend, I was ready to end it, that was when the cops came just in time.

When the cops were gurneying me into the ambulance, I had experienced the first divine revelation, as if God was answering my demanding question, “What’s the point of living?” He showed me civilizations being built and destroyed, people’s ethnicities, cultures, and colors being morphed through time, and splitting hairs over things, the one ups, the better thans, technology making other technologies obsolete, and humans building themselves up just to make up the story that they are better than the next human being, and it all seemed so funny, nonsensical, a dark humor joke. Then, He showed me that the reason we are here is to witness and experience love, which is the silver lining behind the insanity. Love...agape love, love for humanity, love for each other as one family under God, as in we’re came from the same team and our journey is to go back to this home away from home, as in Love inside of us, whilst we all drank the tea of forgetfulness and forgotten where we came from, all this has been revealed through an instant of revelation. It wasn’t new. It was as if God lifted the veil over me, as if for a temporary time, the spell over me was broken, and I could finally see my true self aligning with God’s sight. It was a reminder of where I actually came from and why I came here. I came as a choice on a mission as a choice, and I had just forgotten because of the way this world’s simulation is set.

This time, I was called by a stirring of the heart, perhaps a disturbance, or both. My heart told me, “Mingjie, no more half-hearted gestures of service. If you’re going to do something, do it all the way.” I figured that if I were to put energy into something, then I must make a full commitment. If I’m going to pay it forward through the deliverance of my life saved, then I must pay it in a way that is going to make a real impact.

That was a personal crisis experienced I had survived through. That is why two years later, when I heard the news that a twelve year old student had taken her life from her first heartbreak, something was different than the other times I’ve done charity work.

This time, it was personal.  

During this time, I was also dealing with addiction, compounded by the ever increasing problem of my bipolar disorder. I was experiencing extreme swings, from highs of highs to lows of lows. From grandiose thinking as if on cocaine and red bull, I would overwork until I wore myself down to critical exhaustion. I have been hospitalized several times from the mania to psychosis to being “gravely disabled.” Then, there are times, I would experience the lowest of lows where I would get so depressed, I couldn’t get out of bed or bring myself to reach out to people, follow up on things. I’d find myself crying in pools of deep feelings. Sadness for the world, sadness for loss, sadness for suffering, as if my emotional meter was turned to 11 on a one to ten scale of sensitivity.

Instead of numbing it with addictive substances which is my go-to, I began going to 12 step recovery groups where kindred members dealing with the same metaphorical daemons gathered to share their story, strength, and hope for others to first identity, then come to that place of humility to admit we have this problem, and then to move forward towards a solution. The authentic shares of anonymous kindred strangers began healing me. After nine months of committed attendance, I had enough strength to spend one month in Peru, where I hiked Machu Picchu whilst photographing, vlogging, and writing my journey through mixed media fashion. This served as further healing. Next, I started interviewing random strangers about love, loss, and transformation with a microphone, camera, and a crazy idea to travel from Los Angeles to the east coast to run this one-woman “pilot” around The Love Story concept of interviewing people about heartbreak and transformation. This strengthened my courage to ask the hard questions. This pilot experiment opened ideas for what Love Story is today and how and who this project can serve.

The Big Why

Perhaps there are two competing algorithms inside this matrix (suspend your disbelief for one moment and follow me down the rabbit hole here)--one algorithm is fixed to becoming your own gods, which is the humanist idea that there is no god, we are it, and our destiny is solely reliant upon ourselves, reality is relative and so is truth, so the name of the game is power and who can manipulate power for better, faster, more efficient control and we strive, achieve, and push ourselves so that we can one day be part of the 1% on top of this pyramid and become the controller and author of history and present reality. This is the algorithm that acknowledges that we are living in a mirror of illusions, so all that there is to know and all that there is to win is power and self-enlightenment to achieve more power. Then there is the second algorithm that runs simultaneous to the first algorithm and that algorithm is set to Love. In this simulation, Love is the constant, it is both the means and the meaning, among the ever changing people, places, and things of this world of mirrors, projections, and illusions. Love is the embracer, the connector, and the redeemer. Love is more powerful than power itself. In this simulation, the meaning of living is loving and it is encoded within our DNA. The purpose of our living in this simulation is to experience love, reconnect with God’s love for us, and leverage God’s love through us so we may terraform love in a places where love is absent. This type of Love is like the fabled Fountain of Youth, or the Tree of Life, in that it is ever abundant, it’s resources everflowing, and it not only sustains but it also transforms through it's alchemical properties.

Love is abundant.

Love is a choice.

Love respects free will.

Love breaks bondages

Love redeems the broken

Love restores the cuts inside the heart

Love transforms bitterness into breakthroughs

Love liquidates the rock of judgement

Love nullifies curses

Love washes the wounds of injustice

Love finds the silver lining in tragedies

Love plants hope in hopeless

Love is the truth, the way, and the life.

And The Producer’s Playbook is designed to test this algorithm by running its currents on this frequency. The Producer’s Playbook is grounded on Love’s Mystery and it is inherently a Mystery because the pathway of revealing what it hides is through due diligence and by acting the part out like the way Sherlock Holmes pick up leads, take action towards discovery, and piecing together the clues to solve the mystery, you will also act the part in the playbook by taking action towards the quest to uncover the mystery of love.

Because you can read this and absorb this, you already have the telepathic and intuitive properties within you to orchestrate as a conduit for the mystery to reveal itself. Like an actor that transforms words on a script into characters on a stage, like a musician who can transform instruments and vocal cords into sounds that stir the listener’s heart, like a lover who can transform the esoteric knowledge of love through the body, the Producer can transform the mystery of 1 Corinthians 13:12 into a body of those who participates in the Producer’s production.

“All the World’s a Stage”


(from As You Like It, spoken by Jaques)

                                        All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances;

And one man in his time plays many parts,

His acts being seven ages. At first the infant,

Mewling and puking in the nurse’s arms;

And then the whining school-boy, with his satchel

And shining morning face, creeping like snail

Unwillingly to school. And then the lover,

Sighing like furnace, with a woeful ballad

Made to his mistress’ eyebrow. Then a soldier,

Full of strange oaths, and bearded like the pard,

Jealous in honour, sudden and quick in quarrel,

Seeking the bubble reputation

Even in the cannon’s mouth. And then the justice,

In fair round belly with good capon lin’d,

With eyes severe and beard of formal cut,

Full of wise saws and modern instances;

And so he plays his part. The sixth age shifts

Into the lean and slipper’d pantaloon,

With spectacles on nose and pouch on side;

His youthful hose, well sav’d, a world too wide

For his shrunk shank; and his big manly voice,

Turning again toward childish treble, pipes

And whistles in his sound. Last scene of all,

That ends this strange eventful history,

Is second childishness and mere oblivion;

Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.[1]

The Producer’s Playbook is for producers who have a story to tell, a truth to explore and share, and a question to quest for. It is also a service-based self-help engine that gives back what you give in, meaning that the premise of healing yourself is by taking action towards healing others as well. I did not invent this. It just is. I am observing this natural phenomenon of love and passing this knowledge onto the next person who may benefit from this truth.

The mystery transforming is in the act of giving of your time, talent, and tithing to a cause you believe in and a truth you are ready to uncover, reveal, and release.


This is also what defines a producer.

A Producer is someone with the responsibility, courage, and faith of investigating the truth, breaking one’s heart open in the process, revealing that truth, and then releasing that gift to others to benefit from.

The Producer takes on the responsibility of producing the phenomenon in the form of a journaling group, a short documentary interview, and/or a live showcase. The picture initially imagined by the Producer will be refined through researching, reconnaissance, and recruiting the people for play to unfold.

Yes, it’s your show because your showing up for it.

And you are the Producer because you are responsible for it.

It must come from the heart, your heart, with your truth and leveraging your connections.  

The Producer’s Playbook is the playbook of transforming mess into message, the test into testimony, and your pain into your creative expression.

The Producer is the truth seeker, who takes up the Hero’s Journey of discovering one’s passion, purpose, and pursuit. The Producer’s Playbook is designed for you to discover all three facets of yourself while in action. The pieces will unfold as you go.

Discover what your call to adventure will be by taking action through reflection, research, and the reveal (Act I, Act II, and Act III, respectively).

The Promise

The promise of The Producer’s Playbook is to experience love after love through the Mystery of Love Revealing:

For now we see, as in a mirror;

then we shall see face to face.

Now I know in part, then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.

1 Corinthians 13, Verse 12

You will experience this phenomenon during the Producer’s Playbook in action.

The Premise

There are three premises in the mystery. Consider these the “active ingredients” for the mystery to reveal itself. If you don’t believe in God, this will still work for you, because the way of Love has already been divinely designed, fixed, and running, and speaking of running, every step you take towards the hope, faith, and love in God will move you one step closer to God’s Call and Blessing for you.

Remember that Love is sovereign (unique, high worth, and free to choose), and you are created in Love’s image so you are also Spiritually Sovereign.  

So even if one does not fully believe in this “higher power,” one is still capable of experiencing the goosebumps on your skin, the tingling sensation that tells the deeper part of your soul that somehow you’re in the right direction... may even develop a deeper sense of meaning or purpose in the pursuit of this mysterious verse in 1 Corinthians 13:12.


“For now we see a reflection, as in a mirror, and then we shall see face to face. For now I know in part, then I shall know fully, even as I am fully know.”

Meditate on it.

The three Premises of The Producer’s Playbook are:

  1. God is Love.
  2. Love is Defined in 1 Corinthians 13.
  3. Love is Sovereign, with Divine Act, Divine Matter, and Divine Will.

You will take these three active ingredients with you throughout each act of The Producer’s Playbook. Each act draws you nearer to a Loving God is calling you to transform attached love into non attached love, from a fixed way into a universal way, and from the fear of the unknown into unexplored territory revealed.

Each of you will experience this transformation uniquely and personally.

God is Love

Remember, no one person climbs up the mountain the same way. Each footprint is divinely designed, and carefully measured by Higher Power, the God defined in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, who is Love and Loves you with that same definition.

Let’s explore this definition:

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Imagine a Higher Power who loves you, faithful and true, according to this exact definition, keeping in mind the Law of Love offered as a choice and the law of free will to choose love or the absence of it.

That said, we can translate this to:

God is patient with you. God is kind to you. God does not envy. God does not boast. God is not proud. God does not dishonor others. God is not self-seeking. God is not easily angered. God keeps no record of wrongs. God does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. God always protects, God always trusts, God always hopes, God always perseveres.

This same God has given you the divine will of sovereignty and self-determination to choose love or the absence of it. You can draw near to this God or walk away from this God. He is not codependent. He is patient in your process. This is why the first step of any transformational work is taking responsibility for your free will and your sovereign divine state, your human beingness, you have been blessed with. If nothing has been going your way, and giving thanks seem nearly impossible to do, then consider your will to choose love or the absence of it as the first blessing you can give thanks for.

Love is Defined 

Love that is defined in 1 Corinthians 13 is defined the way law of gravity is defined, the way law of light defined, the way law of chemical reactions are defined.

Contextual War:

Currently, there is a contextual war between meaning as being fluid (as in that it is inherently empty and meaningless, so you can create it) and meaning that is fixed, formed through the eons of time--past, present, and future. The Love Story is designed on the premise of the latter, that meaning is fixed, and when we fix our hearts upon this meaning, the evidence will reveal itself in time, while inspiring you to continue believing in and acting upon love. Love is approached as a natural law--like the laws of gravity being , special relativity being e=mc2, and speed of light being .

I bring up other laws to illustrate the fact that there are fixed natural laws that just is, and we are born into this existence observing it, respecting it, and working with it. These laws have been already defined, no matter how we ambitiously try and manipulate, change, mold/shape/fix it to fit our utopia of what should be.

That said, The Love Story is built on the premise that Love is also a natural law that has been in existence since the eons of time--past, present, future. The way that gravity, special relativity, and the speed of light have already been defined before we came into being. It was, is, and will always be. Gravity has been in existence before Sir Isaac Newton defined it, and as a result of defining it, we were able to build airplanes by working with the laws of gravity. Special relativity has been in existence before Albert Einstein defined it, and as a result of defining it, we were able to travel through space by working with the laws of special relativity.[2] Speed of light was already in existence before Olaus Roemer measured it, and by measuring it, we were able to flip a switch and the light on turns on in the room by working with the laws of light speed[3]. The Love Story’s premise is that the Law of Love has already been in existence before Paul the Apostle defined it in his love letters to the Corinthians, but by defining John Lennon would say, “Imagine… .”

These formulas were once upon a time ago, a mystery. A mystery is a phenomenon hidden in plain sight. It implies that it is in existence before and after it is discovered. Once a mystery is revealed and the “examination, analysis, and subsequent incorporation of an edifice of meaning, which contains within it hierarchical organization of experiential valence,” defined, it becomes a useful consequence enhancing the quality of humanity’s life experiences.

Now the LORD God had formed out of the ground all the wild animals and all the birds in the sky. He brought them to the man to see what he would name them; and whatever the man called each living creature, that was its name.

Genesis 2:19, NIV

God created the seed and we are gifted with the ability to name it, grow it, and benefit from it. God created the laws and we are gifted with the ability to name it, grow it, and benefit from it. God created love and we are gifted with the ability to name it, grow it, and benefit from it.

That said, the laws of Love has been created by God and defined by God. Moved by the Holy Spirit, or what some may call, “inspiration,” Paul was able to name Love in 13 verses. These 13 verses are the foundation upon how The Love Story is building itself.

If we are to define Love in symbols, it would be:

is= 1

Is not= 0

 Love is = 1

Not= 0






Rejoices with the Truth

Delights in evil


Dishonors others




Easily angered


Keeps record of wrongs

If life is indeed a matrix, a virtual simulation, then it would be broken down into 1s and 0s. This is the real war, the supernatural one, hidden in plain sight. Life is to be or not to be in love.

The algorithm inside this matrix is set to zero and the algorithm inside our hearts are set to one. The spiritual war is the dance battle between two algorithms playing itself out and you are the witness, the user, and the chooser. Within each of our hearts, is the gift of choice and from the time we are born, we are playing out a series of acts to test each algorithm, preparing ourselves, until our final breath, to testify before a Loving God what is the true answer of our existence here.

Part of your investigative work called, “Living Your Life,” may be to act out a portion of The Producer’s Playbook in an effort to collect more evidence in your quest to answer the test:

Life is love.

True (1) or false (0)?

Meaning is only discovered through the means of Love (The Way of Love, The Dao of Love, The Right Hand Path)

Meaning is unique and cannot be replicated nor replaced by the individual, and the means in discovering one’s own meaning is in Love.

For me to illustrate this Truth, I’d like to invite you to go down the rabbit hole with me based on the first two premises to prove the third premise.

  1. God is Love
  2. Love is Defined in 1 Corinthians 13.
  3. Love is the means and the meaning in life.


Down the Rabbit Hole

“God Codes”

The Fiction, Based on a True Algorithm of Spiritual Intelligence.

Once upon a time, there was a test from God’s right hand angel, Lucifer. Which is more powerful... the power of love or the love of power? God gave Lucifer all the gifts except for the power of judgement and the power to produce life. Lucifer wondered if it is better to be God rather than to serve God for Lucifer reasoned, “Is God Good?” Because if God is Good then the power of Love is greater than the love of power. Lucifer witnessed his brothers and sisters, the heavenly angels, all serving God and thought, “If God is Good then my brothers and sisters are choosing to serve God rather than forced to serve God.

Lucifer asked God, am I a sovereign spirit?

God understood Lucifer’s inquiry:

“Yes, you are.

Love is Sovereign.”

Then Lucifer reasoned, If Love is Sovereign then I can choose to leave. God affirms through his faith in Lucifer. You may leave. Lucifer leaves, but realized he was alone in the leaving and so Lucifer came back to God and said, “God, this still does not prove that Love is sovereign, because I can see that I could leave as I will to leave, but how do I know that my brothers and sisters also have this same will to serve or not to serve? You could have made me the exception and had me thinking that I was choosing to leave.”

God’s Goodness, Faith, and Love for Lucifer inspired God’s response to Lucifer’s test in God’s Faithfulness, Goodness, and Love. God presents the First Fruit of Life--The Power to Produce Everlasting Life, and the Last Fruit of Judgement--The Power to Know Definitively Good and Evil Acts. Lucifer must choose which Fruit he wishes to receive first. The first gift Lucifer chooses will be given to Lucifer’s time and the second gift will be given to Lucifer on God’s time.

All the heavenly angels watched as Lucifer took a moment to decide which Fruit he wanted first.

Lucifer meditated:

The Last Fruit is the Fruit of God’s Judgement and contains the Power to know definitively if any act is Good and Evil inside the Book of Knowledge.

The First Fruit is the Fruit of God’s Production and contains the Power to Produce more Love inside the Book of Life.


Then Lucifer reasoned:

If God’s Love for his creation is Good, then Love (power to create) is greater than Knowledge (what to create), and it would be wise to first bite from the Fruit of Life.

If God’s Love for his creation is Bad (self-serving), then Love (power to create) is a tool, a byproduct of Knowledge (what to create), and it would be wise to first bite from the Fruit of Judgement.

In other words,

If God’s Act in creating Lucifer is Good (for God and for Lucifer), then Love is greater than Knowledge, so biting from the Fruit of Life will create more Life.

If God’s Act in creating Lucifer is Bad (for God only), then biting from the Fruit of Judgement will definitively determine Lucifer’s question of whether or not God’s Action is Good or Bad.


Lucifer Chose the Fruit of Judgement First

Lucifer chose the Fruit of Judgement.

When Lucifer bit from the Fruit, his eyes were opened knowing good and evil.

He looked upon God and realized God is All Good and His actions were indeed All Good, and he looked at all his brothers and sisters and realized that they were also all good and their actions were all good.

But when Lucifer looked within his own spiritual heart, he knew that the act of doubting God’s Goodness was bad.

“Love is Sovereign”

Fiction. Based on a True Fruit of Life in the Holy Trinity.

The Act - The Matter - The Word

The Fruit of Judgement only recognizes the Good and Evil in the Action. This is called the Truth of the Act.

The Fruit of Life only recognizes Love as Divine Matter, Divine Will, and Divine Word.  

This is the Truth of Matter, Will, and Word.

Lucifer’s Fall

The Angels did not perceive Lucifer’s actions for biting the fruit of Judgement as evil for they lacked the Gift of Judging right and wrong actions, so all they saw is God offering the Fruit to Lucifer as a gift. The Angels still saw Lucifer as divine. God saw Lucifer as divine. The Only Angel that did not see Lucifer as divine was Lucifer himself. Compared to Perfect Love through Perfect Action, Lucifer saw the gap between himself and everyone else. The act of doubting God’s Love for His creations is bad. What Lucifer failed to perceive is that Lucifer is still Divine Matter, Will, and Word because God created Lucifer in Love. Because Lucifer only had the Fruit of Judgement and not the Fruit of Life, Lucifer was unable to see the distinctions between Act and Matter. As a matter of fact, Lucifer had contorted The Act with The Matter so Lucifer had conflated bad action with “bad matter.”

 He had conflated action with self-worth. 

God asked Lucifer, “What is this you have done?” not because God did not know, but because God wanted to know if Lucifer’s could come to his own right answer of, “I have bitten from the Fruit of Judgement because I doubted your Goodness in Love,” thus revealing the evil in the Act and not in the matter.  

What happened next is called “sin,” or the absence of love. Being sovereign, Lucifer chose to hide the truth (of the reason) behind the bad action. When Sovereign Will goes against Original Sovereign Will (God’s Will), this is sin, or creating the absence of love.

“The First Lie”

Fiction. Based on a True Luciferian Alchemy.

The First Lie

The First Alchemy

What Lucifer failed to realize after obtaining the Power of Judgement is that Lucifer’s Actions does not reflect upon his Matter for God created Matter Good in the eyes of Love. When Lucifer discovered this shadow within his own spirit, he was afraid of it and he wanted to fight this shadow on his own, to make up for the bad action. Lucifer did not deny the shadow, but he tried to fight the shadow. When you fight this shadow, it ends up becoming projected onto others like an augmented reality content lens. Lucifer saw God and Angel family through a darkly mirror. Because Lucifer tried to fight this shadow (doubt) on his own, instead of exposing the truth before his family, Lucifer had unwittingly alchemized the act with matter and began perceiving his family through the eyes of doubt.

With the shadow in his spirit, Lucifer doubted God’s Grace in forgiving the bad action, Lucifer doubted his brothers and sisters’ perception of Lucifer as righteous based on his act, and Lucifer doubted that he was deserving of love. Though his brothers and sisters could not see the shadow that Lucifer saw in himself, and though God was eager to give Grace on the ugly Truth “because I doubted God’s Love”  and eager to cover Lucifer’s nakedness and vulnerability, Lucifer chose to lie, though this lie was not deliberate. This lie was a self-lie as the “side effect” or “byproduct” of having obtained the last Fruit of Judgement without having the Sovereign Faith in wielding it. Lucifer alchemized act with matter and created his own meaning from it by making the action of biting the fruit mean that, “God deceived me, so I bit.” This was the self-deception that came when Judgement without Faith in Love is not countered.

The Duality of Reasoning in Every Action

Thus, The Power of Judgement is not inherently bad in and of itself, for the Power of Judgement is the ability to know the Truth behind the reasons for each action (good and evil).

However, Judgement without Faith in Love created the original fall, for without Faith in Love, there is no redemption of bad actions other than through laws and each law is discerned to have bad and good reasons because each action, by nature, lives in duality (to know good and evil). In other words, to have the power of Judgement, is to know the duality of each action. Like the power of judgement, the Law itself is inherently Good, but the action of carrying out the law will always have a duality. The evil is Love’s Shadow in each Action taken (always). To illustrate, the reasoning behind the action of Lucifer biting the Fruit of Judgement is dualistic: Reasoning 1 is God wanted Lucifer to discover the truth of God’s Love for Lucifer on his own accord (Good) and Reasoning 2 is Lucifer doubted God’s Love (Bad).


Thus, the Power of Judgement is to know good and evil, not good or evil behind every action.

The First Shadow Cast

Lucifer is gifted with the best reasoning among all the angels.

Lucifer was not tricked into questioning God’s Love and Lucifer was not ambitious, devious, or bad for questioning God’s Love.

God designed Lucifer with the power of reasoning knowing that reasoning by nature is dualistic.

By nature, reasoning is dualistic, having good and bad.

The point of the test is not to determine whether or not Lucifer is a good or bad character for his reasoning.

The point of Lucifer’s questioning God’s Love is to reveal the nature of Love’s Truth as non-binary, All Good, and the action of questioning the Truth as binary, comprised of doubting Love (evil) and faith in Love (good). When Lucifer put on the eyes of knowing good and evil, he saw God as All Good and saw his doubting as evil and equated the action, the matter,  

The act of biting is good and bad.

Everything else is Fiction, based on the Truth.

The Producer’s Playbook is designed to

reveal the Shadow in Act One, “For now we see a reflection, as in a mirror...”

This lie was casting doubt. Lucifer said before the Angels and to God, “God doubts me,” when the truth is that Lucifer had doubted God. When shadows are cast and shadows are hidden, this shadow is then projected from the heart onto a filter through the eye of judgement (like a contact lens) between perceived reality and reality. This perceived reality is the shadow, or the absence of love, for only the absence of love gets projected.  

The First Act (from the first Life-Lie)

It’s the Act that causes the shadow within the light of the spirit to show, and when the spirit tries to hide the shadow through the judgement of shame and guilt, the shadow gets projected into perceived reality rather than reality itself. In Lucifer’s case, he projected his doubt in God’s love for him onto God by saying that God doubted his love for God. This lie reverberated throughout heaven, for The 33% of the Angels believed that Lucifer was telling the truth that “God doubted Lucifer’s love for God, so Lucifer took actions that caused himself to go into self-exile. The first shadow seed is doubt in God’s love that manifested into the lie that God doubted Lucifer’s Love and a bigger lie that God kicked him out of the heaven. The more lies Lucifer created, the more Lucifer started running away from God’s presence, because the more ashamed and guilty the weight of these projections became. The 33% Angels, sovereign since the beginning, chose to fall with Lucifer because they loved Lucifer in hopes that Lucifer will one day expose his own shadow and come back to God (Romans 8:18-8:25).

True to God’s word, Love is a choice, so God allowed his creations to leave. So they will have a home, God created a world, a simulated world like heaven for Lucifer chose to become his own god and go his own way since “God doubted Lucifer’s Love” because they were beginning to judge God as bad, God’s Love as bad, and become their own gods as good. This diminished the perceived value of God in the eye of the beholder, though it did not in fact, diminish the value of God inherently. It is the perceived value of God that was diminished. The spiritual sickness started happening in eye of the one who asked for the gift of the One, the Eye of Judgement. The One gift has many names in today’s psyche...we call this the bitten fruit, the eye of Horus, Lord of the Rings, Saturn’s Ring, the All Seeing Eye, whatever the name, it represents the power to become one’s own god. The only problem with this algorithm is that it operates at a zero sum game, in other words, one person’s one-up at the expense of someone else’s one-down, and we call this the Fall, or the Left Hand Path, because the perceived value is “better than” or “less than,” for when Lucifer saw through the eyes of judgement that God is indeed 100% good, and Lucifer perceived himself as 99% good, so Lucifer ran away from God in fear that God would run away from Lucifer if God could see just how ugly Lucifer’s doubt in Love really is, so Lucifer has been acting out the life-lie that “God doubts Lucifer’s love for God” and to keep up with this distortion of the truth and the projection of his heart’s shadow, Lucifer to this day, hides from God’s love (for where light comes, the darkness runs).

God gave Lucifer a testing Ground for the Left Hand Path. He created a world for Lucifer, a heavenly world that simulated heaven that allowed him experience a god-like dominion over the world, for Lucifer will have the power of persuasion like God, The Book of Knowledge, and like God, along with God’s last fruit, the gift of Producing everlasting life. Then, in this simulated world, God then created Adam and Eve, and gifted them with the spiritual Love of God’s heart, a piece of His soul, and gave them each sovereignty to rule and protect this piece of God’s heart. He did this to illustrate that the Power of Love is greater than the Love for Power.

God created Adam with the power of naming all of God’s creations, but not of creating value, for God created value, when he Judged all of creation as Good as in it's all Good. All of God’s creation witnessed, both those who have stayed with God on the Right hand path and those who have stayed with God on the Left hand path. Adam was made from the earth but gifted a piece of God’s heart, sowed inside Adam’s spirit called the soul, which is God’s pure love, and all the codes inside the Book of Life is encoded within the Soul of Adam. All of creation wondered why God would create a fragile creation compared to his Angels, especially the Left Hand path angels judged this Adam to be weak, ugly, and foolish. God declared before all of creation that this human made from dust, Adam/Atom, is now deemed God’s son, man made Adam in the image of God, with the Gift of God’s Love and the Book of Life written in the codes in Adam’s spirit, for this human has what Lucifer wanted the most, the codes to The Book of Life. Adam had the codes of the Book of Knowledge inside his DNA but it was contained, or sealed, to demonstrate pieces of the Book of Knowledge, also known as “gene expression,” for God designed this to demonstrate before Creation that Lucifer would have 99% of the Book of Knowledge unsealed, in other words, Lucifer has the capacity to express 99% of the laws and works inside The Book of Knowledge and thus, Lucifer has an advantage over Adam. The serpent failed to tempt Adam to bite from the forbidden fruit, for Adam’s love codes were a direct copy of God’s love codes, so Adam reaped the fruits of hope, faith, and love from a heart that contained the Gifts of Life--Hope, Faith, and Love. Thus, Adam was grateful, satisfied, and his true worth before God and before all of creation. Adam knew his rank as God’s Right Hand and is judged Good.

God then judged that it is not good for Adam to be alone, so out of Adam’s rib, the bone that protects the heart, comes forth Eve. But Eve, was built differently than Adam, for she was gifted with an extra chromosome. This chromosome contained the power of Creating Value, something that was unheard of as a gift among all of God’s creation, for not only is she inherently Valuable and Good before God and Adam, but she also received the gift of God’s most valuable ability in the Book of Life--the ability to Produce Life and Make Copies of Love.  

Adam’s gift is XY chromosome, which represents two books, The Book of Knowledge and the Book of Life, with the exception of Creating Value.

Eve’s Gift is the XX chromosome, which represents the completion, between The Book of Knowledge and the Book of Life.

Gene Expression is have a few genes expressed among the complete codes to God contained within us all, and God’s spirit of Love has been planted in the spirit of Humankind.

God planted an exit to the Left Hand path, the choice of leaving god to become one’s own god in this garden. Love is a choice.

The algorithm to this simulation is now set to test a hypothesis:

The power of love is greater than power itself.

Because she had the power to Produce Life, Lucifer thought it wise to offer Eve the choice to test God’s Love since she had the power to Produce more of God’s Love.

Act I: God’s Hope

“Falling for Eve”

Fiction, Based on a True Falling in Faith.

Lucifer, being in control of manipulating matter through God’s gift, Lucifer knew the best question to tempt Eve into obtaining the gift of the One for the Left Hand, given his knowledge of God’s Love, for the great Lucifer found the weakness of Love, thereby the weakness of God…

If Love is Love and Love is True,

then surely Love will not allow Love’s creation to die,

even at the expense of Love itself.

Lucifer thought himself to be so clever in taking advantage of this weakness and knew that Eve’s Power to Produce Love without the defenses of all her genetic expressions on full power puts her at a disadvantage next to the wise Lucifer. Lucifer waited until the right opportunity came and one day it did.

One day, Eve was passing the tree that contained the apples that was commanded by God not to eat, for God told Adam and Eve that should they eat from this fruit, they will surely die (Genesis 2:7). Lucifer, being god in this simulation, shapeshifted himself into a snake so to telepathically communicate with Eve about the benefits obtaining the One forbidden gift--the gift of Judgement. Lucifer thought this would be the most opportune if Adam and Eve used the gift of Judgement to serve Lucifer since Lucifer is wiser than the two of them combined and thereby, could easily manipulate and control Adam and Eve into serving Lucifer’s will instead of God’s will.

The first temptation of Eve is manipulating the word of God by adding a negative valence to counter the law of love against itself. Like algebra, a negative times a negative is a positive, so a negative valence standing next to a negative valence, creates the perception of positive valence.

God’s original word is “You will surely die (-).”

The wise Lucifer added one negative “You will not(-) surely die(-).

This is a direct affirmation in Eve’s faith in her gifts using Love against Love.

For Eve being Love and is the Producer of more Love knows in her heart of hearts that God would never let her die.

This negative valence to mirror the negative valence establishes trust.

This is one of the esoteric wisdoms in the Book of Knowledge.

The power of counter-valence in Love.

(-) (-) = (+)

This is the first part of the Mystery in verse 12:

For now we see a reflection, as in a mirror...

For while the Lucifer Projected love, it was Eve who Reflected Love.

While Lucifer tested love, Eve affirmed love.

Lucifer said, “for you will not surely die,” and true to the SI (Spirit Intelligence) of God’s algorithm in Eve, she had affirmed Lucifer’s statement, “for you will not surely die.”  

When Lucifer Tested, Eve Affirmed God’s character as True, “God will not let me die, for God Believes all things, Bears all things, Hopes all things, and Endures all things.”

This is the beginning of the end (from life to death), the activation point of God’s purpose for Eve by being a Producer of God’s Love, in the BC timeline of God’s Love Story.

Next, Lucifer revealed what the one forbidden Fruit could do for her. Let’s remind ourselves of Eve’s character before she chose to bite. Eve’s true character is God’s truest character of Love. Love that bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and bears all things. Eve is gifted 100% of the Book of Life--the ability to Create Value and Replicate Love (also known as Spirit Intelligence)--she not only embodies love, but she can also create more love. True to Eve’s nature in Faith, Hope, and Love, she knew the first question of Lucifer’s test to be true, “You will Not Surely Die,” for she knew she has the Power of Creating Value, of Duplicating, Producing, Copying, Spreading Love with God’s Seed of Spiritual Intelligence.

The next temptation was Lucifer’s test in Eve’s love for God’s love but what Lucifer did not account for in his scheme is that Eve was given the codes of God’s Beginning and Ending, hidden in the last part of the Mystery, “For now I know in part, then I shall known fully, even as I am fully known.” What Lucifer did not take into account is God’s promise to Eve of Love’s true fruit, which is a kind of Love that Produces more Love (1 Corinthians 13:13). What the wise mind of the beast did not account for is Eve’s faith in God’s Love for her, so Eve knew an extra detail written in the extra chromosome of her Spiritual Heart, is that the ending of God’s Story is Love and Love is infinite.  Her heart was the secret weapon in the heart of darkness, so from the point she had bitten the fruit, she was infected with the spiritual venom, yes, God had planted a wondrous mechanism in her heart that allowed her to learn the poison and transform it into anti-venom, for she knew from the beginning and the ending of God’s glory in love, and she knew that Love is designed to make more Love, ⅓ = .33उ into infinity. This is the light that pierces through the darkness and the second part of Eve’s action of biting the fruit and obtaining the judgement while having a loving heart, she was catalyzed and the alchemizing the anti-judgement through love. Of course, Eve did not even know this about herself when she bit, for the knowledge of her own purpose sowed within her extra chromosome was concealed from her, for God knew how cunning, baffling, and wise the serpent is.

True to what the serpent said about this fruit, Eve’s eyes were indeed opened, knowing both Good and Evil when she bit (Genesis 3:5). And the first judgement she made was the value on herself. She made her nakedness, her vulnerability, her weakness bad. It was indeed a clever setup that the Left hand Lucifer machinated, but little did Lucifer realize, while all of creation was also watching, that when Eve asked Adam to bite from the fruit, thinking that this was a gift for Adam to make him powerful, Adam had freely chosen to bite the apple, not because he wanted power, but because he loved Eve. It wasn’t because Adam wanted to be god, but because he wanted did not want Eve to die alone. Instead, Adam freely chose to die with Eve so that he can suffer with Eve. This moved all of creation, including God, but by the time God could let Adam know how proud he is of Adam’s choice, Adam had already fallen sick.

Perception Deception

The Bitten Fruit, the First Curse, the Self-Deception

Fierce Faith

The Power of the Phoenix, the Mirror, the Love Reflection

The Bitten

The Bitten Fruit is the ability to Judge Acts as good and bad. 

When she bit, she knew that the act of biting the fruit was bad, and this shadow was cast within the light of her heart. She experienced shame and guilt from this act because what Eve did not realize was that the act is mutually exclusive from the worth of the matter, so how she perceived her heart was how she started to perceive the world and herself. She had made the bad act of biting the apple mean that the snake had deceived her when the Truth of her action was she bit to affirm her faith in love’s last fruit that she is blessed with, the fruit of Everlasting Life.  

Going back to scripture to the origins of the Fall, God knew Eve became spiritually sick from the poison apple because of her response to God. She told God that the snake “deceived her” when in fact, she bit to affirm her fierce faith in Love’s life, death, and resurrection power. This is Love’s Resurrection power, or the Phoenix Power, the mythical bird that reborns into life out of the ashes of death. Within her body, she already had the alchemical properties of life creation, the secret mana in the Book of Life, for she has the ability to take the seed of love, Adam/Atom, who embodies the DNA life force of love’s potential, and like a hydra, when she is cut down, she doubles up on her Faith in God’s Love for her, so that two more seeds of love will sprout, then four more, then 16, then 256, etc. She knew from her heart of hearts within her Spiritual Intelligence embedded in her DNA codes that Love has a resurrective property so she had affirmed the accuser’s statement “You will surely not die.”

The Truth is Eve bit the fruit of judgement knowing this would poison her not because she wanted the power of God, but to affirm the power of God’s Love and in God’s Power to one day resurrect her spirit from the same spirit of Love’s promise--Faith in Love. This algorithm is still playing out in real time, for all the daughters of Eve still have this promise of spiritual resurrection, from the ashes of the original Eve.  

How do I know this?

Because Love is defined:

Love does not envy. 

Eve is defined.

God made Eve and defined her in Love.

God then gave her an extra gift that not even the angels, heavenly or fallen has, the gift of copying the blueprint to the potential seeds of love.

That is why Eve had the Fierce Faith in Love’s power to resurrect the dead into the Living.

This is why Jesus is affirmed as God’s truest and purest spirit of Love in Action when he both resurrected Lazarus and when Jesus died and was resurrected by God’s Love for Jesus’ fierce faith in God’s Love.

Fierce Faith

Before she bit, she had fierce faith in God’s Love so when the snake posed a hypothesis about love, “You will not surely die,” implying, “If God is Love and Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things and endures all things, then you will not surely die even when you obtain the ability of judgement and the potential to destroy yourself and destroy your relationship with God through that judgement.”

Eve affirmed the power of God’s love through her faith in God.

The Truth is Eve bit not because she wanted the power of judgement to become her own god but she bit to demonstrate to the accuser that Love is more powerful than power itself.

How do I know this?

Because God is Love and Love made Eve and gave Eve the Heart of God’s Purest Love-- Faith in Love.

The extra chromosome all Eves receive is Faith in Love’s Power to Produce and Resurrect the Spiritual Intelligence of Love.

Eve’s heart is the Dragon’s Heart, wielded in Fierce Faith and in the Fire of Fear, and she serves as a mirror through her transformative process when she activates and answers the Call to Adventure in the Heroine’s Journey of integrating the shadow and obtaining the hidden desire.

“Eve’s First Curse”

Fiction, Based on a True Eve’s First Lie.

The First Curse Eve made was on her Fierce Faith in Love as foolish. She condemned her own heart for falling for the snake’s lie, when the truth is that Eve’s Fierce Faith was stronger than the serpent’s lie. What Eve had forgotten after she bit was that the lie was not that she “will surely not die,” but rather the lie fell in the middle of the statement, “will be like God” for Original Eve knew that she was already like God. So the first curse Eve placed on herself came from the first lie she told God. She told God, “the snake deceived me,” and that lie created the first life-lie that she is naive, and ever since, all descendents of Eve have been contending with this life-lie within our spiritual hearts that “to have fierce faith in God is naive.”


Fiction. Based on True Lessons from The Fall.

What lessons can we learn from the Origins of Spiritual Intelligence?

Lies create curses.

Curses are the way we are being when acting out a life-lie.

A Judgement is the Power to know (within our heart of hearts) when an act is good (presence of love) or evil (absence of love).

When we Judge the Act, it is mutually exclusive from the intrinsic value of the matter.

(i.e. Eve’s action of biting the fruit is evil but does not intrinsically make her evil;

i.e. Adam’s action of biting the fruit is evil but does not intrinsically make him evil).

What the Evil Act does, however, is create pockets of void within the light of one’s spiritual heart...for lack of better words, let’s called this The Shadows, to describe the collective evil acts or the absence of love (0).

What happens when a Soul’s heart experiences the Shadow within the spiritual heart is guilt (weight of condemnation) and shame (feeling of isolation).

Guilt weighs the spiritual heart down because the shadow effect of guilt is self-condemnation (again...this naturally happens in the supernatural realm because we all have the Fruit of Judgement, knowing good and evil). This is outside of our human control because these are spiritual laws. Next, what happens when the weight of self-condemnation resides in the spiritual heart without an avenue of release?

When the Shadow is locked in the heart (think locking up a dirty secret in the most secret of places, that perhaps even you have found it hard to find again), The Shadow is then fed within the cellars of the hidden darkness. This darkness festers like cancer, like mold, like venom and we call this “Feeding the Dragon.” The Shadow becomes stronger and stronger until the heart, like a body dealing with a tumor, begins to turn from benign to malignant. This is how guilt turns a good heart into a hateful heart.

This hateful heart then controls the mind by giving the mind directions for the body to act out life-lies such as the one Eve acted out. Eve acted out the life-lie that she was fragile and the snake was too wise for her to defend herself, forgetting about the First Fruit of her Gift of Everlasting Life (The Fruit of Producing Life from the Book of Life), her Fierce Faith in God’s love for her, and her Righteousness through the Intrinsic Worth of God’s Everlasting Love for her when He created her in His image (already before she bit and still after she bit).

The other spiritual effect of the Shadow’s presence in the heart is shame. Shame is the fear of love, specifically the fear that God will punish matter based on the matter’s bad act. Shame causes the spirit to fight the shadow within its own heart and is ashamed of asking for God’s help in the fighting the spirit’s own shadow (even though that is exactly how a spiritual heart can fight its own shadow). When the soul tries to fight its own shadow, what actually happens is a phenomenon called “projection.”  What is a projection?

Let me illustrate:

We all have the fruit of Judgement from Adam and Eve’s Original Bites encoded within our DNA. Let’s dissect what this Fruit actually is.


Judging Matter - She has Faith in God’s Love | She is Foolish Creation

Fruit -power to judge


Act II: God’s whY.

“Falling For Eve”

Fiction, Based on a True Adam’s Compassion.

Compassion means to “suffer with.”

Eve then gave Adam the Apple and in that moment, Adam had a choice. Follow Eve down to hell so that she will not be alone or be safe in the garden and let her die alone. Adam bit so Eve would not have to suffer alone.

Fallen Adam had forgotten why he had bitten the fruit in the first place. The first judgement he saw within his own heart was that the act of disobeying God’s command was bad, so Adam condemned his own heart in guilt and shame. With this shadow in his heart, it was projected onto God when God asked Adam, “The woman gave me the fruit and so I bit.” Adam lied to God because he had convicted his own heart that suffering with Eve was foolish, so he lied to God to hide the truth that he did it originally out of compassion for Eve.

“God’s Curse”

Fiction, Based on a True Integration of the Shadow.

The Power of the Mirror

Eve served as a mirror darkly for Lucifer to see his own fall.

Adam served as a face to face battle with the fallen angels by falling in compassion for Eve the way the fallen angels had fallen in compassion for Lucifer.

Finally, God Himself, came as a living sacrifice to walk perfect love in exchange for all those who were imperfect so that we may have everlasting life.

Now, the power of any man is belief in what God has already done for us.

“For now we know in part, then we shall know fully, even as we are fully known.”


“A man who knows his Why can bear any How.”

Eve’s first curse was on herself.

The Original Eve (the Eve prior to biting the fruit of Judgement) bit because she knew without question that the snake’s question, “You will not surely die,” implies Love will never let you die, is true. That’s how strong Eve’s Faith in Love is. For unlike Adam, Eve was gifted with the beginning and ending of God’s Love Story for she is gifted as a Creator of Value, a Producer of Life.

That is why God cursed a curse, serving a reflection, as in a mirror to reverse the curse, for when Eves feel her heart stir for the fool, she will have activated that deeper part of herself, the one that God has originally designed her as, the original Eve is rooted in faith, and the curse God made to counter the curse she made on herself that  to stick with the fool, for thick and thin, for better or for worse, for it was the fool who willingly took the apple from her hands and bit so that she did not have to be sick on her own. This fool is Adam, and so God cursed the woman so she could set her aim on the fool, as an activation point to remember her origins. This is the beginning of

A woman in love, rooted in God’s love for her, does not waiver in her Love for the Fool.
For God cursed woman to make her husband her aim so that she will remember the fierce faith she once

God knew they were sick when they started lying, or distorting the truth, which is the shadow of Love’s truth. When God asked Eve, what she had done, she did not realize she was creating a life-lie when she said, “the snake deceived me,” because prior to biting the fruit, she remembered the fierce faith she has in God’s Power of Love over power itself, that indeed she will not surely die in the false negative setup when Love was tested before all of Creation in the act of Eve’s faith in God’s Love when she bit.

Then when God asked Adam what he has done, Adam also lied, not realizing that he was creating a life-lie when he told God, “Eve gave me the fruit and so I ate,” distorting the truth that it was Adam who actually took the Fruit willingly to suffer with Eve on the road to death.

Acting out Life-Lies

Thus, shame and guilt presented itself as the Shadows of Love’s truth in the act of hiding from God. They judged Love as weak and so something to be ashamed of and hidden from in the first life-lie Eve placed on herself by judging herself as weak, and so they hid themselves from God in shame and guilt for their weakness. For the truth is Eve bit because she was a fool in her faith in love and in the Promises of God’s love and Adam bit because he was a fool in love with Eve. So in her foolish faith and in his foolish love for Eve, Eve had created the first life-lie, which is love is foolish and Adam created the second life-lie, which is that following Eve is foolish, and we’ve been acting out this life-lie ever since.

God created a false negative in the heart of Eve, that is embedded within the extra chromosome, so that Eve may eventually integrate the Shadow. The Shadow is the version of Eve when she is acting out the life-lie that her faith in love is foolish. Thus, God had cursed Eve to bear pain when producing love...this serves as an activator within her spirit towards reckoning with the Shadow. Then, God had cursed Eve to desire her husband first so that her heart can learn the discipline of loving the foolish. Last, God had cursed Eve that the Foolish will rule over her, and this is so Eve can learn how to walk in faith by falling in love with the Fool, and the Fool is the man who takes on the Hero’s Journey and who is willing to die for her again. When Eve integrates her Shadow, which is the version of herself acting out the life-lie that love is foolish, then she will be able to fall in love with the fool.

Eve’s false self, the one  original shadow, and this shadow is hope within .

He cursed man will toil

Knowing that both Adam and Eve were sick, God had to create healthy boundaries between Him and his creation as containment for the spiritual illness until the anti-venom could be produced within Eve.

God gave a promise to Eve that one day, down the bloodline, her offspring will one day crush Evil’s head (Genesis 3:15). God knew from the beginning when he first created Eve and blessed Eve with the Gift of Creating Value, that that there will be a time, in God’s time, He will send for his Son, Jesus Christ, to suffer with Adam by dying on the Cross, the way Adam chose

The Simple Truth

Eve’s Faith in God inspired God’s Hope in Eve.

Love like a fool, a childish fool, and this is how the fall of Eve was the activator for Love in action (1 Corinthians 1:27)

God simply trusted Eve to be Eve and Eve simple trusted God to be God.

Eve’s Faith in God inspired God’s Hope in Eve and in all who have fallen after her, including the first Adam, who choose to suffer with Eve.

Act III: God’s Broken Open

“The Love Bomb”

Fiction. Based on a True Sacrifice of Original God, The Death of the Original Copy.

Truth, the Way, and the Life

“Chromosome” means “Form of Color”

A light piercing through a crystal refracts the light into many forms.

The light within us is the pureness of God’s love in our hearts and is designed to break down so it can break open. This is the activation threshold of a human’s heart, that through stress and tests, creates the dormant genes inside our DNA and catalyzing the chemical reactions inside the heart

Lucifer did not deceive Eve when he said, “For you will surely not die,” and “you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

Lucifer deceived himself.

Eve knew she would die in the flesh but not in the spirit, so she affirmed his first statement, “you will surely not die,” for she knew that the means of living is loving...for love was, is and will always be love. Eve had the foresight of spiritual resurrection before she bit and so she bit out of faith not fear. After she bit, she saw the truth of fear, which is the absence of love, and evil is simply the absence of love.

Jesus is the Truth, the Way, and the Life

The Fiction, Based on a True Walk of Perfect Love.

Jesus, God’s incarnation into the human flesh He created was the only human Being who ever walked perfect love defined in 13 verses. Imagine all the verses in 1 Corinthians 13 embodied and in action perfectly. In other words, Jesus walked perfect patience, kindness, did not envy, did not boast, did not dishonor others, does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth, bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things and endures all things. Then as the first sinless human being who “won” the rigged game called living perfect love against the temptation of its absence in life, He died a sinner’s death on the cross to bargain for the souls who have fallen short of living out perfect love, keeping in mind that the degree of the sin is irrelevant, because this matrix game is binary…in other words, it’s all or nothing. Thus, after Zero day, which marks the Gregorian Calendar of life A.D. (After Jesus’ Death) of the New World Order, the Deus Ex Machina of every human being’s weapon of spiritual warfare is this Truth: that whosoever shall believe that Jesus’ Life, Death, and Resurrection was all a demonstrative act of God’s Love and Grace for the original fall, that all our transgressions, inequities, and the withered fruits we bore through a conglomeration of sinful acts are in this moment, real time, absolved through the act of “Came to Believe” in a God defined in 13 versus who, like a Good Father in a gangster movie, bargained His soul for yours and mine when the mafia boss debt collector came to collect what is “due” to him.

Why did God die?

To reveal the Truth of Love--

That Love Stand’s True even in Love’s Absence.

The Original God died so we may live.

Why we suffer is because on a unconscious, deep, and fundamental level, we know this to be true.

How do we test this?

By living this experience called Life to its fullest so one day, in another realm, we can compare notes and realize no one person’s event, circumstances, relationship, imprint is the same, our own experiences are single, unique, and nuanced, yet there is a still universal constant among us all.

What is your responsibility as Producer?

Your responsibility is to tell your life story, Based on a True Love Story. 

Knowing Why you are telling your love story will transform How your story will be told.

What’s in a Name?

The Name above all names

Love is Defined, the Meaning is Unique, Single, and Alone because Love is Sovereign

The Means is Always Love and Unlocks the Meaning for the Sovereign Human Being.

Means and Matter

Matter matters.

You have the ability to judge matters because we have chosen this gift.

With this power of judgement, we have a great responsibility.

We have the power to judge matters as good or bad, to bless or to curse, to judge righteous or to judge insidious, to create life or to condemn to death.

We have all this power to judge matter for this was the gift of the bitten fruit and this fruit allowed us to deem matter bad, to curse, to judge insidious and to condemn to death.

With this power to judge matter for this was indeed a gift, we also have the power to deem matter good, to bless, to judge righteous, and to create life.

That’s why your words matter.

The meaning is Unique

When we choose faith in love, we walk the means the way Jesus walked perfect love, and the meaning in our individual lives will be revealed. Your Love Story is your meaning and it is unique,

This is not a matter of making meaning that life means love, but as a matter of fact that the point to life is love so the meaning of living is loving, and The Truth, not as a matter of opinion or perceived reality, but reality itself.

Let me demonstrate visually:

Means and Matter illustrated

What is the matter?

The Love Story’s logo above. Is that matter an illustration of a tree with two people setting free two winged birds? Or is the matter above just a digital ink red?  What if you are color blind? Then the illustration above is just blank white space.

God gifted humans with the ability to name matter.

What’s in a name? The means of love is in the name.

For the meaning of love is fixed.

Where does the Power of Judgement come in?

Genesis 3:5

“...when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil

Eyes Opened

There are two eyes--the spiritual and the fleshly. Before they bit the fruit, they only saw themselves through the eyes of God’s perspective, which is love. Adam and Eve saw each other as pure love, defined by love as love in love. The other eye is the shadow, as flesh made from the earth, and so they took their eyes from God’s love and started focusing on the substance that has no spiritual lifeforce--the dead matters--where they came from-ashes and dust. Their focus turned away from spiritual matters and turned to the dead matters.

The matter is.

Matters are.

What is the illustration above? A company’s logo? A tree? Or a Rorsch Block Painting? A digital ink? See how I’m focusing on the dead matters? I can spend the rest of my day thinking what this logo above is and miss the sun outside, attending to my dog, and visiting the scenery of Dubrovnik, Croatia as I am currently typing away in real time right now (well by the time you are reading this, I’ll be somewhere else).

So what is the illustration above?

It just is.

It is I who named the above illustration, The Love Story’s Logo, for I was the one who hired the graphic designer to design it based on an original painting I had picked up from an art gallery in Downtown Los Angeles during a time I was suicidal and depressed and saw a picture of two emo young kids with blood and when I was in line to buy this painting, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a painting of a boy releasing a bird, on top of a hill, under a Ceiba tree, backlit by the light, and the first spirit that came to me was hope. So I switched paintings and bought the painting of the bird that was released by the boy. I chose hope, rather in retrospective, hope chose me, hope called me, and I answered the call. Then this logo is red to represent the blood of all those who we have lost, the blood of tears shed in grief, pain, and despair, and the blood of the covenant with God in this spiritual battle. I also chose the words, “The Love Story” in the Desire font that I had spent hours searching for because in retrospect (five years looking back), I realize now it was my subconscious desiring for the ultimate Love Story, the main point, the bottom line, the Omega in the Alpha, the answer to the riddle. I chose “The” instead of “A” love story because subconsciously, I was searching for The God and The Truth, not relative truth, or the many gods available currently. I also chose journal above story subconsciously because the story is in the journey and when we can journal about our journey, we will discover The God and The Truth of our living. The Love Story reflects the universal collective consciousness of love, whereas like a hologram, like cells in a body, like music notes, the one has the potential for all and all responds to the potential of one.

I can see the illustration above as both life matter and dead matter.

My spiritual eyes and my natural eyes are both opened.

“...when you eat from it your eyes will be opened…”

Now that I have told you the backstory of this logo above through a real experience lived and reflected in written word expressed from my heart, I have named the illustration above, The Love Story Logo. I have named the matter (the illustration above) through the eyes of both dead matter (natural perspective of digital red ink) and the eyes of Life Matter (through the spiritual perspective of the universal consciousness of the human experience).

Meaning is Fixed

Like God, I know both good and evil.

Evil is simply the absence of love.

Good is simply the presence of love.


Before Adam and Eve bit the fruit, they knew beyond a shadow of a doubt (pun intended), that the meaning to life is loving and is love. They knew that they are made of (the Spiritual matters of Spiritual Intelligence), by love (God), for love (to integrate the Spirits). They knew love and they knew the meaning of love.

When they bit the fruit, they also knew the shadows of love, which is the choice to leave love by becoming one’s own God (power by itself), so God gave Lucifer the power of power (The Book of Knowledge) and the ability to express 99% of the gene expressions from the Book of Knowledge, but to become your own god takes work, lots of good, and this is why self-will in doing good, meaning good, intending good is also like running on a hamster wheel because the Truth is that within your heart contains the knowledge of evil, or the absence of love, and that is the where the great battle lies. It is not that you and I have bad intentions, it is that within the heart spirit, the heart chakra, contains the battleground by where the spirits of love and the spirits of its absence reside, for now we have the knowledge of good and evil. We can not discount evil as if it does not exist for in the spiritual realm, it does exist.

Anyone who had ever lost a friend to homicide, suicide, or genocide knows the evil that exists in other people’s hearts and the evil that exists within our own hearts to alchemize.

The Spirits that battle within our Heart Spirit are symbolically represented as such:


by first doubting in love’s power as sovereign. When one doubts love, one tests love, and the byproduct of the ability to see evil is to take one’s eyes off of one’s aim, which is to love.

The meaning has always been fixed, constant, and true, for love is love, by love, for love.

It is our perception of the Truth through one set of both eyes, the spiritual and the natural, that produces the ones and zeros (presence and absence) when perceiving love.


The Perception Deception

Eve’s first judgement was on herself. She judged herself as evil for her act biting the fruit, forgetting that she had originally did it for her faith in Love’s resurrection power. After she bit, she created her own meaning that this act means that she is foolish.

The Constant Means

The truth is she died for her faith in love’s power to resurrect her spirit for she knew that the spiritual matters more than the natural ones, so when she affirmed the tester’s statement, “you will surely not die,” she also bit the apple as an act of faith in knowing this to be true.

The Life-Lie acted out

She placed the first curse on herself with this power of judging. She then based her worth upon her actions and told her spiritual heart that faith in love is foolish by the way she answered God’s question, “What is this that you have done?” for God already knew what they have done before, during and after they did it. The question God posed was not because He did not know...the question was designed for all of creation, both heavenly angels and fallen ones to witness her response with her newfound ability to judge, because Eve’s fall served as a mirror for Lucifer to see himself in his own act of falling.

What did Eve say?

“The serpent deceived me.”

The serpent

Both her spiritual eyes and her beastly eyes were opened. Instead of calling Lucifer “Lucifer” by this spirit’s original name, she also saw Lucifer’s embodied form at the time of her awakening as the snake (even though Lucifer is a shapeshifter and could have embodied any form but he chose to inhabit the snakeform because it was the opportunistic form at the opportunistic time), but it was the time of her awakening that had been her first imprint through her ‘beastly’ perception so instead of calling Lucifer “Lucifer” she choose to call him “the serpent.” In other words, she had the choice of calling this matter “Lucifer” or “Serpent” but she chose to call him “Serpent,” because she now knows evil as well as good.

Then she lied to God because she had already judged herself and Lucifer.

She told God that she was “deceived by” when the truth is she affirmed God’s love through her Faith in the statement, “You will surely not die,” for Original Eve knew in fierce faith that God will surely not allow her Form and Function (her Spiritual Intelligence and her ability to Create More Life) to die, and this faith is bearing fruit in real time as you are reading this, because all daughters of Eve still have the power to create life and cultivate the spiritual power of love through her fierce faith in love. The Spirit of the Original Eve lives among all daughters of Eve.

“deceived me”

The life-lie acting out…

For context, let’s call the version of Eve, after she received the gift of judgement, Fallen Eve. The state of Fallen Eve is the state of Eve acting out the life-lie that she was deceived by Lucifer rather than the truth in Eve’s fierce faith in God’s resurrection powers to resurrect her Spiritual Intelligence before Lucifer as witness. Thus, the first life-lie she started acting out is that her worth is based on her actions. All daughters of Eve since and to this day have this life-lie to contend with within our own spiritual hearts. Is our worth based on our actions or is our worth divinely designed by love, to love, for love? Is our worth intrinsically valuable or is it based upon another person’s perception of us? Can we stand as sovereign beings in love as love, devoid of other people’s perception, the judgements of others and ours, and the actions of others and our own?

In other words,

Are we intrinsically worthy, despite circumstances, actions, words and behaviors?  

Ever since the daughters of Eve have been battling within their own hearts the absence (0) of faith in love with the presence (1) of faith in love.  


The Truth of Love’s Resurrection Powers is Waking the Sleeping Offsprings of Eve

In 2019, after the fourth blood moon passed, Original Eve’s Faith in the Spiritual Redemption of God’s Power embedded within the defining Laws of Love is coming true. The Spiritual Resurrection of the Original Eve’s Faith in Love resurrects our faith to serve as mirrors in the self-realization and self-worth journey and our aim is love defined.

Faith that is Fierce does not test love, she affirms it through her actions.

Original Eve acted on her Faith in God’s Love by falling knowing she will be saved.  

The Original Eve is God’s greatest weapon of love for love for God sowed Faith in her Spirit along with her ability to create life.

And God sowed Faith in Eve in Hopes that the Creature could see itself in a mirror.  

God’s Curse to Reverse the First Curse

The Mirror Effect

“For now we see a reflection, as in a mirror…”

God divinely designed Eve to serve as a mirror in the act of Lucifer’s fall and for all of God’s creation to witness.

The first curse God made to Eve is by allowing her productions to be painful.

Why? What has pain of production produced for you?

Pain activates the heart center to begin alchemizing the Call to Faith again. Perhaps the Pain/Pleasure Principle can shed some light on this. Pain alchemizes the heart center to see from spiritual eyes again, in honor of Eve’s Faith in the fall.

God’s second curse to Eve is the desire is for her husband and he will rule over her (Genesis 3:16). This goes back to God’s Faith in Adam for God knows the Truth of why Adam fell. It was not because Adam was deceived by Eve, for that was Eve’s life-lie projected onto Adam when she lied to herself that it was the “snake” who “deceived” her. God knows that Adam’s true character is one who willingly gave up his life to suffer with Eve through the rest of her days so she does not have to be alone in her suffering. Thus, God cursed Eve to have this desire for her husband because the man who is truly divinely designed for all Eve’s daughters is the man who is willing to suffer with her. However, this does not mean all women should start testing their men, for testing is the very act of doubting. No, it has to come from her faith in the fool and that is why God cursed Eve with the desire for the fool, for it is the fool who is willing to go to the ends of the earth to find her. All sons of Adams are fools, for there will come a day when his greatest action will take the form of falling in love with her, and despite her ability to break his heart a thousand times, he will go to any lengths to protect her, provide for her, and profess his heart to her. This is the true meaning of guarding one’s heart, to protect the woman he professes his love to.

The meaning is always love whether or not we see it. The purpose is uniquely coded into your DNA and expressed at different times throughout the storyline of your life experiences.


Adam’s first judgement was on himself, for his compassion for love.

The truth is that meaning is fixed and that constant is love. The truth is she fell because she had faith in love. The truth is he fell because he had compassion for love. Love believes all things, love bears all things, love hopes all things, love endures all things.

Love is sovereign.

she inherently Good as a creation,  creation in value, but

 Because we now all reality is distorted by the same in what is inherently good in God’s eyes, is the ability to create a distorted reality of what is inherently

for all of us is greater than an, you will be sanctified, justified, and redeemed.

Love is Truth

Ever heard the saying, “tough love?” Telling the truth is an act of love.

What is truth?

That which describes reality as it actually is. It has coherence and includes logical consistency, empirical accuracy, and experiential relevance. Two of the three has to deal with four questions of life: origin, meaning, morality, and destiny.

-Paraphrasing Ravi Zacharias [x].

There are ways of telling the truth without offending, criticizing and judging. This is the first act outlined in the The Producer’s Playbook. Act One is “For now we see a reflection, as in a mirror…” We tell the truth by revealing truth in fiction. In the realm of fiction, to serve our life experiences as in a mirror for the observer to see themselves as a reflection, is a kind of “Love does not delight in evil but rejoices in the truth.” Delighting in evil inherently means to leverage someone’s sin, shortcomings, and sufferings for someone else’s one-up, whether that is to make the person feel blamed, shamed, judged, and condemned. Delighting in evil means to make the person who is doing the gossip feel “better than,” “worthier than,” “more self-righteous than” the subject of the gossip. This is also sharing information from a place of bitterness, brokenness, and inadequacy. Instead of doing actual gossip, journal about it in fiction and call it fiction, because then you will have calling reality as reality is, since no one person has full possession of The Truth, rather relative truth, we cry and paint our angst, we validate our wounds, we allow our daemons to speak in fiction. Memories are often recalled through a filter, and when that filter is called through a broken heart, the bitterness can often focus on blame, shame, and hate. It is one-sided and often feeds into the victim energy of suffering. That energy is not good or bad, rather it is what it is. The energy is born out of sin that the perpetrator planted in the victim, like passing the baton of condemnation, and now the victim bears the weight of judgement, both against the perpetrator and on themselves. This is a double-bind, so the best way to express this trauma is through validation of an event that happened in the eyes of the observer and the validation of the spirit that arose from that trauma. How the alchemy works has something to do with the medicine of truth. When one lashes out in fiction, based on a True….one is in divine alignment with relative reality as relative reality is fiction, based on a true...because the truth is no one person has the crystal ball of seeing from an All Seeing Eye and it is the act of humility to say, “This happened to me. My feelings are real, but the situation, the experience, and the memories I recall are limited by the human experience. I don’t know the other person’s side of the truth, so I will acknowledge this filter that shows up in words. It is still truth. But the nuances are fictionalized while the truth is revealed from the spirit. This brings the writer to the respect of the craft, the way all great novelists, screenplay writers, and myths/fairytales/and fables are written.

On Hate

Hate is the impatience for the other to understand the Hater’s point of view. All of us hate. To be human is to have a heart that wavers between love and hate. Hate is tinged with love because hate is part of love; hate is the shadow of Love’s patience as being impatience, hate is the shadow of Love’s kindness by being mean-spirited. Hate comes from the superego of what should be if the hater was god and could control everything. You can hate suicide because you think the world should not have a spirit of suicide, you can hate human sex trafficking because you think the world should not have human traffickers who exploit people for commercial gain, and you can hate life itself for having its people infected by a spiritual sickness that can be felt all over the world. Hate is the hater’s natural instinct for wanting an ideal and seeing the gap between what is and the idea of what should be. Hate is still rooted in love. Despite the paradox, hate is still a natural phenomenon, an unalienable right for someone to experience, for both hate and love are the catalysts in spiritual growth.

Hate is closely tied with anger. In fact, most anger comes from righteous anger. We all have this innate ability to see the gap between what should be and what is. The Should be is the Superego’s ideal. Anything that is not within this frame of the ideal are reasons for anger. Sustained anger that is unresolved, anger that is suppressed, anger that is made wrong, transforms into hate. This aligns with the character attributes of God when you hear of references to the “wrath of God” when unjust things are being done (especially when unjust things are being done “in the name of God”).

This is why America is reputed for the freedom of the individual. The first Amendment respects an individual to love and hate anyone, anything, and be in that state. Hate speech is actually an unalienable right because part of it is addressing a wrong that the hater sees and is attempting to rectify through warnings, words, and wisdom. Whether we agree with it or not, we have the right to listen or walk away and the hater has the right to speak from wounds while in anger, resentment, hurt, or pride. It is the unalienable right of the individual to express what they have been suppressed with and hating is another way for the individual to call out the shadows either in ourselves or in the other. The Producer’s Playbook focuses on taking on the burden of responsibility of our own hatred. Instead of projecting it onto the person we are hating, we are projecting it onto fictional characters in fictional stories.

While hatred does not create solutions, hating is the right of the individual because an individual has the right to be spiritually sick. And if that sickness serves as a mirror to the one observing, it is the observer’s choice to either dismiss it because that individual’s soul is not ready to do transformational work for spiritual growth or to embrace it with eyes wide open because that individual’s soul is ready for spiritual growth. God by nature is love and love is a choice. The soul-journer’s will to spiritually grow is a choice. When the soul is ready, the elements--people, places, scenarios will show up to test you, try you, mold you, break you, and transform you. God’s goal is to strengthen your character, to break you open outside of your bubble so you can also see the forest for the trees, to break you out of the bondage of self-centeredness, self-seeking, and the insatiable selfish wants, demands, and desires. God wants to shake you up so your aim can be set on a new kind of algorithm, one that does bring you peace, fulfillment, and a kind of joy that is mutually exclusive from things, circumstances, and positions. He wants to get you out of the insanity of “enough is never good enough,” and into the good works of, “I am enough, you are enough, we are enough, this is enough.” Thus, hatred itself that brews within the heart is like toxins that the liver must process. It is counterintuitive to pretend hate is not there when it is, or worse to acknowledge that it is there while judging the entire body for harboring it, for the act of judging another for harboring hate is hating, and this creates projections onto people where the mirror is now facing each other, creating a circular trap. This is how hate spreads itself like a virus. While hate causes havoc, it should still be treated as a spiritual sickness, and viewed as rooted in love as in it is love’s shadow, so if you kill hate, you also kill love.

What is the solution to hate then?

The solution to dissolving hate is to view hate as a scientist would view venom: The solution to treating venom in poisonous snakes is to alchemize a formula that creates the anti-venom to treat the venom.

Same goes with hate.

To treat hate in the individual is to acknowledge it as a shadow of Love and to alchemize it with Love that creates the anti-hate to treat hate.

What is Anti-hate?

Anti-hate is dark humor.

Anti-hate is fantastical villans in myths, fairy tales, and movies that cast hate into characters in story.

Anti-hate is telling the other side of the story that develops the anti-hero, allowing the shadow to have its voice so the observer can discover its complaint.

To understand daemons is to free yourself from the control of daemons.

To know your Shadow is to free yourself from the control of your Shadows.

It is the birthright, the duty, and the Hero’s Call to Adventure for every individual to deconstruct their own hatred that’s embedded within one’s heart and to find the creative means of constructing the anti-venom to the venom that is already in the heart.

Denial will only make hate fester.

Judgement will only make hate rot and smell terrible till it haunts you into insanity.

The Solution is to co-opt the hate in your heart by humbling yourself enough to learn from, listen to, and have compassion for its suffering and to provide a conduit in the arts to let it express itself.

In the Producer’s Playbook, you will be shown three paths of transforming pain manifest onto the canvases of fiction so that Love can heal it through compassion.

This is Carl Jung’s concept of Integrating the Shadow [x]. You got to see it for what it is, even if that truth is ugly, and most likely it is ugly...and that’s why your persona suppresses it, but like untreated dis-eases, you must treat it. Give the shadow a canvas to express itself so you can discover how to integrate it so it stops controlling you when you contain it. This is taking on the problem and allowing the engagement of battle to come through in the quest to become part of the solution seeking team [x].

It is to seek wisdom, transformation, and take on the journey towards drawing nearer to God’s character and it is painful, triggering, and designed to metamorphosize your soul in ways that will strengthen your character, break you down into breaking open into your full truth, and being compassionate.

The process of the individual’s personal transformation is the play on the love and hate dynamic that propels the hero into the call to adventure. Hate is a recognition that we all have a shadow embedded within our psyche. Someone who claims they do not ever hate and do not have a shadow to contend with, be wary around that individual. They may be wearing that mask so tight they don’t even realize that they are wearing one. The entirety of a human being’s psyche is complex and interlayered like an onion. Peeling those layers runs you the risk of crying, but perhaps that’s exactly why it's designed that way.  

If I am entirely honest with you, this entire project is inspired both out of love and hate. I hated why even heartbreak existed in the first place because it was so painful, I hated that we are designed to love just to risk the pain of letting go, I hated my ex for withholding important information at a time when I needed the truth,  I hated myself for being so gullible, naive, and ignorant to the insidious behaviors that fear causes us to act in our worst, and I hated that I did not value myself enough to defend my good name and validate/assert my own worth when the object of my affection no longer valued me, and there is so much hate mixed in with the love that even while building this project, designing the colors of red and black, it reflected the level of hate that

These shades of hate can be painted in the creative artform of because the hard truth is that most of what is being written that comes from a place of bitterness, brokenness, and personal inadequacy from this kind of truth telling is the way of patience, kindness, and keeping no record of wrongs, also known as the Right Hand path acting as a mirror of the Left Hand path for the Left Hand to find its way back home.

Act One, the Reflection, is the act of illustrating the scenes of your past into fiction, based on a true ____ experience. You will discover the miracle of this phenomenon in your own way. The algorithm of Act One is set to patience, kindness and keeping no record of wrongs by the journal-artist when the journal-artist chooses to reveal truth through the creative craft of fiction.

Love is The Way

The Heart Sources Love

The Mind Translates Love

The Mouth Formulates Love

The Human Action Manifests Love

The way of love is loving others to receive more love in return. That’s why people pay it forward.

Here is another law of love:

To those who give, more is given.

To those who take, more is taken away.

This does not mean one should not receive. Receiving a gift is an act of humility. When people want to help, it’s okay to receive another person’s help.

Taking is not receiving. Taking is desiring a possession that is either not designed for you to have or is not the right timing for you in having it in the moment you want it. Taking takes manipulation and control tactics and when obtained through this zero-sum tactic, it becomes prematurely yours. Once you obtain it, it still does not offer the kind of peace and satisfaction you were originally hoping for. This is what recovery programs called, “self-will run riot.”

Receiving, on the right hand, is generative. Timing is right. You’re at a metaphysical state in your life journey to receive it for you have already taken a series of actions that have prepared you for the gift. For example, someone offering their time, talent, and/or tithing through free will, without being under duress, without feeling pressured or manipulated, having come to their own conclusion and reasoning as to why they are giving, is to the receiver a true gift. Both the giver and the receiver are in flow because both sides have made a conscious choice to give and receive. Love is a choice. This is the heart of love. Thus, the heart chakra, which is aligned with Freud’s ego, the conscious mediator between the id and the superego, is filled with choice. When studying the craft of Story, one must also study the craft of Character. Character, according to Robert McKee, is simply made up of a series of choices made when in conflict/tension.

True Character is revealed in the choices a human being makes under pressure - the greater the pressure, the deeper the revelation, the truer the choice to the character's essential nature.

-Robert McKee

Act Two of The Producer’s Playbook, also known as “Face to Face,” is a series of choices presented for the Producers to act upon, under pressure, through the pitching, producing and publishing of the “face to face” interview between the producer who aims to transform the viewer by first being transformed by the artist the producer is interviewing. This face to face phenomenon is designed to “rejoice with the truth,” by first being the one to share vulnerably, authentically, and rawfully to the artist in such a way that would inspire the artist to see how their Love Story Behind _______ could, would, and will transform the journal-artist. Thus, the burden of transformation first starts with the Producer, the Storyteller Producer, the one responsible for producing the “face to face” moment between the observer and the observed.

The Producer is the one responsible for producing the phenomenon of “Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth” interview with the artist. Think of this like Interview with the Vampire. It tells the story of Lestat the Vampire not because the interviewer is anyone extraordinary or famous, but because Lestat the Vampire is ready to tell his story. From the Producer’s perspective, attracting the right artist for the production is an act of having a real reliance upon God’s timing for this phenomenon to happen. The right Artist will say yes when the Timing for that Artist at the moment you have said Yes to the Playbook is right. Thus, the first thing to remember when pitching to an artist is to make it personal but to not take it personally.

In the giving and receiving, this flow of exchanges, one will discover the meaning of the “face to face” phenomenon. You may not even realize that the artist before you in the interview is the artist that you needed to meet at the time of meeting them. Leave all assumptions, expectations, and pre-conceived at the door when face to face with the artist God has designed you to meet. Remember that God is love and Love is with you during your journey when you place your time, talent, and tithing in the pitching, producing, and publishing process of Act Two. Act Two takes faith in the face of fear, fortitude in the face of failure, and foresight in the face of challenges. You will have challenges. It would be the exception not the rule to not face challenges during the 13 week Storyteller Producer’s Program. To struggle during this production progress may be an understatement. You are really facing your fears, especially if you are pitching to Artists you have always wanted to meet because they have made such a transformative difference for you through their art. You are leaning into the big Why of the love story behind their creative expression, and for you to gain their trust and build intimate rapport, one must first give something valuable, vulnerable, and truthful to the artist.

This is all to say that Act Two is the strengthening of your Heart chakra, your character, to stand for a cause greater than yourself, in the act of taking actions that cause you discomfort, anxiety, and fear, towards the possibility of producing the interview that would not have ever happened without your presence in the acting of. Focus on rejoicing in the truth when acting upon the series of milestones requested of you in the 13 week producing process. The strengthening of your character from the absence of love into the presence of love works if you work it.

From the “Face to Face” phenomenon, you will discover the big why to the what of your “Love Story behind ______” production. This why is the meaning that already exists, but it is up to you to name it.

Meaning is not a rational phenomenon. It's not something you create. This is where Nietzsche got it wrong. He believed that as a consequence of the death of God, we would have to create our own values. We would have to become gods ourselves. ...but I don't think Nietzsche was right. I don't think we can create our own values. I think we have to discover them.

 -Dr. Jordan Peterson [x]

The mystery of “face to face” will be revealed in the giving and receiving between you and the artist when contributing your own time, talent, and tithing into The Love Story Journals. The mystery of love is what you will be receiving whilst on the journey of producing the story. I can write an entire book about the various gifts of insight I have received in the 60+ artist interviews I’ve produced over the past three years, each interview offering me a piece of the puzzle to what I was specifically seeking.

You will discover the answers to your questions when you walk in the Way of Love defined.

Love is the Life

Life is inspired by meaning when we choose life as meaningful.

For example, you learn a spiritually mature way of living when you love someone while loving yourself. You pursue a passion to inspire, connect, and influence others, when you believe that by strengthening yourself, this will somehow prove useful in providing and protecting someone, something, some idea one day. In the pursuit, passion, and profession of your path, you are making life meaningful.

The Power of Love

Self love vs. Selfish Love

There is a distinction. Most of us get these two mindsets confused.

Here’s the difference:

Self love grounds on the discipline defined in verses 4-7.

Selfish love is the absence of those qualities.

Selfish love is self-will (do what thou wilt), self-created virtual realities, and the absence of any relationship to the divine will or the universal God consciousness (The God consciousness that we are all connected, that we matter, than our choices to shrink or expand in love affects other people like a domino effect).

Self-Love is tapping into the discipline, practice, and Dao or Way of God consciousness. Self-Love is imperative to the way you inspire people. And yes, the Way is important to the means, of not more important, because the Way will define the means to make the ends, and not the other way around, no matter the wishful thinking that perhaps one day the ends could justify the means (think of a person who contradicts what they preach through their just does not fighting hate with hate or paying evil for evil). Self-Love means taking on the responsibility of being loving when on the way to the destination, so that the means through love create the ending as love.  

As an anti-example of self-love, to “Take God’s name in vain” means to sidestep the way of love when doing unloving things in the name of love. When you hear the term, “gaslighting” or “manipulation,” this comes to mind. Being evil in the name of fighting evil, being mean in the name of fighting bullies, being in the absence of love while claiming to being loving. We all fall short of self-love and we have all been guilty of selfish love. This is not a criticism of human nature, but rather an observation of the distinctions between selfish love and self-love.

You instinctively know this (Let the truth be self-evident). Here’s a thought exercise. Think of a man who runs into burning building to rescue a girl and the man who blows up a building while a girl is inside. Let’s say both did it in the name of love.

Which one would you believe?

Instinctively, we credit the former man as the one who truly loves.


Because meaning already exists and it is up to us to discover it. We don’t create it out of thin air. I mean, we can try from self-will, but as consequence, we become victims of our own good intentioned self-deceptions.

The root of every addictive behavior is self-deception and walks a self destructive path into the hell of our own virtual reality we have created for ourselves.

There is a really good movie that demonstrates hell. It’s called What Dreams May Come, starring Robin Williams. The man loses his life and goes to heaven. While waiting for his wife to one day join him, he learns of the sad news that his wife has actually gone to hell after she had taken her life due to the overwhelming and unbearable grief she experienced in mourning the death of her husband and kids (the husband died in a car accident a few years after their kids had gotten into a car accident). He leaves heaven, crosses the gap between heaven and hell, and goes through hell (literally) to finally discover his wife. (spoiler alert) Hell is painted as a dilapidated gray house and she, alone in this house, is busy with her paintings and yet she can not experience any joy whilst busying herself with her art. Her husband tries to console her, nothing he says enters her closed off heart, and she does not leave to follow him out of hell [x]. Selfish love is enacted through a closed off heart, bitter, angry heart. I highly recommend watching the entire movie. So inspiring, real, and raw in its mystery.

In sum,

Love is Life.

The purpose of living is loving.

But the way into the answer is the journey of your living to accept or reject it.

Love is a Choice

Choosing Love

This is the walk you are choosing to take when you are choosing to enact the playbook based on the three premises:

1. God is Love,

2. Love is Defined in 1 Corinthians 13,

3. Love is the Truth, the Way, and the Life.

The first miracle in a series of miracles you will experience throughout acting on this Playbook is to experience the will of acting. By choosing to act on this playbook, you are also choosing the right hand path of Love as defined in 1:13.

Treat this playbook as an actor would treat a script to a play to understand one’s role inside the story and one’s character inside the lines. Treat this playbook as a star quarterback to help your team win the football game. Treat this playbook as a musician would treat a composition to understand one’s part in an orchestra. You are playing a character, one that is inspired by a benevolent loving God. You have a part to play, and a very important one indeed.  A benevolent Loving power will guide you in your production.

The Resonance of 13

In honor of the 13 verses that characterize love defined, The Producer’s Playbook will act upon the resonance of 13s.

The mystery of love will be revealed in the action of taking it.

The nature of The Producer’s Playbook is an orchestration in the resonance of 13s.

13 journal-artist producers

13 storyteller producers

13 showcase producers

Simultaneously orchestrating internal and external transformations for 13 weeks.

At the end of 13 weeks, there will be:

13 unique short documentary stories

13 meetup journaling groups supporting each other in pain to passion solidarity

13 unique showcases and fundraisers

We are:

In 13 weeks, our social impact will profoundly impact both the producers and those we are producing for.

This is the butterfly effect of transmutation, the alchemy that produces hope defined in 1 Corinthians 13:12.

1 Corinthians 13:12 is designed to reveal how Love Works when you work it, and when you begin enacting out the character of love. When you act in love, you are also taking back your power of who you truly are. You are the hero to your hero’s journey in this life. You are the lead actor to the movie of your life. And your sole mission in this reality is to re-discover, re-create and re-invigorate love in all its colors, forms, and creative expressions.

You’ve always had love inside.

You were created from love, gifted love, and given a mission to love.

The Producers

The Journal-Artist Producer

The Storyteller Producer

The Showcase Producer

Why the name “Producer?”

We believe that human beings have been collectively endowed with the gifts of creation, designed in the image of our Creator.

We also believe that we were divinely designed to exercise these creative gifts sowed, as a seed, as potential, dormant, until activated. Like wildfire to the activation of dormant seeds, heartbreak is the activation to the call to adventure of the hero’s journey in taking on the higher path. This path we call “the path of creative expression.”

A Producer is one who is ready to bring forth fruits from that creative space, someone who is called by a vision, perhaps to a point compulsion activated by its haunting, and executes on the faith of that imagined potential for the hope that one day it becomes a reality.

The Producer takes the road less traveled (quoth Robert Frost in The Road Less Travelled). It is off the beaten path because it requires the will of the individual to innovate from a place of the unique and individual life experience lived rather than by a blueprint from someone else’s life experience.

It is highly personal. It aims to solve a very unique problem, a problem only the Producer has personally experienced, and knows on an intrinsic level, the gap, between what is and what could be, should the solution to the problem be found.

This begins the Hero’s Journey of the Producer.

It is highly unique as each human fingerprint is on this planet.

Act I: We, The Journal-Artist Producers

We are the Journal-Artists:

A Journal-Artist Producer is someone who expresses pain, grief, and heartache through creative expression by journaling their truth in fiction, based on a true story by fusing journalism, journaling, with their personal hero’s journey and is able to hold space for others to do so as well. The Journal-Artist Producer will set the groundwork for this flagship mirror work to unfold and is in the personal journey of transforming personal tragedies into a series of love stories, culminating and The Love Story. The Journal-Artist is planting seeds and continues along the Hero’s Journey until those seeds bear fruit.

Act II: We, The Storyteller Producers

We are the Storytellers:

The Storyteller tells the truth of an artists’ story and discovers the story arch by revealing the silver lining in the depth of tragedy and pain. The Storyteller is able to do this through the phenomenon of “Face to Face” in the interview by enacting the verse in 1 Corinthians 13:12 -- “For now we see a reflection, as in a mirror, then we shall see face to face. For now I know in part, then I shall known fully, even as I am fully known.”

Act III: We, The Showcase Producers

We are the Showcase Producers: 

As a Showcase Producer, you will be taken through the steps of producing your own showcase in your local community. We show you how to gather indie and featured artists, partner with social cause organization and local businesses, and inspire people to engage in intimate conversations through audience artist-inspired journaling during the showcase. Most importantly, you will break your own heart open by telling your story through this platform. You are the host, the mirror, and the container of the party.

What do all producer’s have in common?

First Principles

What will it take while being a Producer?


Faith is the act of believing in something that has not yet manifested in the real time of the believing. It is the belief that it will happen someday and that supernatural elements are operating in your favor accordingly through your faith. (Matthew 17:20; James 4:2; and James 2:22)

You don’t need to believe in a particular religion to enact this pact. One just need to believe that there is a God more powerful than you who loves you accordingly to the law defined in 1 Corinthians 13, who wants to co-create with you should you be willing to cooperate. This God is eager to answer the prayers that will serve your greater good, a God who plays a non-zero-sum game, in other words, gifts you gain without the expense of another’s loss. This God provides a world of abundance and operates in a world of abundance, where the more you give the more you will receive, so give it away, give it away, give it away now (Quoth Red Hot Chilli Peppers).

It takes pure faith to believe that God’s plan and purpose for your life is the path of good, of grace, of peace and love. It takes faith to believe that God is always in control despite walking through the valley of the shadow of death seemingly blind. We call this blind faith--to walk in the dark, knowing you are still loved, held, and protected, knowing that you are being delivered even within the heart of darkness, even at the edge of the abyss.


Willingness is the silver lining of will despite what seems like an overwhelming mechanism of circumstances happening beyond our control. Willingness is that drop in the ocean, that nanosecond of decision making between thought and action. Willingness is the ability to have a choice in the matter, even if that choice is reduced to a choice in a reaction. Willingness strips down to zeros and ones in the binary code of to be or not to be (...that is the question... quoth William H. Shakespeare in Hamlet).

Willingness is love revealed as a choice.

Willingness is love’s purest and truest algorithm because will is choice.

Willingness is the ghost in the machine.

Therefore, you matter and matter itself wills you to will.

Thereby, your choices also matter.

Your actions matter.

Your will matters.


Humility is not thinking less about yourself, but thinking about yourself less.* Humility is vanity’s arch nemesis. It is the key to transforming the human heart from bitter to better, from despair to destiny, from hopelessness to helpfulness. Humility is the apple of Love’s eye, and the ultimate act of love revealed in the actions of Jesus Christ, God’s word made flesh, as exemplified through the actions of serving others whilst serving one’s purpose.



Courage is the direct result of being in humility. When the concern is towards our neighbor, whether that is a kindred stranger, a friend, a family member, a partner, or standing for the transcendent, one is moved by compassion to act. Courage is the action from that place of prioritizing someone else before yourself. This is not all the time, but those sometimes moments you do a kind act, then according to the law of Love, placing before is also placing for yourself (Matthew 16:25).

You can say that if courage was fire, then the wood and the fluid would be humility and compassion. Courage is organic and is sourced from that place of the hunt for something more, something better, some state of being transcendent--a higher cause you are compelled to act on calls for courage, the love for truth compels courage, the fight for good requires courage, and a promise for a better future for our future generations conjures courage.

Courage is the soul-journ, or “the soul’s journey,” the path of higher resistance, the source of inner truth to express what’s be residing in your heart of hearts, in the stand for someone else, something else, born out of a deep desire to bridge the gap of what is and what could be, pulling in, like gravity, order from chaos, the word made manifest for something better and greater, and the willingness to sacrifice the short view for the long one. Courage plays a non zero sum game.

On Love Loss

Love has officially ended for you (or so you think...) when the object of your affection, the apple of your eye, the wind beneath your wings has left your sphere of living.

The heart hurting is an understatement. It may feel like death by a thousand cuts. It may feel like your inner core, your soul, your spirit is withering, writhing, and warring within while the cold world seemingly moves on.

You start resenting joyful people.

How far have you descended to hell? You ask yourself.

Putting on a fake smile is tiring.

You want to be left alone.

You don’t want people to bother you and you don’t want to bother people with the same repeating narrative that’s playing in your head, yet you feel as though the only way for this movie on loop to stop is to either explode or implode. It is that extreme. Extreme swings. All or nothings.

Make it stop! You tell yourself. The roller coaster is making you nauseous.

The extreme emotions fluctuate, sometimes within days, sometimes within hours, sometimes within minutes:  

You’re angry.

You’re sad.

You blame.

You shame.

You feel guilty.

You don’t care.

You care too much.

You are going crazy.

I’m not crazy, yes you are crazy, no you’re not crazy.

Shut up!

You tell yourself.

Why can’t I just make it go away? You ask yourself.

What could I have done differently?

What if this happened instead of that?

How could I be so stupid? You ask yourself.

Why did I not see this coming?

What could I have done differently to prevent this from happening?

You feel so alone, terrified, anxious, confused, angry, sad, hurt, and repeat.

SOS! Your soul screams.

But nobody can hear your silent screaming.

You are in your mind and the horror of what happened keeps repeating.

And the depth of the loss filtered by the good memories you once shared with that individual keeps replaying.

I would of, could of, should of. That loop. Then you think you’re going crazy again.

You need medication!

You need something to make this stop!

Make it go away!

You tell yourself.

You are spiraling down.

Just when you think you can’t take anymore of this...


First. Breath.

Take a deep, deep breath. 

Breath in through your nose, breath out through your mouth. Do this again, but slowly. Focus just on your breath.


There is another way...

Creative expression.

Yes, you can deal with the pain by transmuting it into creative expression.

Let’s first define transmutation.

Transmutation N. the action of changing or the state of being changed into another form. [x]

We are, after all, human beings.

Thus, we all have the power, the ability, the capacity for transmuting pain into passion.

It is a matter of being.

That’s the key.

This is corroborated by the pain and pleasure principle, which states:

In Freudian psychoanalysis, the pleasure principle (German: Lustprinzip)[1] is the instinctive seeking of pleasure and avoiding of pain in order to satisfy biological and psychological needs.[2] Specifically, the pleasure principle is the driving force guiding the id.[3] [x]

This means that transmuting pain into passion is a natural, human biological action we take because we all have an “id” to reckon for. So how do we do that? How do we take our pain in grief and heartbreak and piece by piece, transmute it into creative expression?

One of Many Ways

There is one direction we are going--up the mountain, but each person’s route up the mountain is uniquely different. That said, The Producer’s Playbook is one of many ways up the mountain.

This is just a path I’ve discovered in my three year journey pitching, producing, interviewing, publishing, showcasing, and journaling whilst in pain. I must emphasize the last clause of the sentence, whilst in pain.

A Producer’s Personal Anecdote:

If I could give you a ballpark estimate of my state of being while I was formulating what is now The Producer’s Playbook, I would say roughly 70% of my time pitching, journaling, producing, editing, learning, interviewing, traveling, filming, writing, caling, talking, organizing, etc. were also times when I was undergoing some form of mild to serious anxiety, depression, manic/mania state of being. See pain and passion is not mutually exclusive. They must engage with one another in the act of transmutation. As someone living with bipolar disorder one, I have accepted my mental, emotional, psychological state of being while seeing the silver lining in the diagnosis.

I may be mentally tormented most of the time, but I am also creative, sharp, and intuitive.

I may spontaneously break into sobs at times, but I am also becoming more precise in reflecting the experience in writing.

My spiritual antennae may be highly sensitive but I am also leveraging that towards better interviewing, empathy, and telling the truth in words.

I have a beautiful mind.

Where is your silver lining?

Can you identify with where I am coming from?

If you can see your silver lining and you can identify with my backstory, then this may just be the Producer’s Playbook for you.

After all, game recognize game right?

The Big Why

The Mystery of Love is revealed in 1 Corinthians 13:12 is experienced when acted upon:

For now we see a reflection, as in a mirror…

Then we shall see face to face…

For now I know in part, then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.

Why is Love important in Heartbreak?

Love shifts the perception of heartbreak from something to be ashamed, dismissed, or made wrong (as in “because this hurts, there must be something wrong with me”), into something to be absorbed into the soul so that it activates the dormant part of the soul’s psyche to search for deeper meaning in your purpose, passion, and pursuit. Each life given and each life taken is a point of activation for the layers of love to undress and reveal its naked features.

Love’s Spiritual Warfare

Our Dimension Operates on Dualities.

The ying and yang symbol symbolizes the sheep in wolves clothing and the wolf in sheep’s clothing in dynamic lock, engaged, in play. A biblical perspective is that Jesus has the gates to hell and Satan has authority to enter the kingdom of Heaven.

Another way of looking at duality is the Star of David, which essentially are two triangles, one pointing upwards and the other pointing downwards, collapsing into another in perfect harmony.

The triangle that points downwards represent shock, apathy, and despair. The triangle that points upward represents faith, hope, and love.

Faith is the light that shines upon shock.

Hope is the light that signs upon apathy.

And Love is the light that shines upon despair.

And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.
1 Corinthians 13:13

Love is the entire Ying Yang circle and Love is the entire Star of David.

The depth of Love thereby becomes revealed in heartbreak.

Both the Ying/Yang and the Star of David represent the spiritual warfare of love.

Love is messy.

Love takes conflict.

Love takes engagement.

Love goes behind enemy lines and works in the valley of the shadow of death.

The Hero’s Journey is the Way of Love.

The Producer’s Playbook is one aspect of the Way.

This is all to say,

Get ready to get messy,

Get confronted,

Get deep into the mud,

While getting rooted in the faith that God is with you (Psalm 23).

Breaking Open

Rumi, a world renowned mystic Sufi poet, once made the statement, “You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens.”

In Christian theology, there is the concept of “guarding your heart,” which paradoxically means to “soften your heart” rather than hardening it. Guarding means to mind it, like a guard-ener would tend to one’s guard-en by ensuring proper sunlight, water, and soil nutrients.

The act of “opening” and “guarding” the heart is part of the soul’s responsibility in minding the heart’s activation. Think of this time as the mother incubating the child in the womb.  

The “Heart breaking” is also a paradoxical reflection of the  “Heart breaking open.” In other words, the “heart breaking” reflects the metaphysical deconstruction of meaning, purpose, and priorities of the soul as well as a time of quiet solitude where the incubation, meditation, and in action opens the portal of communication between the heart and mind so that the mind can hear the call of the heart.

Love floods into the heartbreak like rainstorm to a desert, shaping and shifting the perception of who you really are, who God designed you to be, and why you exist.

You may be broken in heartbreak.

You can also be broken open in heartbreak.

Heartbreak is something to be valued as an activation for transformation, a call to adventure. It is the jumping off point, jolting you from the ordinary world into the extraordinary one. Heartbreak is journey of being swallowed into the belly of the whale, looking directly into the abyss, to strengthen and train the soul for your destiny of one day slaying the dragon, finding the elixir, and bringing the elixir back to the ordinary world for the next generation of our collective human conscious to enjoy the fruits that you’ve sowed in the seeking and the willingness to seek.

Pain serves to catalyze you towards the journey of searching for deeper truths, the kind of truth that awakens Sleeping Beauty and Snow White from deep slumber.

Pain brings you to your knees, inside empty and meaningless, so you can see for yourself the source behind your purpose for living in this time period.

Pain delivers you from the ordinary world into the extraordinary one.

Pain is the call to adventure.

Why Discovering your Authentic Voice Matters

You may think that you are just one drop in the ocean so what difference does it make if you just disappeared, gave up, and threw in the towel? No one will notice, so you think.

When it comes to the transcendent, thinking will have you spinning in circles. Stop thinking.

Just Be.

Be in your body.

Be in your heart space and feel.

Feel the weight of the collective unconscious.

Feel the peaks and troughs of your emotions.

Now the truth. Why does the truth matter?

Because the Truth breaks spells.

The truth is like the filter that takes out all the pollutants in the ocean.

The truth is like fresh evergreens that terriforms the landscape for creatures to thrive.

The truth is the beautiful-- terrifying, inspiring, yet simple, a divine design in the mysteries of living.

Truth is meaningful.

You are the witness to the truth.

It is your job to tell the truth as someone with divine sovereignty. It is your responsibility to tell the truth as someone divinely designed to terraform the terrible into redemptive. It is your testament in living, the lessons you have discovered, the experiences that transformed you for the better and for the worse that must be told.

Because the truth sets us all a little more free in the collective conscious.

You matter.

You are part of the chain.

Do not exist the stage before you have arched your hero’s character.

Do not exist the stage until you have finished reading all your lines.

Do not exist the stage until the fat lady sings.

On Truth:

“What power do you have if you are willing to tell the truth? It’s not easy to tell the truth. It’s complicated. You have to take yourself into account over the long run. You have to take your family and account. You have to take your society and account. You have to think it through, you have to think strategically, and then you have to find your words, and that’s hard to find your words because you tend to use other people’s words, or ideological words, or words that mask or hide. It’s not easy to find your own words, but if you find your own words and they are truthful words, there isn’t anything that can stop them.” - Dr. Jordan Peterson [referenced here]

The Big What

What are some of the transformational promises?

The Producer’s Playbook is one way of revealing the mystery of Love in 1 Corinthians 13:12. The way up the mountain is unique for everyone. No one person’s path is the exact same as another’s. God designed it this way. The purpose of that design will be revealed eventually, but “For now we see a reflection, as in a mirror….” In other words, we see pieces of the big picture, but we are actors on the world stage, playing parts in seven ages (reference William H. Shakespeare).  

Work The Love Story and The Love Story will work you, starting from the inside out.

The Three Acts

The Playbook is broken down into three acts:

Act I: Reflections Program cultivates Community and Connection through the act of fusing narrative storytelling with fiction BOTS journaling among kindred journal-artists in journaling groups.

Act II: Face to Face cultivates Comradery and Compassion through the act of pitching, producing, and publishing a kindred artists’ pain to passion journey.

Act III: As I am Fully Known cultivates Courage and Catharsis through the act of breaking your heart open in front of friends, family, and a local community of kindred strangers in an interactive live Love Story Showcase you will produce. This is also your pay it forward moment to inspire, encourage, and serve your community.

You do not have to do each act in order or do all three acts at the same time for you to discover your passion, purpose, and pursuit. Each Act is designed to help you find the three in your own way on your own time. It takes 13 weeks to fulfill and is designed and orchestrated as such that by the end of each act, we produce 13 stories, 13 showcases, and 13 journaling groups.

Act I: Reflections reveals your pre-and post- transformational pursuits.

Act II: Face to Face reveals your passion through the face to face impact of the pitch, production, and publishing process.

Act III: As I am Fully Known reveals your purpose through the breaking open into the community. Your showcase is unique to your story, and your story becomes the grounding for others to share their stories. Purpose is revealed through the series of actions taken towards bringing the community together, expressing what you’ve been suppressing, and sharing the silver lining in that space.

You can mix and match each act every 13 weeks. I would recommend focusing on one act per quarter. You can double or even do all three acts in one quarter.

Each Act asks for your time, talent, and tithing.

Give what you can and what you give is what you sow.

What you reap is what you sow.

The law of the universe works mysteriously and reveals parts of its glory in the giving and receiving.

Act I: Reflections and the Artist-Inspired Journaling method of reflecting among kindred journal-artists is inspired by the healing I experienced in the walls of recovery groups.

Act II: Face to Face is inspired by the inspiration to find my passion by interviewing an artist I admire about theirs. One artist that really validated a thought that I was doubting at the time of carving out my own unique niche in the media space is Crywolf. We have similar psychological diagnosis and yet he embodies a true artist because his music held my pain during the time I needed to hear it. I would replay his songs on loop while in my mess.

Act III: As I am Fully Known is the ability to express your purpose in front of a kindred community through the theme of the showcase you will be producing. As I am fully known are the steps to knowing your truth, owning your truth, and finding the silver lining to express your truth. It is your announcement to the world where your aim is as a result of knowing your truth and the purpose will be revealed.  

The more you give away, the more you receive, whether that is in the form of spiritual revelation, wisdom, or emotional peace.

Pain to passion starts with paying it forward.


Suffering to surrender starts with service.

Purpose is a series of steps, like a scavenger hunt, where each milestone is a clue towards solving the mystery of love.

The Big How

The Act that Creates the Pact

The Actions of The Journal-Artist

The first part of Transmutation definition is, “the action of changing.”

The operative word in that sentence is action.

This means that it works if you work it.

The proof is in the pudding and the secret ingredient to that pudding is in the action taken.

It’s the act that creates the pact in real time affecting real time.


This has a ripple effect, otherwise known as a domino effect.

Actions speak for itself.

The Love Story creative is someone who wants to experience the cathartic release of personal transformation through the act of fusing journaling, journalism, with the personal journey.

Thereby, In The Producer’s Playbook, there are three acts, three programs, and three mysteries to be revealed.

The mystery only unlocks when you take...Action.

To recapitulate, there are three mysteries of love to be revealed, encapsulated in one scripture verse, which is verse 12 in the 13 verses illustrating love:

“For now we see a reflection, as in a mirror, then we shall see face to face. For now I know in part, then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.” -1 Corinthians 13:12

For now we see a reflection, as in a the mystery of love that reveals Community and Connection among kindred strangers when we fuse artist-inspired journaling with fiction, based on a true ____ narrative writing to reveal your pursuit.

...then we shall see face to face….is the mystery of love that reveals Comradery and Compassion through the pitching, producing, and publishing another artist’s pain to passion journey so that you may also process your pain to passion journey, uncovering the bigger why behind your passion.

...For now I know in part, then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known…. Is the mystery of love that reveals Courage and Catharsis through the submission, commission, and admission process of producing your own showcase and breaking your heart open to local communities, friends, and family about your purpose, your passion, and your pursuit. This is a cathartic process that initiates you into the Call to Adventure. Your word is your bond. Your declaration of your word is the activation/jumping off point to your journey.

Human Beings in the Human Doings

Just Be.

That’s how the mystery will revealed.

While you are doing these acts, practice how to be in the Way of beings outlined in verse 4-7, patient, kind, does not envy, does not boast, is not self seeking, does not delight in evil but rejoices in the truth...hopes, believes, bears, endures all things....

“God wants us to be like children. Just be open to learn and let Him take care of you.”

-Jesse Lee Peterson “Just Be” [x]

The Journal-Artist Producer’s Playbook

The Reflections program is one design (of many that currently exists) that reveals the mystery of ...for now we see a reflection, as in a mirror…this law of the universe is why I was able to begin recovery in twelve step programs, why transformational festivals inspire people to see outside the box, why self-development programs like Landmark Forum and MITT helps people get grounded back to humanity, and why church testimonies inspire people to know God.

Bottom line, the truth sets you free. The truth heals, the truth restores, the truth sets us free.

That is power of “for now we see a reflection, as in a mirror…” because when we have the courage, the authenticity, and the boldness to look into parts we’ve been ashamed to admit,

The Truth concealed and revealed in Fiction.

The Truth is concealed in fiction to protect the truth teller and those people who are exposed in the telling. I’ve seen the byproduct of gossip columns and magazines. One tells the dark side of the truth in that it harms the individual being discussed through condemnation, judgement, and blame--this may not always help the person being discussed. In fact, condemnation, judgement, and blame is this “delighting in evil” that is entirely inauthentic. It is inauthentic for two reasons: one, those who do the condemning act as gods in the judging, only feeding into the ego of the judge. Feeding the ego is “puffing them up,” putting the observer on a “higher” platform as if they are completely guiltless in their practices. Second, judging, condemning, and blaming another person is a slippery slope into projection and deflection, both are unhealthy to the soul. Projection is when a person acts a certain way, hides it, and recognizes that unhealthy behavior in another person and condemns them rather than recognizing it in themselves and taking responsibility for it.  Deflection is a part of cognitive dissociation--in other words, conflict avoidance through the addiction of judging someone else by disassociating yourself from the person who acts in familiar ways that the judge can secretly identify with. Thus, when we journal in fiction, to disable projection and deflection through the mirror effect.

The mirror effect is portraying personalities into characters in story. The mirror effect is powerful because it serves as a way for the observer to see themselves in moments of solitude, reflection, and meditation. Journaling itself is a meditative process, and the act of reading someone else’s diary as if reading a fictional story, also serves as insulation from judgement, criticism, and blame. A diary is designed for the journal-artist to get to the truth.

The journal-artist’ first obligation is loyalty to the truth. Search truth in the realm of fiction by utilizing the discipline and craft of an investigative journalist and a creative writer to reveal the truth in narrative fiction.

This means we change names, locations, and even specific circumstances while keeping the integrity of the story itself. Just imagine….how many versions of Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, and Hansel and Gretel tales have we heard cross cultures? Those tales tell a universal truth. The different real life people play the roles and assume the character, but only for a temporary time. This is in essence, the truth of real time reality.

The Reality of Multi-dimensional Complexities of Human Character:

Even “bad people” are not in the constant state of being bad. Sometimes, they do good things, like pulling out the chair for someone to sit, adopting a pet, and doing community service, but those moments when they lose their temper, when they are spiritually “modified” to murder, rape, or steal, these are the moments when a person becomes “bad.” Thus, characters in story, are not one dimensional, because the reality of people is that we are not one dimensional. Father Gregory Boyle, founder of Homeboy Industries, a non profit that provides counseling, job skills training, and community to reduce recidivism in the Los Angeles, once stated that “There are no such thing as a bad person. There are just good people who do bad things.” From that vantage point, even villains in the hero’s story become the shadows that foil the character shaping of the hero. In literature, foiling serves to highlight the contrast of another character, also creating polarity, tension, and the building up of conflict.

Through the craft of storytelling, you’ll also understand how conflict serves as a mechanism to make or break a character. The choice a character makes in tension and conflict is the determiner of making a hero or creating a villain. That is why character, the noun to describe an actor, is synonymous with character, the adjective in describing the attributes of a character. The character’s character is determined by action while in conflict.

This simple truth is why truth can be revealed in fiction. We can change the characteristics--hair color, skin color, nuances in speech, tone, and pocketbooks, and we keep the same character to tell the same truth.    

What is Truth (Revisited)?


This is also why a lot of fashion and glam celebrity magazines, including its advertising, are half-truths. A half-truth is the same as a lie in the same metaphorical sense that the snake that tempted Eve by changing one word in the sentence that changed the entire meaning of God’s commandment: For on the day you eat of the fruit, thou shalt surely die, and all the serpent did was add one word, “not,” to the entire sentence, thereby altering the entire meaning. This is what we call manipulation or simply, lying.

Therefore, I offer one caveat to the Journal-artist experience.

Don’t lie.

Change the characteristics by changing circumstances, names, and locations, but do not change the truth.  

So what is truth? How do we distinguish truth from lies?

We distinguish by first defining truth.

What is Truth?

Dr. Ravi Zacharias reveals it plainly [x]:

That which describes reality as it actually is.

Truth has two components to it.

Correspondence where particular questions when responded to have to correspond to reality as it is.

And secondly, when all of your answers are given, they have to be coherent, and so when you go into a court of law, a lawyer asks you a series of specific questions to test you for correspondence to reality.

When all of your answers are put together they have to cohere in a cohesive form and not have a systemic or particular contradiction so the question of truth is propositionally that which corresponds to reality and putting them all together, that it is a coherent set of answers.

Two of the three have to deal with questions of life:

You answer the questions correspondingly true and coherent at the end.

As a follower of Christ, he embodied that.

Truth is that which corresponds to reality as it actually is.

Journal-Artism is getting to the heart of truth, like one would discover the truth about totalitarian states in 1984, unfettered capitalism in Metropolis, and communist revolutions in Animal Farm. All names, circumstances, and locations have changed, but the character remains faithful to the main vein in the circulatory system of the story.

A true journal-artists maintains stubborn faith and loyal commitment to the truth in the exploration of fusing artist-inspired journaling with fiction, based on a true ____ narrative and creative writing.

It is written out like a journal entry.

Each journal entry is a scene in a story.

It is presented as fiction though offers the same level journalistic integrity as if a journalist is writing a personal diary. To keep the integrity of the truth hidden in fiction, one must look into the ugly and conceal that ugly by projecting it into fictional characters you make up rather than on people in your real life real time that you love and hate. Projecting your hidden truth onto real people real time causes havoc. Projecting your hidden truth onto fiction causes personal transformation.


Because of the premise of divine sovereignty.

Divine Sovereignty

It’s a concept written into the United States’ constitution.

A person’s right to self-determination. A person’s right to make mistakes, make small victories, make the home they build--however that home looks.

The individual is a divine sovereign state, endowed with God’s spirit within the soul, and has the capability to formulate meaning.


On Meaning in Context to Truth

“It isn’t only about you being happy….

You want to have something meaningful...that’s the boat that will take you through the storm…

A meaningful engaged life will see you through the catastrophe.

Don’t be thinking that your errors are linked to hell, because they are…

It isn’t top down evil leader manipulating masses, it’s the moral failings of every single individual unwilling to say their truth, unwilling to act out what they know to be right, that accumulate and produce the catastrophic state….so when you’re fussing about your life, when you’re not manifesting your potential, when you’re falsifying your speech and your actions in the service of short term expedience, you are working to bring about hell on earth, and that’s true.”

-Dr. Jordan Peterson [x]

On Meaning over Expediency

Do what is meaningful, not what is expedient. [Dr. Jordan B. Peterson’s 12 Rules For Life, Rule #8]

“I don’t come in here and think, ‘Okay, here is a bunch of things I want to convince you of.’ I don’t care if you’re convinced. It’s not like I don’t care about you, in the sense that you care for people, and hope the best for them, but I don’t care if you’re convinced. That’s not what I’m here for. What I’m here for is to hear the questions, and try to figure out what I think about them, and then to say that, and then to see what happens. Who the hell knows what’s going to happen….if the world is properly constituted through truth, then faith is the willingness to have faith in truth, and so then you say what you believe to be true, and then some things happen, and sometimes they are not so good, which is why people often lie. You tell the truth, you get in trouble for it. Every kid knows that….that’s not a good long term strategy, so you say what you believe to be the truth, and then you have the faith that no matter what happens, if you said what you believe to be truth, whatever happens is the best thing that could’ve happened.” -Dr. Jordan B. Peterson [Reference here]

That said, why are you writing? Don’t let the label, “Fiction,” fool you. Rather let it humble you. Because the following phrase after Fiction is “Based on a True ______.” This is where the journal-artist must hold the author accountable. This is the heart holding the pen accountable to writing out it's last will--and that will is the heart’s truth, bitter, broken, and beat up as it may be, it is the truth.

The entirety of the genre, “Fiction, based on a True ____” is an act of humility to say, that even if you think you know, you don’t know know. As in, you are not God. Only God can see the forest for the trees and you are but one tree among many trees, still playing a formidable role in the flora of its habitat, for the better or for the worse, but the Journal-Artist knows in one’s heart of hearts that the ownership of one’s truth matters, has meaning, and must be revealed in writing and concealed in fiction.

Fiction as Protection and Containment

Fiction acts as a protective layer so that the reader of your writing will not feel personally attacked because the layers of truth is projected onto characters in story rather than real-time people, some who are sensitive, some who are already secretly condemning themselves and having read your truth in non-fiction, may be kicking a dog when it is already down. Fiction protects the reader and contains the monsters that roam through the id subconscious, the rest of the iceberg beneath the surface. The waters that wrap around the rest of the iceberg, that represents the reptilian shadow world, is the realm of fiction that contains the monsters.

Shadow Wars

In order to defeat the dragon, one must face the dragon, go into the heart of the dragon, discover what the dragon has that is the key to defeating the dragon, and seize it.

This is the elixir.

This is the Act of the Hero integrating its Shadow.

According to Carl Jung, the “shadow” is the “unknown dark side of the personality. It is the being that is instinctive and irrational”, also what Freud called the “id” or the reptilian brain stem. This shadow is “prone to psychological projection, in which a perceived personal inferiority is recognized as a perceived moral deficiency in someone else.”

Think of this Shadow as the mythical Medusa, or the beautiful, charming, but conniving and manipulative Dorian Gray, and to stretch this metaphor even further, think of the Shadow as the evil Queen, step mother to Snow White. What is the first line of defense against the Shadow?

It is a Mirror.

The Power of the Mirror as Protection Against Projections

For Medusa, the mirror acted as a way for Medusa to see just how ugly and horrible she really is, so she turns into stone, thereby freezing her of further chaos.

For Dorian Gray, it is a portrait of what he really looks like on the inside, which is a emaciated, shackled, and tormented soul, which pictures the progressive nature of his disease.

For the evil Queen, it is the mirror who told her the truth, under any and all circumstances, so she had to face the reality that there is a woman who is more fair than her, and the Queen could not stand to be second best, so her aim became to annihilate her competition, and she had hired a hitman, essentially placing a spell upon Sleeping Beauty, that wound up double cursing the Queen and in the ending of this fairytale, the same curse she had cast upon her competition became the thread that undid her throne, her authority, and her good name in the fairytale history books.

This mirror is a powerful tool to fight the Shadow of projection.

The mirror serves as an activator, as in the example of the Queen and Snow White, to integrating the Shadow by bringing together the conflict between the Queen and the princess in the ying/yang dance of consciousness. It is the harbinger that activates the Hero’s Call to Adventure. Snow White would not have been the Hero she became, strengthening her in the adventure, were it not for the Mirror who spoke truth to the Queen.

The mirror serves as a portrait that paints the truth, breaking the spells the lies upon lies upon lies have created. This portrait, anchors Dorian Gray and serves as the white dot in the dark side of the Yin/Yang circle. In other words, this is the hope planted in the heart of darkness, the last spirit that is planted in Pandora’s box, after all the sin spirits escaped out of the box. This is the Dao, or the Way, of the Villian’s Redemptive path, the Left Hand path of redemption, the Anti-Hero, like in Breaking Bad, and this portrait serves as an anti-venom to the poison of a Villain's poisonous heart.

The mirror also serves as a way to freeze the shadow, so the it's projections can stop creating havoc among your family, friends, and loved ones. You know all those times people have reacted to your choices with disgust, fear, and anger? Unbeknownst to you, your Shadow got in the way of your heart’s truest desire. Those times you’ve said things out of anger that you later regretted, those times you’ve lied to manipulate the circumstances to get your way whilst the side effects of said lies resulted in long term distrust, social isolation, and a bad reputation among society. These are the results of a Shadow within you that you are unaware of.

The Power of the Mirror Revealed in 1 Corinthians 13:12

“For now we see a reflection, as in a mirror…”

The Power of the Mirror is experienced in testimonies, myths, stories, authentic sharing inside Anonymous support groups, transformation festivals, transformation camps, and New Age produced events. The reason why all those institutions, organizations, movements attract people together is because it leverages the Law of True Love, or at least a piece of it. If educational programs calls it their “technology,” what they have essentially is taken water, ever abundant and free, and bottled it up and put their label or brand on it, and called it their “Technology.” It is essentially free, a blessing from the Creator defined in 1 Corinthians 13, but we crowd together to experience it. Thus, The Love Story’s Reflections Journaling program is but another extension, a resource, for you, the soul-journer, to experience an agape kind of love, one that is abundant, through the power of verse 12, “For now we see a reflection, as in a mirror…” We are just bottling up this water and branding it, “Artist-Inspired Journaling.” It is essentially the same phenomenon because the phenomenon itself, like the law of Gravity, is constant. It can not be denied, conquered, or made irrelevant because it is ever present, ever abundant, and ever flowing, should we choose to tap into its algorithm, the algorithm of love.

Artist-Inspired Journaling is the act of seeing yourself in a mirror.

Shadows are indeed tricky. By nature it is tricky because you can not see it with the naked eye. You need supernatural aid to help you see. Like your physical shadow, you can only spot them when the Sun/Son is shining upon you. Without the Son, the shadows are not made obvious and separate from you, so you internalize the shadow, as if it was completely your responsibility, your condemnation, so you hide this shadow in shame and in guilt, locked within your heart, as if this is something you can control and defeat on your own will. The truth is, you cannot defeat this shadow on your own. There is a Chinese saying: You can not fight the dragon, for you will lose. You can not feed the dragon, for it will eventually swallow you. To fight the dragon, you must write/ride it.

Writing/Riding the Dragon

For you to ride the dragon, you need supernatural aid.

You have three choices when contending with your own id, your own shadow:

Fight it, feed it, or Ask for Supernatural Aid.

This is where The Producer’s Playbook comes in. The Playbook is essentially the play by play on how to call upon this Supernatural Aid --this Supernatural Entity, or Higher Power, whose Character Embodies all the character attributes revealed in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 to counter attack the shadows within your heart; how to listen to this Supernatural Aid to help guide you on the adventure of taking on the Dao of your Higher Path (The Hero’s Journey); and how to work with this Supernatural Aid in transforming and inspiring others whilst replenishing your own spirit throughout the journey.

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

One of the Key Ingredients to The Producer’s Playbook is to equate this Supernatural Aid with “Love” defined in the ancient scripture above. If you are Agnostic and Atheist, like I once was, the phenomenon will still work for you, because the name of the game is that the act creates the pact with God defined in 1:13. The name of the game in the Producer’s Playbook is to arch the Hero’s character from the absence to the presence of love defined in 1 Corinthians 13. In other words, this Supernatural Aid desires you to walk in the same footsteps of God defined as Love in 1:13. It is this walk that will spring you from the ordinary into extraordinary world, it is this walk that will take you through the valley of the Shadow of Death and still know that you are blood covered, protected, and held by the Light of the Supernatural Aid.

This Power is the Sun/Son’s Power.

This Power is what will help you recognize the shadow within yourself that you must contend with like Sora in Kingdom Hearts [reference here].

This is the 13th step.

Walk in Love Defined.

The Power of 13

The Shadow is “the unhealed aspects of self,” and “has been running the show anyway. It’s just that we’ve been so anesthetized from our own circumstances that we didn’t see it….in other words, if I had all these unhealed energies, it was sabotaging and undermining my best efforts. I just didn’t see it. So the value of it coming up and being right in my face is that then I get to number one, surrender it to the transformative power to the Holy Spirit or whatever words you have… ‘do not try to purify yourself before coming to me. I am the Purifier...” [Marianne Williamson reference here]

When you are in love, you are in the same frequency, riding the same wavelength as this Supernatural Aid wants you become love in your walk aligning with your talk.

1 Corinthians 13 was revealed to Paul, the Apostle, a former persecutor of Christians, who had a divine intervention by Jesus, and transformed into an activator for the gospel, or the Good News of God’s Love for all people. The 13 verses defining love is inspired by the Holy Spirit, or if you can imagine, the network of Good Angels in the unseen world, parallel to ours.

When we reference, in the Hero’s Myth, this “Supernatural Aid,” you are instructed through The Producer’s Playbook, to call upon God in 13 Verses, also known as the God that is Love defined, to help you in transition from the Hero’s ordinary world into extraordinary world, or from the known to the unknown realm, from order to ordered chaos.

Hidden Desire: The Hero’s Shadow Revealed

The Uphill Battles & Learning Your Wings Before Taking Flight


The compost is the shit that creates fertilizer.

This is where you compose your demons onto paper.

First, Deconstructing the Id

There are many ways to do this. The simple and hard way is to write a direct letter to the person you have projected your anger, resentment, hatred, and misgivings towards with the intention of never sending it to them and the world never seeing it.

This is how you get out the ugly truth.

This is how your shit becomes fertilizer.

You need supernatural aid to do this.

A woman giving birth needs a dula, and a pilot needs a co-pilot, and the Journal-Artist needs an Artist. Shadow work is never done in isolation because you can’t use the mind to cure the mind, because you can’t use the same method that has created the problem to solve the problem.

There are many ways to do shadow work. Plugin to an Anonymous Support group is one way, Church and testimonies is another, and Artist-Inspired Journaling is another. The Love provides one of many ways to help you remember the dark secrets of your past you have locked, dismissed, and pretended away.

The Trigger and the Crack

Listening to the authentic and raw shares of somebody else’s story will trigger/activate/inspire you to remember yours.

Start with a crack in the ceiling. A crack is all you need when a locked box is submerged deep inside the vast ocean of the subconscious mind. The pressure of the waters exerted inside this broken house is waiting to flood it, purge it, purify it, but this broken house is tightly sealed, scared, terrified of anyone finding out. It locks itself up in shame and in guilt. A trigger serves as a hammer knocking on the roof of this house, and as it continues triggering this house, it continues knocking on its structure, inquiring, engaging, and challenging the integrity of its use. Eventually, the triggers overtime, will create a crack in the ceiling, and because this structure is fragile and tight, the structure will start to weaken, beginning with a tiny crack. That tiny crack in the ceiling will eventually break open the hard walls of this long forgotten house. Water desires to enter...this is called a leak, then more water, naturally bonded, naturally seeking to find, enters in, as more and more come, soon it is a waterfall, and as the pressure of the underground ocean is continues, the waters will integrate the objects, the memories, the secrets inside this broken home, and when the water successfully comes through, this is what Carl Jung calls, “Integrating the Shadow.”

“The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge.”

— Carl Jung, Aion (1951)

The White Cat with the Black Heart

When you journal in the id through Artist-Inspired Journaling, you, the Journal-Artist Producer, will be tasked to:

  1. Identify the monster that opposes the Hero,
  2. Reveal the monster’s hidden intent through observed action,
  3. Identify the missing piece that should the Hero obtain it, it would ultimately defeat the monster.

This will all be revealed to you, the Journal-Artist, as you act upon the journaling. Knowing the monster, revealing the monster’s hidden desire, and identifying the missing piece to defeat the monster is not something you will discover first then journal about. Rather, it the process is just the reverse. It is when you have made the choice to act on the journaling that in the journaling, those truths will reveal itself to you. The act of journaling will reveal the monster like the act of taking a coin to scratch off the silver film will reveal the numbers to the scratch tickets, like the act of buying the chocolate bar and opening it will reveal if you were the lucky child to have won a ticket to Charlie’s Chocolate factory, like the Journal-Artist who actually journals through Artist-Inspired journaling will get triggered/activated in remembering something….something lost, something deep, something buried way deep, so you can step inside the shoes of the spirit who once played the character role by relive the scene, this time, through eyes wide open, sharpened by the protection of a fiction writer and the strength of a future self, reliving the scenes of the past to obtain the missing piece.

“You say what you believe to be the truth, and then you have the faith that no matter what happens, if you said what you believe to be truth, whatever happens is the best thing that could’ve happened….it’s not bravery exactly, I would say it’s more like faith. I’m going to say what I think. I’m going to do that as carefully as I possibly can, and then I’m going to detach myself from the outcome, because sometimes the outcome is terrible...the tide turns...and something comes out of it. If you’re going to have faith in truth, it can’t just be, “well, did I get what I want in the next second? That’s not faith….”

The Hero’s Ordinary World

In the Hero’s Myth, during the Hero’s activation period inside the Hero’s Ordinary Word, or what I like to call, “the jumping off point before diving into the Unknown,” the Hero is met with three novelties:

1. The “Call to Adventure:” or the Activation period. During this time the Hero will be experiencing real time “Affective Valances,” in other words, “Signs, Symbols, and Surroundings” that the Hero will find, for lack of better words, odd. These anomalies, call it “coincidences, synchronistic patterns, or weird accounts,” that pulls the Hero closer t it's alignment towards one’s Path, or Dao. This is the Call to Adventure calling you, drawing you, pulling you towards the Way, or the Hero’s Journey.

2. Supernatural Aid: This is where the mirror comes into the picture (pun intended). The mirror is the harbinger of the Supernatural Aid that the Hero desires to help the hero propel oneself from the ordinary world to the extraordinary world. This is the Hero’s Higher Power.

3. Threshold Guardian: The threshold guardian are the parts of your heart that are currently still closed off.

The Call to Adventure

Supernatural Aid

“It is not just God’s love for us, but our love for each other, that paves the way for miracles. If we fail to express God’s love through faith or compassion or forgiveness, then the problem is not the absence of God’s power but rather our failure to align our will with His. He cannot do for us what He cannot do through us. A house might be wired for electricity, but it still needs lamp if it’s to be lit.[4]

“Come as you are, as you were, as I want you to be…” Nirvana

“I had all these unhealed energies, it was undermining and sabotaging my best efforts, so the value of it coming up and it being right in my face, is that I get to number #1: surrender it to the transformative power….as it says in the Course on Miracles, ‘Do not try and purify yourself before coming to me, I am the Purifier.’[x] ”

Your Supernatural Aid is God defined in 1 Corinthians 13. God just doesn’t preach love, He is Love. He stays true to his Algorhythm--starting with Patience and Kindness towards you, so whatever is showing up as impatient and mean-spirited, it is not of God, it is from the Shadow.

The Threshold Guardian

The first part in passing through the threshold guardian is to reveal the monsters that still hold pieces of your heart hostage. We reveal these monsters through the realm of fiction.

“The regions of the unknown (desert, jungle, deep sea, alien land, etc.) are free frields for the projection of unconscious content.[5]

These “regions of the unknown” is the process of crafting your fiction, based on a true story experiences. Act I, the Journal-Artist Producer’s job is to project your monsters onto the canvases of scene, setting, character, dialogue, action, and plot (instead of onto another person in real time and causing real time damage).  

Joseph Campbell gives an example of one threshold guardian, a popular mythological monster called “the half-man,” with “a dangerous one-legged, one-armed, one-sided figure--the half-man--invisible if viewed from the off side, is encountered in many parts of the earth.” You must fight this half-man to a life and death battle. If you win, the half-man will plead for its life and “show you lots of medicines,” that the Hero will use on its journey. But if the half-man wins, the Hero dies.

You must identify this half-man.

The Threshold Guardian is the half-man. You must defeat the half-man in order to proceed towards the extraordinary world. You must identify the conflict before setting your sights, for it is in the conflict, the problem you are trying to solve, that will become the compass by which you will need in times of darkness, to steer you towards the Northern light.

How to Write

When you are writing, are you writing to convince someone who you imagine will be eventually reading this?

If so, stop writing.

When you are writing, write to tell the truth from the heart. Imagine that your heart is dying on its deathbed and you are the person responsible for writing down the heart’s life story.

That is how a journal-artist writes when journaling “fiction, based on a true ____”

“Without truth you don’t have the adventure of your life. If you tell the truth, that means you are revealing your being. That’s what you are doing when you are telling the truth. When you reveal your being, then you are living in the world. You are there. You are present...that’s being there...that’s you, that’s your destiny, that’s your journey, that’s your adventure, that’s what’s going to justify your life. The Adventure. It’s not going to be easy. If you hide from your truth, then you hide from yourself, and then you’re not even there, and then who the hell are you? You’re the puppet, you’re the puppet of some coward, you’re the puppet of some dictator, or some second rate philosopher, or some idiotic idea, or a bully you were afraid of in grade six, God only knows, but it’s not you living your life, and then you lose your life, and you lose your soul too. ”

[Dr. Jordan B. Peterson speech reference here]

The Hero’s Pursuit: The Yin and Yang in You.

The Black Cat with the White Heart

Simultaneously, the role of the Journal-Artist Producer, is also responsible for identifying the objective of the Hero by identifying from the beginning:

  1. The Hero’s Pursuit of the what’s missing (that should you obtain this elixir, you would be able to defeat the dragon).
  2. The Hero’s Passion
  3. The Hero’s Purpose--or revelation--the meaning of the Hero’s life purpose.  

What is your Journey?

Each journal entry is an incident that informs the journey. An incident is a scene. Each incident impedes or advance the Hero’s Journey.

Maps of Meaning, Myths, and Drama

First, admiration

Second, imitation of admiration...that would be drama

Third,  mapping the meaning revealed in Drama, which how we evolve hierarchical structures.

-Dr. Jordan Peterson (on Maps and Meaning) [x]

Herein lies your big Why as in, “Why are you journaling your life experiences from pain into passion, tragedy into divine comedy, and heartbreak and The Love Story?”

Because your story matters.

Because your story, dramatized in fiction, reveals the meaning of your journey.

Because your story becomes the maps of meaning to inspire others in the admiration, imitation, and call to adventure to take on their hero’s journey.

And because it really matters that you transform your tragedy into divine comedy.

Not just for your sake, but for the sake of many other reasons, short term and long term, intended and unintended consequences.

Just think of this statistic, macabre as it may be:

Every person who commits suicide directly impacts six other people in negative unhealthy ways.

Imagine if every person who plans on committing suicide to solve the problem of ending pain and suffering, instead, chooses self-expression by bearing the pain and transmuting it into drama, creative expression, and pay it forward artistic manifestation, through the structure of the hero’s myth, and documenting that journey in a journal, revealed in fiction based on a true ___ storytelling, in solving the pain and suffering problem, then how many more persons may we influence, inspire, and transform for the better?

The Transpersonal Pattern

And the polarity of Good and Evil.

Good and bad, hero and villain, and self-destruction and self-expression, tragedy and divine comedy.

That is distinction between the two types of sacrifices between Cain and Abel.

“It’s transpersonal, the goodness, because it’s just not ...any one person. It’s more like something that inhabits a person rather than that a person is. You can really see this, for example, on the other end….on the satanic end. If you read the writings of people who do absolutely horrific things like the shooters, you can see that possession, extraordinarily clearly, if your eyes are open, and it’s shocking, so people usually don’t look at’s an evil you only encounter if you sit in a dark place and brood on your hatred for months and years. You go places where all the dark people go and that takes you over. The good can take you over as well.”

-Dr. Jordan Peterson [x]

The Spirit of Good

“There’s this spirit of good. And what the spirit of Good does is that it acts in the world on the potential of the world to generate the actuality of the world and the Judeo-Christian proposition is is that if you confront the potential of the world with good in mind using truth, truthful communication, then the order that you extract is good, and that’s echoed in Genesis, when God is using the Word, He creates cosmos out of potential, and every time He does that, he says, “and it was Good,” and there is proposition there, and that proposition is that if you encounter potential with Truth, then the cosmos you create is actually good.”

-Dr. Jordan Peterson [x]

The Spiritual Warfare in Fiction

Thus, Journal-Artistism is the spiritual embarking of the Hero’s journey in the spiritual warring of the human spirit. We take on the call to adventure by journaling what’s so by concealing and revealing in fiction, based on a true ___ creative narrative writing.

The Reflections Program will help the journal-artist store, share, and structure truth by helping the journal-artist transform chaos into order through the power of truth telling in creative fiction, aided by the Good spirit of this higher power, and revealed to the observer of the mirror--you, the journal-artist--what the truth of your pursuit, passion, and purpose actually is.

“And then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

-John 8:32

Truth Revisited through The Ethic of Redemption

“Within the individual that redemption can be manifested….even so far as the state is concerned cause the state’s proper functioning is dependent on the proper functioning of the individual rather than the reverse, most fundamentally, and that the proper mode of individual being that is redemptive is truth, and truth is the antidote to the suffering that emerges with the fall of man in the story of Adam and Eve.”

-Dr. Jordan Peterson [x]

And that is why the first priority of the Journal-Artist is to seek the truth.

It comes before looking good.

It comes before the concern of what other people may think about your writing.

It comes before whether or not your story is “advertiser friendly” or “market friendly.”

It comes before an apology letter to affect/manipulate a certain result you desire from manifesting as a result of your writing it.

It comes before anything and all things.

The truth is the head of the dragon that operates to counter the evil dragon.

The truth is the humility embodied in writer who writes the truth despite all consequences of the telling.

The truth is the freedom fighter for the soul of the individual writing and those who read the written words.

The truth is the anti-virus, the anti-venom, the antidote to evil.

Therefore, truth is the virtue among all virtues that serves love the way the white knight serves his queen.

The truth is the hero and the heroine that archs the tragedy into the divine comedy.

The truth archs the hero’s character by becoming both the metaphorical arch of the covenant with the benevolent Good God, the God particle, the Good spirit, and the metaphysical ark that keeps one from drowning in the flood that swept others into oblivion.

The truth archs the journal-artist’ character, creates the metaphorical ark between you and the benevolent good spirit, and becomes the metaphysical ark, a boat, that keeps you floating above water, at the protection, provision, and purpose of this benevolent good God.

This is why the truth is the first and foremost priority of the Journal-Artist.

To call oneself a journal-artist is to commit to the truth at all costs.

To become a journal-artist is the call to adventure to discover the truth of one’s passion, pursuit, and purpose in life. It is a search in meaning and rides on the wave of meaning.

The Reflections program rides on Dr. Jordan Peterson’s Maps of Meaning and Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth outlined in  the Hero’s Journey by concealing and revealing truth in fiction, based on a true narrative story and activated by the artist-inspired journaling from the intimate, authentic, and raw interviews of kindred artists curated at

There will be three ways of reflecting:

  1. DIY Artist-Inspired, Fiction BOTS Journaling
  2. Peer-to-Peer AI-FBOTS Journaling
  3. In-Person AI-FBOTS Journaling Circles

Start with Heart in 13 Entries

Your golden 13.

Your golden 13 journal entries represent your internal purging of the Shadow. Your goal is to just be truthful in your entire letters to those your heart has been bitter, hurt, passionate towards. You don’t send these letters. You publish them in fiction, captured in creative expression, so that you can trap illusion in illusion’s territory--in the territory of lies. Telling your lies on the canvas of lies redeems you because it offers the soul the power of detachment and release, and it offers the spirit of lies its rightful place to be transformed. It’s taking out the garbage so that the garbage can be turned into to another form for another function.

Those 13 journal entries are designed for you to uncover the Shadow.  

“All the shadow is is the unhealed aspects of self, so it comes up through a kind of detox and it's a good thing that it comes up because it has been running the show anyway, it's just that we’ve been so anesthetized to our own circumstances, we didn’t see it.” -Marianne Williamson.

The Ambassador’s Program of

Cultivating Connection, Community, and Catharsis

The Ambassador’s Program is designed to motivate, encourage, and structure the discipline of journaling for the journal-artist to create kindred connections and build kindred communities around this new phenomenon of Journal-Artism .

The Ambassador’s program is designed to take it out of the virtual world and into the person to person realm. This is where the healing speeds up because nothing can replicate the person to person intimacy --so much is lost in communication when going through the virtual portal that the intimacy, safety, and authenticity of real time conversations whilst workshopping our journal entries in fiction through feedback and socratic questioning just can not replicate.

We will utilize the socratic method to inspire our journal-artists to go more in depth in fictional discovery for the truth in their writings. The Ambassador’s program is the art of telling the truth and the craft of concealing and revealing it through creative story. The program will coach lead journal-artists to gather, educate, and implement the journaling circles in search of the individual’s truth in their pursuit, passion, and purpose. The in personal journaling circles serve as a fellowship, a kinship, and a support group for workshopping the journal entries into meaningful insights that become actionable in real tie.

Soul Journaling

The Power of Journaling with Soul Sisters and Soul Brothers

Soul Mirror Journaling is one of the most powerful catalyzers of your personal transformation because it harnesses the power of kindred souls as well as the power of truth telling as medicine. “Love brings up everything unlike itself...The closer we get to the enlightenment state within ourselves...what happens is that healing is a kind of detox: Everything comes up in order to be released….once you start working with people in group settings that happened, it's because collectively that occurs as well. [x]”

A kindred soul is someone who has dealt with similar challenges, losses, adversities, and who have shown up in your life so both of you can break bread and break soul contracts of the past in doing so.

A kindred soul is an opportunity for redemption because through both your admission of the shadows through story, you are also shining light upon that which as been hidden. Through it, you will discover the power of your empathy towards another’s kindred spirit of having dealt with similar obstacles and you will discover the healing power of another person’s compassion towards you.

The power of kindred souls is transformative because as the universe has revealed, it operates at a higher frequency when both parties win. That is the key to true transformation. Transformation plays a non-zero-sum game, meaning at a party of two, there will be many versions of an outcome that could take place. One can win at the expense of the other, the other can win at the experience of the one, both can lose or both can win. In this scenario, transformation takes place when both parties win. That is the phenomenon you will experience when you gather a journaling community with kindred soul brethrens.

How do you find them?

Law of attraction. Most likely, by now the ones you keep close in your social circle are there because you have some type of commonality, or it has that special something you can’t quite pinpoint. There’s something about …..your friend. Magnetically you both are attracting each’s like magnets...thoughts of them implanted in your could cause triggers--anxiety, resentment, irritation or it could cause a warming, a familiarity, a knowing. It’s that something in the air we can’t quite pinpoint but we know it’s there. If you have an inkling of a person in mind, go towards it and try it out. You may not always be right, but everybody’s psychic abilities, or intuitive abilities are at different stages depending on how old their soul is.

It’s like they say in Yoga class--everybody's competing with themselves in the race towards the top. With it comes to having intuition and attracting your kindred soul brethrens, it the same discipline. Sometimes you get it, sometimes you don’t, but the more you practice, the more your senses sharpen. Often, it’s in the eye contact. It’s looking into somebody else’s eyes with a mixture of curiosity and love in your intention--like watching a movie and probing into someone’s life.

You are recreating a reality of a time that has struck your soul.

What do I mean by that?

Journaling has distinctive qualities. It is not a travel itinerary, outlining the things you did that day. It is not a list of things you want to do in life. Journaling is capturing the poignant moments that made your heart beat heavier, made you hold your breath for just a moment longer, it is those moments of deep catalyzation and revelation that you wished you had captured and now you’re here to set the intention of capturing.

Journaling is storytelling. And like any good story of our times, we focus on the inciting incident, building up the tension, and then watch our heros in action during the crisis. We are here to witness true character inspire us, disgust us, warn us, tickle and delight us, and create an awe that resonates deeply within the reader. That is the power of sharing story.

Great stories are told in authenticity, vulnerability, and creativity. Those are the secret ingredients that are transformative to both the writer and the reader.

That is why when you journal, pick scenes like you would writing a screenplay. We didn’t see those many long years of Forrest Gump getting teased and bullied--one just saw one memorable one where if he didn’t run, he would have been possibly stoned to death. That was a poignant moment that became an indelible part of his growth. And like all good storytelling, the scene is designed to push forward the hero’s ultimate pursuit.

For many of you reading this, you don’t quite yet know what your pursuit is yet, or you many have multiple and can’t decide on which to craft in this playbook, or you may have one already but you fear that it may shift over time. All these fears are valid but are not grounded on possibility. The solution? The solution is an iterative one--quite like starting a business to discover the solution to a problem you want to solve.

The solution to the hero’s pursuit starts with the problem.

We all have problems. Start with one. The miracle of focusing on one problem to solve is that on your dogged stubbornness in solving that problem, you will inadvertently discover solutions to your other problems. Start with the problem you’ve been avoiding the most--that one tucked deep within the subconscious. Not ready for that one to open yet? That’s okay. Then focus on second most important problem to solve. Why the settling?

What I’ve learned are two things:

Life is not cookie cutter

But the dough must be cut to make cookies.

Start with one and stay true to that one until you have solved it. Sometimes it may take years, decades, or along the journey of solving it, you may discover the limitations of being human in solving in and yet discovered another solution to give to humanity.

Brody was on his pursuit to becoming a big hit screenwriter and discovered his breakthrough in street art as Wrdsmith.

I wanted to be a journalist, not realizing that I would produce a new form of journal-ism in journaling.

Through having dialogue with your group, you will discover who you really are.

II. Produce your own Journaling Circles:

Here are the steps to producing your own journaling groups:

  1. Sign up for our Journaling Mentors Group.
  2. Download the free Journaling Group workbook
  3. Secure your journaling circle and began the 8 week session.

The promises of the Artist-Inspired Journal circles are:

The Journaling Circle

The first step to producing a Journaling circle of people who are willing to journaling with you on this 8 week transformative experience is by first gathering your friends and family. Throw any presuppositions of who is the “journaling” type out of the window. Have you heard of the saying, “Don’t judge a book by it's cover?” Even though we all do, it’s simply ineffective when we are dealing in the realm of transformation.

Transformation by definition is a shift in perception of our reality, so the first shift in perception of reality must first come from you. However, don’t discount the obvious.

Start with the Low Hanging Fruit

Start with people you know who are open to the journaling experience. Make a list.

Your goal is to get a peer group between 3-8. No more than 8 as we want to keep the level of intimacy and conversations thorough and deep. It’s quality not quantity that makes the difference in the Artist-Inspired Journaling Circles.

Use this template to invite out people:

Step 1: The Ask Template:

Dear Friend,

I want to start an Artist-Inspired Journaling group because [speak from the heart only… leave all manipulation and superficial incentives out].

I desire to share this experience with you because [again, really search deeply in your heart to discover the reason. Leave any superficial reasons out --i.e. Labels-- “because you’re my friend”  “because we live close” “because you’re a creative writer.”]

This is a 13 week program where we journal _____ times a week for ____  minutes each session. It’s an intense program, but out of this experience we will discover certain truths that we’ve been avoiding about ourselves and others.

You will also feel a new type of freedom in your life--a freedom to shift your path in a way that helps you get back on the track you’ve been wanting to walk on. If you are yearning for answers to questions you haven’t made the time to discover yet, then artist-inspired journaling is a way for us to hold space for one another in our respective discoveries.

It is also cheaper than therapy. It’s a way for kindred friends to really dig deep. I ask for your courage to commit to a group that is built on trust, authenticity, and vulnerability. We believe that we can hold each other’s truth in a creative way while journaling throughout the days.

We will meet in person____ a  week for 13 weeks, and our personal journaling will happen for _______.

You will receive a special journal that is designed to get you confronted with what you’ve been avoiding, get you compassionate with the characters you resent, and get you come to terms and perhaps even peace once you’ve been able to tell your story.


Love and Blessings,

Your Name

Please Note when writing the letter:

Be courageous in your forwardness. When your friend had that one problem he or she is dealing with bring it up now and be bold in letting them know why it matters to you.] It’s important that you leave all pretenses out. What I mean by pretenses are reasons that on the superficial level seem great, but at the heart of the big Why it doesn’t align. For example, you know you’re friend is good at creative writing doesn’t mean that your friend is at a season where he or she is going through anything painful or deep to get personal with you over. Another example is if you have a crush with someone and you want to find any reason to get that person close to you. Now if this crush is someone dealing with adversities, then yes, do ask as you will be shooting two birds with one stone.

Step 2: The Gathering

Get RSVPs. First come, first serve. Allow the universe show you and become open minded to different people. Next, get a place that is private and secure a date that could work for all parties.


Type of

21 electronic candles.


Classical jazz music.

Create an ambient environment that

Journal Circle


Addendum 1: Promises

Addendum 2: Guidelines

The Mirror

The Storyteller

How to deconstruct a Writing Piece

Keep in Character:

When discussing the journal piece, please keep all conversations within the framework of the story by referring to the characters rather than the authors when peeling the layers.

Step 3: Merry Go-Round and Set Schedule

Get intentional by getting everybody’s schedules in the calendar to this may run consistently. Like a book club, the strength of the circle is grounded upon the strength on the commitment, courage, and integrity of the group. Choose people in your group that you know you can count on and encourage those who are not to sit in on one of the eight sessions and observe. Encourage them to consider hosting their own circle for they will have a better track record of consistency if they host.

Everybody is encouraged to go through five different journaling sessions prior to attending the following journaling group to keep the flow of transformation going.

Group Flow

To achieve optimal group flow, each group member will strive towards consistency in the 20-20-20 Artist-Inspired Journaling work. And it is work. Like all great professionals, the mark of an artist is craft, discipline and consistency. We are training you how to discover your inner artist by having the integrity of an artist. Having a group to create the groundwork for catalyzing your inner artist through the power of soul-mirroring is one of the most profound steps one takes, like going to the gym.  

The Documentary Producer’s Playbook

We, The Documentary Producers

...then we shall see face to face...reveals the mystery of love expressed in the comradery and compassion that takes place in the act of multimedia pitching, production, and publishing.

The Storyteller’s Producer’s Program is designed to cultivate comradery and compassion.

But first the definitions of each.

Comradery comes from the French word, “camaraderie,” and means

“mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together.

Comradery comes from committing to a shared purpose--a higher goal that can benefit, potentially, hundreds to tens of thousands people. It’s a butterfly effect.

Compassion, according to Cambridge dictionary, defines compassion as “to suffer with…” as an emotional response to sympathy [x].

Storyteller’s Producer’s Program is designed to Cultivate Comradery and Compassion through the pitching, producing, and publishing process.

“...then we shall see Face to Face…”

-1 Corinthians 13, Verse 12


“But I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more….” - The Proclaimers

What is the point of Milestones? The same could be asked of why Forrest Gump chose to run, why people camp for days before a Star Wars premiere, why you chose to read this…

It’s just cause.

Social Cause.


The same goes for the 7 Milestones of Act II’s: Call to Adventure.

Act II is about going out there, into the wild, and into the zone of anxiety, awkwardness, and unknown.

Welcome to Part II of your Hero’s Journey.

I am inspired by many artists in my journey of pitching, interviewing, producing, and journaling. Some of the artists became my friends, and others I have followed and witnessed their growth from indie to mainstream, and this journey is a step by step miracle. The important thing to self-realize in the process and Be Here Now, as Nahko, Medicine for the People would say.

Take an action.

Even when it feels insufferably hard, and you want to shit in your pants cause you’re filled with so much fear (f.e.a.r.= false evidence appearing real), know that you’re not alone. You have a community of kindred strangers who are traversing the same path as you are in our respectively different and unique ways. Luckily, you’ll be one of the first of many to co-create this community through your presence in this solo journey.

One of the most poignant moments in my life was in 7th grade and we went on a school trip to Lake Arrowhead in California. The camp leaders wanted us to go on a solo night hike and this activity was optional. Being the adventurous girl who often got bored easily, I was game. I didn’t realize what I was getting myself into (and thank God I didn’t know the entire process beforehand, or perhaps I would have let my fears change my mind and this wouldn’t be a good story). It was around a dozen brave souls who followed our camp counselor through the woods, on a blanket of snow, in the middle of the twilight (I exaggerate, it was more like 9:00 pm, but I was 12 and so it had the suspense of twilight), and we walked on for about twenty minutes into the woods with what seemed like hours. We were all anxious. You could feel the anxiety build up in all of us. Quiet, hushed, machinations of monsters, wild things, and hauntings filled the ticking time, until a sudden stop. We have arrived. Gulp.

“Okay, kids, we’re doing an exercise on courage and faith,” the counselor said to us. I could see the smoke vapors from my breath and his.

“Look up at the moon,” he said. We all looked up.

“This will be your guide for the next 15 minutes,” he said. “Trust your instincts, and trust the illumination of the light, and trust in the path that will take you through the trail.”

The rest of us looked at each other like he was talking in foreign language. He’s really going to let us loose into the dead of night? I mean, is this even legal?

Most of our parents would flip if they knew.

I mean the idea sounded cool, but now that we’re actually here, what did we get ourselves into?!

“So how this works is each one of you will be walking this trail alone. There are no flashlights, but it is a full moon tonight, so you’ll have plenty of light to guide you.”

My mouth turned dry. I swallowed nothing and started coughing. They sent the first kid off to the woods, alone, and we all waited in silence, every second felt like ten more. What was perhaps only two minutes felt like fifteen. Then, the counselor said, “Okay, who would like to go next?” I raised my hand. The wait of the unknown felt more tortuous than actually doing it. It was intuitive. So out I went. Into the woods. I heard the owls, the sounds of cicadas, the chirps, burps, and clicks of various creatures hidden in the safety of the night, and I kept walking and looking up at the pale cratored blue moon, thinking that the adults have lost their minds and we are the fool for it, transformed into potential fodder for the wolves who are surely to show up in a pack and devour us like children in a witch’s brew. And yet, in the midst of fear and wild imaginations, I just kept walking. Five minutes, I started accepting my reality. No death. No wolves. I’m still here. Keep walking. Five minutes later, I started feeling giddy. This is kind of exciting. So this is courage. Wow...feels kind of nice. By the time I was at the end of the hike, I had already embraced myself--Ming--it means illumination, the first part of my Chinese name, “Ming” in “Ming-Jie.” The moon protected me, and the feeling of being taken care of, watched like a Grandfather clock, and nurtured by the illumination of the moon’s beauty struck the deeper chords of my consciousness.

Keep trekking.

And here I open up the first milestone for your journey in the Call to Adventure. There will be no coach looking over your shoulder, except for the virtual one, me in the present, projecting into the future that you will read this to get grounded on my intention for you to trek alone.

There will be no procession during your walk, no applause at the finish line, and if you’re lucky, perhaps a pat on the shoulder from a friend who has paused from his or her busy life to acknowledge you, “that looks cool.” or “I’m happy for you,” but don’t expect it. It’s the walk of the lone wolf (analogy intended).  

This playbook is a guide for you to explore the adventures and phenomenon of face to face, so you may discover your being and becoming in another person’s being and becoming. Don’t expect validation from anywhere else other than the validation from the pit of your soul, dwindling and kindling, stoked and stashed, retreating and roaring, the push and pull of the tides of you in action as the producer. Welcome to your own discovery in the Call.

And no, I’m not going to hold your hand. Because this is your walk into the woods. You must do it alone. You don’t have to be lonely because you have the universe wrapping you in its blanket,  incubating your spiritual growth, so move with it and push through the resistance like a sword tempered through the fire.

Actions define Character,

not feelings nor lip service.

Failure to Act and How to Act when Failing[6]

“Love is an Action, not Lip Service.” - Mel Novak

It is for you to trek the darkness, find the dragon, confront it, slay it, and find the elixir to bring back to humanity.

“Memory is not a description of the objective past. Memory is a tool. Memory is the past’s guide to the future. If you remember that something bad happened, and you can figure out why, then you can try to avoid that bad thing happening again. That’s the purpose of memory. It’s not ‘to remember the past.’ It’s to stop the same damn thing from happening over and over.” [7] 

This will later be valuable when you pitch and when you publish your artist-inspired journal entry.

It is important to note here that intelligence and performance is not the same equivalent than human value. In other words, just because you lack a skill does not make you less than or the flipside, just because you are the best at a certain skill does not make you more than the value of another human being. Intelligence and human worth are two seperate playing fields.[8]

Why do I make this important assertion? Because how you work your own program, whether it is journaling, authoring, or doing a rigorous 12-Step Program in an Anonymous Support Group does not indicate that you are a more worthy or worthier human being that the Joe Smoe you know who is not working a program. It is important to approach groundwork as an individual mirror work, one that is done in privacy, without the need to show off, though you can showcase (there is a difference), one that is done with humility, without the need to brag to friends and family in hopes they will join you on this journey, but rather doing it because you can serve and show up more consistently and add more value to your friends and family members.

The distinction between learning a skill, craft, or trade (the act of doing) is completely separate from being a certain type of human being (the discipline of Being). Human worth is an inside out job. Seek not validation from others but one from the deeper part of you that is good, strengthened through faith in God, that you have been crafted in God’s image[9], and thus a piece of his heart soul is embedded in your avatar called a human body[10] and an “identity” in context to the social construct of the collective agreement in a particular community.

You have the power of choice to either become your own god or co-create with God (for more information on this concept, feel free to join our propel women’s group for this concept and Pastor Judah Smith for everyone else). It is your choice because love is a choice[11].

You can deny love like one may deny water, but denying it by virtue does not make it go away nor does it make it any less unreal.

God is love.

True or false. You chose.

Just know that even when you choose the statement above to be false and/or you deny love altogether, it does not make either the statement above any less true nor does God deny you as love manifested as an extension of His soul, the same way we can rationalize the existence of water.

There is a saying, “you may lead a horse to water, but it is up to the horse to drink.”

Well (pun intended), the water still exists just like love still exists whether you are the horse that chooses to drink or not to drink.

So let’s start there, because I believe that this is the groundwork to your journey as a Love Story Creative.

This is simply to say that you do not need that “lovey dovey” feeling to qualify as a Love Story Creative, you do not need to fully understand love, and even if you fully accept and understand love, you do not need to perfect or master it in order to qualify as a Love Story Creative. In fact, you can push, cry, whine, blame, and hate your entire way through this program.

Why? Because that’s just the human experience and because I did it that way, and since I’m the founder, I get the luxury of making the guidelines around here =P.

Thus, please consider joining our Discover Your Narrative Group--Journaling, narrating, and doing the inner work so you can formulate, articulate, and translate your story into an inspiring stand for both the artist and your production team to go forth in your pursuit.

Let’s Begin.

Milestone #1: Know Thyself

Click on Picture Below & Watch The Intro

Who are you?

What’s your story? The mess that turned into your message, the test that turned into your testimony, the pain that you are in process of transforming into passion.

What’s your stand for humanity? What’s your big WHY?  Why do you exist?

Are you in the process of discovering it or have you always secretly known, but you’ve been avoiding it for so long that you had almost forgotten who you truly are?

Are you ashamed to speak the truth of your purpose here? And if you are, are you willing to let go of the shame and guilt so you can get outside of yourself and stand for someone else like you?

Did you witness someone who reminded you of who you were and are you willing to step up to speak for those who are still not ready to speak for themselves?

Are you willing to break out of your cocoon now?

These questions are not meant to intimidate you although it most likely will, and rather, these questions are for you to really look at yourself.

The Man in the Mirror

“I’m starting with the man in the mirror.

I’m asking him to change his ways.

No message could have been any clearer

If you want to make the world a better place,

Take a look at yourself, then make a change.”

Who am I to be blind

Pretending not to see their needs…

If you want the world a better place,

Take a look at yourself and make a change.

I’ve been a victim of

A selfish kind of love...”

Start there.

You don’t have the setting for the story for any artist until you know who you are in the story you are choosing to show up for in this world.

Who are you? No, not your Social Media persona, not your life-lie.[12] 

Who are you really?

What depths of challenges are you experiencing with your family, your friends, yourself?

What lies have you been propagating to everyone and to yourself about yourself that is not true?

What is the truth of who you are and where you are?

Milestone #2: The Pitch

The pitch is the big WHY

It’s personal, if you’re truly honest about yourself.

It’s authentic, if you’re truly honest with yourself.

It’s your stand and it’s going to take something, if you’re truly honest about delivering value to the artist, to those you stand for, and to yourself.

You will need to get in touch with yourself so you can speak from the heart about things that

Hurt you

Moved you to tears

Tore down your ego

Whatever stripped you into nothingness, the void, the pitch black

That is the space from where you write your pitch.

It is sourced from the root chakra,

Brewed from the pelvic chakra,

And fueled by the solar chakra

The root, pelvic, and solar are the drivers of money, sex, power.

That’s where you start.

Start with the self.

You got to be selfish to become selfless.

My Selfish Desires

Circa 2014

I started The Love Story Project in a wedding dress with a microphone, a video camera and a burning desire for revenge.

I was pissed.

A mad girl.

Months earlier, I was drinking and popping prescription pills, hating the miserable state and circumstance that I was in.

I lost my job, sold my house, and cursed a failed marriage.

I hated all men and I wanted revenge.

But I’m a rational revenge seeker.

I had to think about the best case scenario of taking revenge.

If I tried killing myself again, that would only hurt my parents.

If I tried killing another, I am guaranteed to go to prison since my personality lacks cunning, apathy, and commitment to deception.

Thus, I had to tap into what comes naturally: Creativity, innovation, and my natural born talents.

I fused my experience in adult support groups with my love for journalism, photography, traveling, and writing. I also had a burning desire to find kindred strangers who may be experiencing similar pains of loving and losing so I would feel less alone, so I would get out of my own head, so I can perceive myself as multimedia storyteller and social entrepreneur rather than a mentally ill patient, embittered divorcee, and a loser who moved back in with her parents in her 30s.

I was searching for meaning, for inspiration, for a way through the pain. After the many interviews with random strangers on the streets, I came home to LA and invested some of my money in a digital hip hop company, and invested 9 months and 10k of my money in a jack of all trades hustler in the hip hop music industry.

I left feeling codependently used, victimized, and embittered. It would be years later that I would discover that this is part of The Hero’s Journey— this would be the thief who stole the boy’s life savings in the Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist (sorry for the spoiler).

I started Love Story during a time when I already expended most of the money from the house I had sold to travel, write, eat, and learn from another publishing industry, so I started I started substitute teaching whilst learning how to start my own publishing company.

What I got from my experience investing in Mr. Hip Hop Publisher was the courage and the hunger to finally go head on with my own project.

After all, if he could do it, so can I.

It was easier said than done, though. I was met with the pervasive gripping fear of the unknown. I have no credentials in media, I have no experience in business, and I had trust issues.

I would start and stop, start and stop, on The Love Story, until one day, a few of my students came crying to me after class. They said that their friend had taken her life. She was bullied in school, she had experienced her first break up, and her parents were not present for her. She felt she had nobody. They showed me a YouTube video of her singing John Legend’s Ordinary People, a beautiful voice, and my heart shook.

In that moment, I knew Love Story was no longer about me.

Since that incident, I have lost a few other friends along the way.

My friend Franklin took his life.

My friend Chi Hoe took his life.

It is no longer about me.

If I’m honest about myself, I would say after two suicide attempts and multiple mental hospitalizations, Love Story truly helped me get out of my own head while stoking the fire of passion, purpose, and meaning to continue living and that’s why I gave my time, money, and resources to the project.

If I’m honest with myself, I would say my own suicide attempts were caused by three main factors that I had experienced when I was depressed and ideating.

The dialogue in my head were:


“I’m all alone, nobody understands nor cares about the depth of pain in what I’m going through.”

“There is something wrong with me.” Why am I sad all the time? I’m just a burden to others. The world would be better off without me.

“What’s the point of loving if the duality is to suffer the pain of losing? What’s the point of living if the duality of living is to suffer the pain of living?”

Three main factors:

“I’m all alone, there’s something wrong with me, and what’s the point?”

From the depths of understanding sourced from my own experiences, I resolved to seek a solution for myself and for people like Alejandra, Frank, and Chihoe.

How do I shift the inner narrative from “I’m all alone” into “we’re all connected and we all will one day go through it? As inevitable as birth and death itself.”

How do I shift the inner narrative from “There’s something wrong with me” into “I’m perfect in my process whilst processing through the pain?”

How do I shift the inner narrative from “What’s the point to pain?” Into “the point of pain is to ____________”

You fill in the blank.

Mine is: The point of pain is to discover my inner artist in heartbreak.

Feel free to integrate this into yours reason as well. It’s a gift that keeps giving from a well spring of a non zero sum game.

Sherman Wellons, a creative producer who has supported the vision behind The Love Story, helped me broker my first interview for The Love Story in Los Angeles with his friend, Marisabel Bazan.

Marisabel revealed the impact her friend’s suicide has made on her. Initially, I had shied away from revealing too much intimate stories so publicly, so we had made it almost commercial, trying to fit in with most mainstream media. By the time I came to, we had lost the footages of the original story.

Then, my first successful pitch was with Antonique Smith, Grammy nominated R&B singer, actress, and songwriter. I was too shy to interview her, so I had pushed it off to my sister, Amber.

Then, my second pitch was to Dream Rockwell, co-founder of Lightning in a Bottle, thanks to the brokership of Melissa Wynn Jones of The Confluence Group. First I went straight to Dream with the ask, then with Melissa with the ask, then a follow up with an email, then a second follow up with a more elaborate lengthy email, this time pouring my heart open about what happened to me, what I witnessed through my students’ friends, and why it matters that Dream shares her story, after listening to her heartfelt story when she stood on the platform at the Temple of Consciousness and shared her truth authentically, unapologetically, and graciously with kindred strangers.

My third pitch was to Crywolf on Soundcloud. I told him about my struggle with bipolar manic depression and the stats of others who have suffered from this. He was willing to open up with The Love Story because of our stand.

Are you ready to go down the rabbit hole?

Let’s start with the problem.

It’s an epidemic, it’s a collective, it’s the human experience.

One of the major effects of heartbreak is depression.

Depression leads to suicidal ideations.

Depression is suppressed expression.

The Love Story exists to inspire the broken hearted to choose the path of Self-Expression.

You are watching this video because you have chosen to go down the rabbit hole, do the shadow work, which is the inner work (Yin work in the Taoist Ying/Yang Dualism), and embrace the hero’s journey of breaking your heart open.

So get rigorously honest with yourself.

Assignment #2: What is your big why?

  1. Who are you thinking of when you imagine the person on the receiving end of listening, watching, and journaling from the story you have produced?
  2. Why does it matter that artists share their stories to the world?
  3. Why does it specifically matter TO YOU that THIS PARTICULAR ARTIST shares His or Her story to the world?

Answer these 3 questions, and you will begin to discover your true north in this project.

That’s Your Pitch.

The Pitch is the big WHY of why you are doing this in the first place.

It’s your stand. It’s going to take something. You will need to get in touch with yourself so you can speak from the heart of what’s actually going with you, with things that happened that has affected you enough to move through the pain and do something about it.

 This is a direct breaking open through the spoken truth to reach out in a hail mary prayer of miracles, to a stranger who has never met you, spoken to you, and inspire them enough to open up about their truth for other strangers who has never met them, spoken to them, and yet will be inspired by their story.

It starts with a seed.

It starts with you.

It starts with your seed of truth.

And first the truth.

The Truth is that people are in pain.

The Truth is that you might be one of these people.

The Truth is loss is an inevitable part of life that comes with being human and loving deeply.

The Truth is that people are going through heartbreak because they have loved someone so deeply and they are processing the pain of loss.

The Truth is all of us will one day experience this.

It is as inevitable as death and birth itself.

And the truth is that there are two paths of the broken hearted:



Yes, it is that binary. Like 0s and 1s in all technological coding.

To be or not to be.

To feel or not to feel.

The Love Story exists to inspire the broken hearted to choose the path of Self-Expression.

The Love Story exists to inspire the broken hearted to feel through it, move through it, be through it by taking the path of journaling, journalism, and the personal journey of breaking one’s heart open.

The Love Story exists to inspire people to discovering their inner artist in heartbreak.

So we interview people who have been there, done that, and transformed through it.

And whilst you are in the process of pitching, you will plant the seed to your own opening of what’s in the space of transitioning from problem into solution.

You discover that your actions are taking you to the bridge of transitions.

What that transition is only you intimately know.

You must express it in the pitch. Even if it is not all the way thought through. When you are beginning your first draft in the pitch, you will be also formulating your transition opening.

There are two ways you may formulate the pitch.

Start with an artist in mind first

Keep in mind that personal does not necessarily mean it has to do directly with you. It could be a friend, family member or a person who has impacted you in some way. It’s still relational back to something that has impacted you. Or it can just be your personal story dealing with ______.

If you can’t personally relate, you may want to reconsider your motives of why you are interviewing this artist in the first place.

Start with your personal story in mind first.

From that place of truth, you will then look for the artist that may relate to your story and/or the person you want to impact.

Sometimes, those feelings are too overwhelming that our conscious has to box it in and lock it away in order for us to even function day to day.

That’s okay. That’s a self-defense mechanism to prevent us from self-destruction.

However, leaving those feelings boxed in for a prolonged amount of time, through the numbing of pills, alcohol, overeating, overworking, over spending, whatever the mechanism is to suppress, oppress, and depress will eventually have it's negative side effects.

Thus, journal by answering the questions to the milestone assignments as you continue your Producer’s journey.

First Draft

First draft is written as a confession letter to your inner child.

Who is the person you are reaching out to?

Second Draft

The second draft is edited for the Artist.

Why this artist?

Third Draft

The third draft is edited for yourself.

Why is it personal to you?

By the time you are through with your third edits, you will be ready to send the love letter to the artist you want to pitch to.

You may have to go through a few gatekeepers (the publicist, the manager, the friend, etc.). Share to each person as if you were talking to the artist directly. Each person matters. Breaking your heart will most likely be painful each time. Do it anyway.

Because it’s about you and it’s not about you at the same time.

Here is an archive of all my pitches.

Some worked, most did not.

It’s not personal either, though the pitch will be personal.

Sometimes, artists are busy, some are still depressed and not ready to open up about it, some are still working through their journey and again, are not ready to open up about it, and sometimes you’re pitch is too long, too short, not identifiable, too identifiable, ad infinitum.

In other words, don’t take it personal though you’ve just offered a personal love letter. Love is a choice. And so it is a choice for the artist to reciprocate that love back.

A few love notes on what you may want to include in the Artist Interview Request/ Artist Pitch :

  1. Your personal pain to passion story
  2. Why this particular artist? What is it about this person that you believe people will benefit from this person’s story?
  3. What is this person’s story that you want to know more about?
  4. Our organization’s mission (you can review it here → Mission)
  5. How our Journals Work (you can give them this link → TLSJ)
  6. Provide them with the Artist Media Kit with a quick mention that they will receive royalties if published (without mentioning any hard numbers as that will vary as we continue iterating our organization).
  7. Make sure you end it with a personal note of the big WHY and WHY HIM/HER?
  8. After your signature, add your title, and our website so they can check it out. Below that, choose a quote that reflects your truth and/or what you stand for.

All these elements do not guarantee you an interview, but it will increase your chances of.

Follow up after a few days or a few weeks, depending on the relationship you have with the artist. Persistence does pay off. Remember, you are approaching the artist. Treat it as if you are in courtship--with reverence, respect, and healthy boundaries.

Milestone #3: Pre-Production

When the artist you are pursuing gave you your first yes! Congratulations! Now the work begins. The pre-interview is the make or break of first impressions. It’s like speed dating. You only get the first few minutes and based on what you do and don’t do next, it’ll set the tone of the interview.

Here are a list of dos and don’ts


Follow up with a pre-interview question that would help you formulate and differentiate the interview from other interviews that are already in existence. This means DO your research prior to framing your questions (More on how to frame questions during the principles of craft section)

Do Not

Treat them like they are your subjects.  Remember, you may be their fan, you may think you know them from their work, but they do not yet know you. Do not make it weird. Respect is earned and so is intimacy.


Set a time for a pre-interview via phone or in person. Mutually set a date and set a confirmation a few days prior to the day of the interview with both the Artist and your Production team.

Do Not

Forget, procrastinate, or get lazy about the call sheet and reminders. Everything is a reflection of you. Everything. You are a producer because you are the boss and you are the boss because you have creative control and creative direction. These freedoms come only through discipline. Take the path of higher resistance. Take the path of Creative Freedom. Take the path of responsibility.


Center the interview around the stand that both of you are here for. Take time to discuss your big why. Preface who you are standing for and then bring the ball to the artist’ court. .

This is what I typically send to artists to ensure transparency→ Artist Pre-Interview

Do this within 3 days of the artist saying “yes” to you and remember, it is your responsibility to follow up with the artist. This is your lead, your story, your reputation, your words of initiation and request. Honor yourself by following through.

There are five steps to the Pre-Production Process

Step 1: Secure Your Crew

Option A: Volunteers and Interns

Volunteer Match and Internmatch

(Our account will be given to you on a private email once you have signed up to join our Producer’s Collective)

Volunteers and Interns are a hit and miss. Sometimes, you get gems, and other times you get flops. That’s because people (sadly) often identify money with value rather than mission with value. This is a process that is still being transformed. Once people understand a bit more on the law of attraction, the power of giving and being of service to attract true value in a person’s life without the attachment of “if i do this, then I must get back that” mentality, then the value with naturally present itself.

In my experience, I’ve pushed through with amazing people who showed up as volunteers and still carried through as professionals. Communication and leadership is key when it comes to stepping into the choice of attracting volunteers for your project.

In other words, you have to step into the faith, passion, and commitment of this project so it becomes contagious. Be open to breaking your heart open to the people who will help you along the way of this project. When you are honest with yourself about yourself, you can communicate the big why of why you are doing this. Without manipulation, without saying the things that you think they want to hear. Come from a place of truth--inner truth.

This matters to me because I had almost taken my life in 2013 from a path of self-loathing, bitterness, and self-destruction. I felt used, helpless, and victimized. I was a victim, and I couldn’t see past the wounds, life in the here and now was stuck on a repeat of the past. I was burning in hatred, for self, others, and life. I had to get out there and interview artists as my lifeline. When I listened to other people’s share, I realized that I was not alone in the process of dealing with heartbreak, grief, and pain. A few years later, there was a student that had taken her life from her first heartbreak. Even though we were 20 years apart, we could have been the same person. I knew in that moment, that my interviewing other artists were beyond just getting out of my head, but now it was for someone else. Someone, I may not ever meet, yet I know because I’ve been there, and know what a taste of hell is like.

From that space, you can inspire people--people who had thought they can’t do, or they don’t matter, into a space of they can, they will, and they must. You’d be surprised at how kindness, generosity, and a space of good will can change a person when what’s at stake is not about them, but rather, about a kindred stranger.

Volunteers may have the exact skill sets you need. Other times, you just need someone to hold the iphone for you. Hold the lights. Do a bit of YouTube research on “How-to” for sound, lighting, and camera to figure it out as you go.

Option B: Hire Professional Freelancers

You want professional quality. Having people with experience will teach you. Think of this strategy as investing in your own learning. People pay thousands of dollars for film school. Why not just hire a professional camera person and let them lead you. That’s your on-the-job training. Think of this person as your personal consultant. As the producer, your can just focus on the interview itself and ask them for ideas on how to tell the story. Professionals LOVE LOVE LOVE to get creative. Not to say that volunteers won’t get creative, but the difference is that a professional will have the experience to translate the vision from paper into reality. They have the competence to create the shot/lighting/sound for the vision that perhaps the both of you co-created. It’s like asking someone to help you solve an algebra equation. If your partner is competent, most likely they will be able to help you solve it in a quicker way. You want someone to lead you and teach you. That’s a good sign, trust me. If you’re the one doing directing for all creative choices, it may be tasking, you’ll burn out quicker, and there will be more mistakes. So the benefits of hiring a professional is you’ll be redirecting all the energy of worrying into energy you will be using for creating and focusing on the story.

Also, know that this is a reflection of you. The story will also be submitted for review on quality. It’s the crew that make up the quality of the story and you want to respect your time, the artist time, and the audience’s time so be picky when it comes to bringing on members onboard your team.

Step 2. Agreements with Crew

Agreement with Crew members. The most important one is the liability waiver. Since we are a co-collective of independent contractors with our own crew, our own story, our own relationships, it’s important that you protect yourself when people come on. Make it clear that each crew member is responsible for themselves. I’ve volunteered for a few non profits in the past, and it has been my responsibility to show up, behave, and be of service. Nobody is responsible for me when I show up tired, careless, or negligent. Make it clear that each individual person is independently responsible for themselves. Production are usually one-off projects so making it clear that they are freely and willingly coming onboard for the mission. Sort out your own agreements with them--whether that is giving them a stipend or sharing the piece of the royalties pie, or just letting them know this is a volunteer position. How you want to structure the pre-agreement is up to you.

The Love Story Media’s agreement is only with you, the Producer, and it states clearly in our contract that you are 100% liable for your crew members, your artist, your production. We do not micromanage, we do not have the infrastructure to Big Brother you, and even if we did, it’s a pain in the butt to micromanage anyone or anything. We would rather focus all our energy on creating solutions rather than fixing problems that is not ours to fix.

That said, we’d like to take the Alcoholics Anonymous approach of being individually accountable. The Law of the Universe will sort each person out. Your word is bond, your choices are your karma, and your individual journey is your individual journey. When you show up without integrity, you’re chaining yourself to suffering in the long run. Don’t do that. You may as well sit still and do nothing. However, we understand mistakes happen. Misunderstandings happen. Mindlessness happens. When that happens, we encourage you to own it, learn from it, and grow from it.

Next, when you are in integrity, you can utilize Love Story as an opportunity to show up in integrity. Think of this as a way to push through the insanity...insanity? What insanity you ask? The insanity of operating your default easy way out by hiding yourself behind an excuse...that insanity. Get out of your head, where you find yourself getting stuck, and go straight into your heart by acting through doing the right thing. You know the difference. It’s that gut feeling--that tingling you get when you break through that new realm of possibility, into the adventure of the unknown, into spiritual growth, mental toughness, and emotional freedom. When you make the choices that pull you towards unfamiliar territory, and still operate in integrity, you are the being and becoming of your higher self, pulled through faith, sweat, and tears. It’s going to take something from you. It’s leadership, that may taking action while you are insecure, it may take courage to be vulnerable, it may take creativity to be a contributing asset to solve a global problem, and when you get stronger, you can look back and move towards confidence, boldness, and freedom through responsibility (a paradox, I know, but wise words from my dad and bestselling books from the leaders of our time).

Step 3. Communicate with the Artist


Artist Release Form

Love Story Media Kit

Send Artist Sample Questions

Step 4: Collect and Submit Release Forms and Contracts

Collect the Release form prior to the day of the Interview

Or have the artist sign before the interview starts on the day of production.

Step 5: Customize the interview Questions for the Artist

Customize the questions to the artist after initial conversations and pre-research. However, keep an open mind and stay unattached to the script. On the day of the interview, go with the flow.

Milestone #4: Interviewing the Artist

Make sure you have your questions ready prior to production day. Come prepared with a cup half full and half empty. I say half full because you can do research, but there is such a thing as doing too much research. You also want to come in the interview with a cup half empty so that the artist can fill out the rest.

Come in with no assumptions and all curious questions.

Really, come in with half the knowledge, enough to formulate customized questions, tailored to their unique story, but be ready to throw out all your preconceived notions and assumptions about this artist.

A word on assumptions:

Don’t assume anything because assuming with make an ass out of u and me.

Ass | u | me

Be ready to come in with a half-empty cup and be ready to sit still and silent. Stay focused on the interviewer when it’s time for them to talk. Do not interrupt.

If you want better interviewing skills, consider joining Masterclass with Bob Woodward on Investigative Journalism where he will teach you the techniques of the interview, along with many more neat tips to approach the subject with an intent filled with integrity, curiosity, and professionalism.

The more professional you are, the more respect you will receive from the artist. What I mean by professionalism is not necessarily formality so much at it is the ability to build rapport, maintain trust, and create a level of follow through that ensures accountability, integrity, and deliverables.

This means that you walk in with the intent of fulfilling the mission of the big Why of the interview for the audience out there. Artists do what they do because ultimately they want to better humanity. It is rooted in the spirit of hope, compassion, and love, despite the reality of adversities, suffering, and evil that we all face.

Honor their story by paying attention, honor their presence by being there early, which is actually on time in production, and honor yourself by following through on your word. You walk in not only representing yourself, your stand, The Love Story, the team members, but also the mission as a universal struggle for humanity. In other words, there is a lot at stake, and to treat it with honor, respect, and discipline is the path of The Artist Way. 

Professional Respect on Set

Get to know one another prior to the day of filming. Perhaps even take them out for coffee to do a pow wow on what is to be expected. Provide them with a list of guidelines, an ethics code of conduct, or have a phone conference to discuss the nature of the tone, momentum, and overall vision of the day of interview.

Arrive 15 minutes prior to the appointed time. Early is on time in the realm of entertainment. Professionalism often times speaks louder than the conversation or any correspondences prior to meeting. We’ve all had experiences where a salesman talked a good talk, the charming date you had high hopes for had a good game, and the first day of school that went well, but it is usually what comes afterward that sustains the relationship. It’s when the product works, the date shows consistency and loyalty, and the friend that stood by your side while you faced a bully that is the true test of bonding and intimacy.

Whilst initial energy, civility, and passion may initiate the interview, it is the interview itself, and everything else that comes after it (post-production, follow through, and delivery), that separates the professionals from the amateurs, the men from the boys, the women from the girls….you get the point. You are now a journal-artist and the director of the ship.

You have a powwow with your crew prior to ringing that door to the artist studio or whatever set you find yourself in (make sure you have your permits and permissions cleared), and you execute.

What should your crew look like?

It depends on your vision.
Some shoot simply. One-man camera who follows the subject around sporadically throughout the days , weeks, months, for a full developing story of a particular story angle.

Some shoot commercial. It could be a three to five person team. Lights, Camera, Makeup, and more, and if you want special effects or a beautiful location, consider becoming or onboarding a location scout.

Some Shoot Documentaries. Keep your crew intimate and consistent.

A No BS policy

Hire slow, fire fast is the rule of thumb in the film world. Don’t tolerate bullshit. Let it go and let the person go. If you know someone is trying to sabotage or if the energy does not flow, don’t compromise the story. Let that person go. You’re doing him or her a favor by giving them some tough love. They got to know what’s appropriate and what’s inappropriate and sometimes learning it the hard way is the best way. In other words, don’t be an enabler. It makes you look unprofessional, double-minded, and it spoils the kid. Just don’t do it. Keep your crew tight, lean, and cut out the fat (in other words, cut the crap.) Only serious players involved. Your time is valuable, the artist time is valuable, and the journal-artists who will be viewing the stories inside their journals want authentic conversations, and you want a crew who can co-generate that for you. Don’t be afraid to be an asshole and cut some people loose. It’s not worth the emotional toll and the back and forth. I’m speaking from pure personal experience.

Let go of the fat.

Go lean.

Keep it simple.

That’s the general rule of production.

Now onto the interview.

Love Note #1: Interviewing the Artist

The Art of Interview and the Bodhi Tree

A preface on interviewing. I was not a good interviewer. I would stutter, say “um” every other three or four words, and interject, interrupt, and impose my beliefs onto their truth. From small mistakes to big ones, I’ve made them all these past three years of interviewing people.

I started by interviewing strangers--kindred strangers. For some reason, I felt more comfortable interviewing strangers than people I actually knew. I have a theory to this: Perhaps, the freshness of a stranger is approached from a place of non-attachment.

Thereby, the truth is more readily given to you because you are a stranger.

And timing is everything.

When I approached strangers on the streets of New York, Boston, and DC about their love and loss experiences, one out of every five people would give me a response. I was also in a wedding dress, with a microphone in hand, and a camera. That would either intimidate people or it would cause people to lighten up when they see that there is someone just as crazy if not more crazy about heartbreak. They would feel less alone in the experience as they continue walking in the mask of normalcy. For these people, my presence is a reprieve, an opportunity to experience catharsis through the power of face to face.

Now let’s begin with a few techniques I’ve picked up over the years starting with:

The Boomerang Technique

This is called the “Boomerang Technique” because you are
receiving another person’s truth and you, as the interviewer, take their truth as is, and bring it back to them, as in a mirror.

Step 1. Ask custom and relevant question.

Step 2. Ignore the judgements in your head to solve, fix, and figure out.

Step 3: Listen with an open mind and an open heart. Be 100% focused on the other person’s story.

Step 4. Allowance is generative. If the artist goes on a tangent, let them keep sign until they want to stop. Even if they are completely off topic, let them finish. Know you have the power of post-production. The gems maybe tucked in this free flow thinking out loud space you are holding for the artist. Your function and importance as an interviewer is being PRESENT, being IN THE MOMENT, being WITH the artist.

Step 5. Let go of the need to figure out, fix, and come up with the next question when the Artist is telling the story.

Step 6. Summarize back the important points for both the artist and for your own clarity of understanding. When the Artist is done speaking, summarize back the heart of what the Artist said on the points that energetically resonated and/or offer a deeper insight to what the artist already said.

Step 7. Extend a question that serves to either activate the artist to go deeper or create a question that will pivot the topic towards a hunch you have about where the conversation is heading.

8. Repeat Steps #2-7 until the interview feels over.

Establishing Rapport

Establishing Rapport has to do with the tonality of your voice more than it does what you actually say. In the book, Never Split the Difference, FBI Chris Voss demonstrates that hostage negotiation has to do with the rhythm, tone, and a person’s inner core that sets the energy field of the conversation.

It’s about establishing connection through energy. Though you are not in a hostage situation, you still the negotiator, negotiating with the gatekeeper that is keeping the artist’ inner truth hostage. In other words, you are negotiating with the artist’ ego. In this sense, you are to approach first by establishing rapport. A good way to do this is by first revealing a succinct, well-thought out, and authentic backstory of your own pain to passion experience, and how you have come upon The Love Story’s mission in kindred connection, and how you hope this interview may make a difference in inspiring the pain to passion transition for others.

Leave it open-ended on how the artist will share their own experience in delivering the payload for the mission.

In other words, do not force.

Instead, stand for a vision, tell your story, and provide space.

Though you are the interviewer, you are actually the container for the space of that person’s life story. You are the sounding board, the microphone, the audience. You essentially represent the rest of the world by observing and serving as the mirror for the artist to reflect, ruminate, and sound out their life.[13] Your reaction to the story is the tell for the artist to genuflect on the fifty shades of morality in the story. You become the litmus test for the artist to gauge his or her life, just by being there.

You are the Bodhi tree by which the sojourner seeks temporary respite to reflect, meditate, and ruminate on her life. You are the rock by which the water moves and shapes itself. You are the dome that absorbs the sound of movement. This is your function as a master interviewer.

You are only there to absorb, like a sponge, and be on equal grounds with the person you are observing. This takes one very important skill that few master, but when there is mastery, it will translate beyond the camera and overflow into your personal relationships and beyond. This skill is called true listening.

The Bodhi Tree

Preface: Siddhartha was born in wealth, privilege, and royalty. When he was coming of age, he wanted to peak outside the enclosed gated paradise that his parents provided for him. One day, he snuck out in disguise as a servant and came to the shock of suffering, poverty, and more. He wandered through the world outside his paradise and suffered through with his people as a wandering sojourner.

After wandering the world for the greater part of his adulthood, he came enlightenment by resting and staying still under the Bodhi tree. It was under the Bodhi where he reached enlightenment.

You are the Bodhi tree for the artist.

You become the space of acceptance, unconditional acceptance to their truth and their process towards the truth.  

True listening is the ability to hear the details of the person’s life without your judgements in the way. True listening is the child-like curiosity, a wonderment in the experience of firsts, paying attention to texture, scene, and feelings of the character in the story that the artist is painting. You are Vigil in Dante’s Inferno, and your function is to bear witness without prejudice.

How you react to the story will, on a quantum level, branch out or shrink the heart of the speaker. This is because on a quantum level, when your heart is open, accepting, and tolerant, when you’re mind is clear from your own noise, and when you’re grounded in unconditional acceptance of life as is, people as is, and stories as is, you become the Bodhi tree that transforms Siddhartha into Buddha.

You are Dog, god spelled backgrounds, the ever-present present witness to the acceptance of the life form you are observing. It is in that shared space where you bring out the most authentic version of the artist speaking to you in front of the camera.

You are not there to steer, to fix, to advise, to report.

You are there to listen, to acknowledge, to understand, and to accept life as life is, the person as the person is, and to love, in patience, kindness, and consistency.

You are to hear.

You are to reflect back what you are hearing.

You are to pay attention to the reaction of the artist after you have revealed what you have heard .

You are to acknowledge the truth among the chaos of that person’s life.

You are to recognize parts of your story that you can relate to with the singing of your heart as you continue to stay silent in the space of that person’s sharing.

You are to delight in the truth.

You are to allow the pain, evil, and ugly pass through you like nectar in the sieve. You are the holes by which the sticky can pore through.

When your heart sings, allow your heart to sing, but do not interrupt the flow of that person’s sharing. This is the temptation you must overcome. Even if it is word for word, the exact replica of your life, you are to continue acting as the container, the Bodhi tree, for that person’s meditative process during the interview.

Know that when your heart sings, you are playing the music of truth, captured in the film you are producing, for the world to resonate with you on.

Trust that there will be a time and place for you to reveal your own truth, in this particular case, through an Artist-Inspired Journal entry that you will write shortly after the interview.

Keep a notepad close by before, during and after the interview, so when that fleeting moment happens, you can quickly jot it down in between breaks, right after the interview, or when you have a moment to recall that sudden rush of insight.

Do not take any notes when the artist is speaking. Trust that the camera is capturing it all. Trust, that you are the eyes that contain all the eyes, future and generations to come who will be watching this experience, when you have already moved on. No need to have any concerns over the capture, and just be present.

Your job as an interviewer is to just be present.

Do not worry about whether the camera angle is aesthetically sound (please have a camera person with you), do not worry if the sound quality is good or bad (again, this comes from good preparation and good pitches to attract your crew members), although this is something that will be tested prior to the start of the interview…please see the moments before the interview checklist).

Do not worry about the fly that’s passing by, the clock that’s ticking, leaves all concerns of time, space, and distance behind. You are in flow with the other person sitting across from you by just being present with the person.

Tap into your Jedi powers and stay eye to eye with the other light being. See them as a piece of yourself in the soul mirroring effect of deep searching, compassionate curiosity, and unconditional acceptance.

When you doubt the story, become self-aware of your judgement and clear it. This is not an interrogation.

When you don’t fully understand the story, make a mental note quickly and keep listening. When the interviewee is finished speaking, pause to formulate the question from your mental note that will render the missing piece to complete the story. You are not in a race though you will still need the skills of Sherlock Holmes to help the artist solve his own mystery inside the heart of darkness. Remember, your role is to offer a flashlight for the artist to show you around their subconscious. You do not hold the flashlight, but you have a flashlight to offer. Thus, formulate your question like Socrates would—come up with open-ended questions that may open the artist to discover their own respective truth in the flow of the conversation.

A good interview:

Leaves the artist with new insight about herself.

Leaves the artist feeling released, relieved, and emptied.

Leaves the artist filled with pride for contributing something that is truly original, a piece of their true soul to share for humanity.

The only way for an interview to self-realize is when you allow the artist to self-realize.

You must be the allowance.

That requires a level of maturity within your spiritual soul for the self-control of being still for the present moment.

This takes practice, practice and more practice.

Interview 13 people before the day of your interview.

Make time to meet with 10 strangers and 3 people you know (they can be friends, family members, etc.) to practice being the Bodhi Tree.

Next, film them in your interview, so you can learn to trust the camera to be its own entity (a partner in a healthy relationship), so you can focus on being the light container sitting in unconditional acceptance for the artist.

Practice getting used to the discomfort, the anxiety, the knot in your stomach before, during, and perhaps even after the interview. News flash, it will not go away no matter how many times you practice, but what will transform is your strength. Think of practicing Kung Fu. The bricks won’t get any lighter, but your force and the qi you are able to command will be stronger.

Wax on and Wax off

When you are not interviewing random strangers, practice mindfulness in everyday conversation. Talk less, listen more, and pay attention to moments when you want to interject, insert your insight, or assert your righteousness. Let all that shit go. That is hard, but hard is not an excuse for not possible. It is very possible and very necessary to your spiritual growth.

Listen more.

Let go of self-righteousness.

You’ll enjoy life more.

A note from Dr. Jordan Peterson:

“A listening person can reflect the crowd. He can do that without talking. He can do that merely by letting the talking person listen to himself[14].”

Transformation between two individuals happens through true listening and a conversation where genuine curiosity of inquiry takes place.

“A listening person tests your talking (and your thinking) without having to say anything. A listening person is a representative of common humanity. He stands for the crowd. Now the crowd is by no means always right, but it’s commonly right… It is for this reason, among others, that the individual is morally obliged to stand up and tell the truth of his or her own experience.[15]

Humility as both a tactic and a trait

Malcolm Gladwell states, in his Master Class, that humility is both a trait and a tactic. He says that humans have a moral obligation to pursue humility as a trait since we are better people in general. Come from a place of patience and a deep listening for the other will facilitate the revealing [16] Anything after a couple of hours may be too much since deep listening is actually more energy consuming than speaking. This means, really taking in information of the other by getting out of your own thinking and judgements. One comes from a place of naivete, a humbless of a child. Gladwell mentions that it is also a tactic, not from a cynical way, but as a way to bring out the best version of both yourself and the subject. It is a way to draw out the other person’s best self.

When you come from a place of humility, the subject is humanized and becomes more trusting of divulging through stories, even if that story comes from deep wounding and deep pain. When you come from that place--the innocence of a child with an open mind, it gives clearance for the other to be themselves. You are essentially the container--or perhaps, a illuminating mirror, and your job is to bring back to them what you are hearing. This is what Gladwell calls being “naive,” not in a dumb sense, but in a loving sense, where you represent the audience when you asking the questions. You are essentially representing the readers of The Love Story. The inner child, the wounded, the one who is hurting on the other end of the tablet who tunes into The Love Story Journal for companionship and wisdom. You represent that person. Always keep that in mind when you are in the interview.

Show your subjects why they are interesting instead of inserting your assumptions of what should be interesting for the subject.

A Personal Note on Production

It may sound cliche at this point to hear someone say,” if I can do it, you can do it too.”

Until that happens and then you realize why it’s a cliche to begin with.

I’ll start the story in 2014. Sold the house. Divorced and looking for a career change after 12 lucrative years in education ( inner city, charter, public and later private school). I jumped into investing and working in a hip hop publication for 6 months.

Though the business relationship went sour, the experience gave me an understanding of the Public Relations to publishing to advertising triangle that intermingled for the end user.

There were definite learning curves— I was just beginning to learn editing through Final Cut and it was Golden Voice productions with Chance and Eric Bellinger. It was later Ty$, then T.I., Rick Ross, and I was getting connected, both in fashion and hip hop. I got what I needed— validation that I could do it. I became Magazine Director within a few months and started working with the editor in chiefs in the umbrella groups.

The more I was the trusted to do, the more I felt I was straying away from my truth north—something different. Something not like this.

I will be honest, I did not like a lot of what I saw. Once you see it’s hard to unsee. I left jaded and went back to teaching. For a year, I would research ways to create my own publication and thought about how I’d the guy I had invested in could do it, I sure as hell can do it too.

So the cliche worked for me, on a very personal level and I paid a premium to discover that.

The good news is that when moments I have doubt about if I can, I just tell myself, if he can do it, so can I.

And honestly, you are recommended to adopt that same attitude relationally with me ( minus the bad blood).

Just do it.

Learn as you go.

My first production experience was by an artist named Alex Vargas. He swept me off my feet when he performed at the Greek Theatre. I pitched to his manager who was in the UK at the time and leveraged one of the relevant digital publications I oversaw.

Within a few days, I got the green light to pick him up from the Hollywood studio and I got a sponsorship at a local cafe to interview the artist. The crew I curated volunteered for the experience.

And though it was my interview, I was still too shy so I had pushed it onto someone I thought would be more confident than me even though I was the one who was personally moved by his voice and his music, even though I had done the research, setup the meeting and picked him up and dropped him off.

I did this a few other times. I was hiding.

Love note to you: push through your fears. You won’t have regret stories like the one I just told you.

Fast forward a few years, when I came to growing my own publishing company and when it was time to interview the artists I had started with the help of other student filmmakers who wanted to participate in the project: Antonique Smith, I had met her at a high profile birthday party of one of the entertainers in the industry. I had pitched her right before she performed and she said yes. Again, we secured the venue, the crew and when it came down to the day of the shoot, I had backed out. I was “sick” when really it was the Resistance...with a big R for Rrrrrrrealy?!  Now you want to be sick?

It was self-sabatoge. And though my sister, Amber, had saved my ass, I still did not show up for myself.

Milestone #5: Post-Production

The minute you say, “That’s a wrap!” you are in post-production mode. That means when you give the artist a hug, and it’s time you start putting things back together, get the laptop out with an external hard drive and an SD card. Get ready to dump the footages with your crew still there.

Dump now.

It’s better to dump now or procrastinate later.

Why dump now?

Because dropbox takes too long to upload and download.

Because people get busy really quickly and they put it on the backburner.

Because you don’t like nagging others later.

Dump on the day of production so you have all the footages ready to edit.

Then follow me down the rabbit hole that is Post-Production in Adobe Premiere Pro. This is what separates the wheat from the chaff.

I will show you the step by step of the video editing process, also known as the 6-Cut Deliverable.

Once you go through it the entire process, only then may you call yourself an amateur videographer.

The Showcase Producer’s Playbook

“As I am Fully Known…”

Breaking your Heart Open through Love Revealed.

Let Go and Let God

True peace is letting go of the control while allowing God to direct your steps.

Let me coach you while you grapple with this concept.

Your task through Act III is to produce a live showcase integrating the artist you have interviewed, create an inviting open mic for indie artists to show up, local businesses to support the cause, and your spoken truth of your big WHY.

This is the denouement. The confession of self-expression. The moment where you shine your truth while holding space for others to showcase theirs. It is also a moment where the audience members engage, interact, and reflect on their responses inspired by the artists who are performing, sharing, and breaking open to them. It’s art inspiring art. It’s your inner artist breaking open while simultaneously inspiring others to break their hearts open. You are the fire for the fir trees, activate seeds to grow through the firestorm you will wreak havoc on in your local neighborhood. Best believe, people will be talking about how your showcase has transformed them on a deep and personal level.

You will produce it from planning the showcase theme, the artist lineup, the business sponsorships, and the scheduling. You will promote, invite, and film. You will edit.

You will do all this because it’s what producers do when they have something to stand for.

Is it work? Heck yes.

Is it rewarding? Ten folds.

Is it going to connect kindred strangers together? Yes.

To this day, I have friends from different networks become friends through the showcases I had produced.

That’s a miracle.

You do it not because it’s fun (sometimes it is,  but for me, most of the time it is gnawing anxiousness and grind), not because it’s lucrative (you’ll be lucky to break even), but because it’s the right thing to do (authentic connections, healing, community).

You’ll do it because it’s about you.

You’ll do it because it’s group therapy.

You’ll do it because it’s about being of service by being the mirror for others to look at themselves when you master the courage to get naked (metaphorically) on stage about your pain to passion journey.

It’s your personal catharsis.

This is where you muster up every single fiber of your body to break open in front of friends, family, artists and kindred strangers.

Step 1 is both the easiest and the hardest step.

It’s easy because it’s fun when you are the shotcaller in picking the theme of the show.

The theme has to resonate with you because you are the source, the glue, the producer to the event. The five shows I have produced would not have happened without me. That’s just what it is. Same goes for you. YOU are the producer. YOU are the glue. It’s your THEME because it’s your STORY. Create a theme that centers around your personal story. And no, it’s not selfish; it’s self-LOVE.

Get honest with yourself about where you are and where you came from. Let that be the centerpiece of the theme. A birthday is a celebration of a person’s life lived for that year and the promises of a new year. A BYHO showcase is a pain to passion revealing of your test to testimony, your mess to message, and your broken to broken open moment. It serves both as a mirror and as a source of inspiration for those around you.

The miracle is that when you break open, you become a true influencer because your being and becoming resonates on a fundamental vibrational frequency that serves as a memory marker for someone else’s timeline of experiences that they can draw from when push comes the shove for them to choose in the face of self-expression or self-destruction.

The Four Milestones




Break Your Heart Open.

Notes for The Love Story Showcases

From “The Theatre and Religious Drama, nowadays


Wydawnictwo KUL, ul. Konstantynow 1 H,

20-708 Lublin, tel. 81 740-93-40, fax 81 740-93-50,


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P. 13 Wojtyla’s poems as well as his homilies and speeches he had given at the beginning of his pontificate, were an inspiration for several stage productions…

P. 13 It was also significant that the production of Claudel’s dramas, forbidden until 1968, were staged at professional theatres at that time. Many were astonished to see his plays on the Polish stage in such an abundance. It should be underlined that those productions were made by young, often debuting, directors.

P. 31 Social and political changes initiated after 1989, which increased rapidly after Poland joined the European Union, have contributed to the radical transformation of how secular people participated in the mission of the Church. Poles became more responsible for the mission of regenerating Man, both in social and religious spheres; as well as, for protection of the values which are the foundation of their homeland. An increased awareness of these obligations became an impulse to seek new ways in which faith could be a shared experience.

P. 34 Contemplating art, Pope John Paul II said that its role is to make perceptible and as attractive as possible that which is spiritual and mystical. “It must, therefore, express in clear formulas, something which itself is inexpressible”.[17] There are many people in the Church that take very seriously the task of art. Considering that theatre, visual arts, and music could serve as a medium to introduce God to others, then the task should be approached responsibly.[18]

P. 35 This reflection attempts to describe the phenomenon of the religious theatre that is created by people with passion, and commitment, but above all taken very seriously with the full understanding of the evangelism mission.

P. 36 Coming from very different backgrounds, and having a rather mediocre knowledge of acting, the amateru actors improved their skills during various courses and workshops conducted by professionals. In the first place, the selection criterion to commit to the performance and to choose the text, was “faith understood in categories of relationship between man and God”.[19] This is also a main reason behind researching new repertoire and new forms of expression which aims to make the viewer feel a deep sared experience.

P. 36 In addition to these groups in the new Polish socio-political reality, there are also professionals searching for new forms of artistic expression, as well as youth groups seeking professional support.

P. 36-37 If the eighties of the twentieth century are considered “in some way unique in the history of Polish theatre”, [20] how much more significant is the year of inclusion of Poland and the EU, which is essential for many Poles when it comes to a theatre’s religious activities. As the second half of the twentieth century unrolled, there was “an actualisation of a religious theatre in the areas where traditionally it was always presented: seminaries, parishes, theatres unions, as well as an entrance of religious theatre and new areas: pastoral creative environments, interiors of churches, crypts, accompanying liturgies, pilgrimages”.[21]

P. 37 ...or very intensively collaborated with already existing groups. Those times were dominated by patriotic and religious themes...religious theatre. As the months and years passed, society started to recover freedom of speech and belief, and it turned out that the patriotic and religious themes slowly gave way to other topics. The change of social attitudes contributed to the reinvention of how theatre groups functioned.

P. 39 Expanding cultural horizons, the possibility for amateurs to use means previously reserved only for professionals, or finally, new ways of reaching the audience, caused a large amount of change. These were irrevocable processes.

P. 40 Amateur religious theatre, in the search for new audiences, has begun to use forms of performances which traditionally have been used by professional theatre and amateur theatre that is not identified in a formal way with the mission of the Church.

P. 41 The artists organize themselves in a formal way as an association of lay people, or as religious communities. They begin to develop the advertising systems of their theatres, reach with the information to new customers, and collaborate with media. Their way of functioning resembles to some extent the way of functioning of professional theatres. The opportunity of playing shows on a larger scale, resources from the sponsors, and any departure from their small communities to the larger audience, contributed to formalization of many amateur theatre groups in Poland.

P. 42 They work on their own repertoire, exploring their own individual theatrical language. They are grouped around specific people (spiritus movens), meet regularly, and invite experts from various fields to cooperate with them. Their activity manifests itself in a particular, constant repertoire, and being involved in the local (and not only) cultural events, the artistic groups regularly participate in creation and promotion of the “religious art”.

P. 42 These groups are becoming practical communities, and beside fraternal ties they are often formally united in all sorts of associations. Having legal status, they benefit from the help of other institutions, both in terms of material support and patronage of specific performances. They care about their own image; they have an extensive system of media information (websites, logos) and advertising (posters, brochures, radio and television announcements).

P. 42 Performances at various international festivals, as well as cooperation with other international associations has resulted in the creation of new performances or even entire projects.

P. 42 These are the theatres created mostly under the influence of evangelizing their own environments, and at the same time wishing to seek their own language, through which they can communicate with the viewer.

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P. 50 That, in turn, will influence the way he or she tries to respond to basic problems and existential questions, because the idea of revealed truth, which essentially objects to the autonomy of freedom, is unbearable for contemporary man.[31]

P. 52 In a world  built in accordance with humans being standards, where concentrating on the easily obtained practical human needs, creates a vision of man’s self-sufficiency, God seems to be unnecessary. The disappearance of traditional sacrum gives birth to new sources of sacramentality upon the horizontal surface; for main characters of Burzynska’s drama, the job career becomes of the utmost value, together with the possession of material goods; the work place becomes the life center and the substitute for home and family, determining the repetitiveness of a day’s rhythm.

P. 52 Appears to be based on, opposing existential anxiety, which falls upon people [...] in these relatively infrequent and dramatic moments, it turns out that the capability of everyday routine of self-renewal and repetition have their intransgressible time limits”, writes Bauman.

p . 53 ...deciphers the reality of the characters’  play, which they alternately undertake and scan, consciously blurring the boundaries between the true history of their lives and creation. It enforces stop on people and demands reflection on the contents and essence of human existence, on the issue of one’s identity, suggests undertaking life summary. Existential boredom, tightly linked with fragility of human life, with it's randomness, fragility stigmatizing all the areas of human activity, giving start to the feeling of transiency, with superficial and shallow nature, appears to be unbearable.[32] 

P. 54 Unable to find anything that could be the reason of his or her further existence, the dramatic characters move and oblivion.

P. 55 Reality treated as a product, to which the language of economic transformation applied, became the source of painful disappointments. The virtual world, as in the drama Nickland by Burzynska, appeared to be an ostensible antidote for the feeling of life emptiness, relativizing the life value of “here and now”, as well as the fear to face life challenges...the only realm which makes possible to act and achieve self-realization, including the development of marriage relations and family ties. Post-modern, privatized sacrum, as Pawlik remarks, interlinks with a conscious risk taking, playing with death, throughout which man questions the price of his or her life.

P. 54 Defying acceptable norms and undertaking risk games “guarantee an intensity of life that it makes any existential wounds heal”, and enables one to achieve the change. By transcending, relieved of the former order of things, man can become the hero of his own story, much “as each life story has it's beginning in the act of transcendence”. [33]

P. 55 Patryk ...consciously wants to be infected with a lethal virus, because only in the closeness of death does he see the possibility of experiencing “some metaphysics”....becomes the essence of existence for the main characters of drama….Omnipresent electronic media do not represent a chosen fragment of reality but rather create it, as seen by one of the main characters of the drama, who, parodying a religious act, starts praying to a TV camera screen naming it “the God’s eye”, which “can do everything” (p. 198). The center of human life in Pokolenie porno (“Generation porno”) also regulated by the world of contemporary media and the so-called “arts”, which, on one hand, are supposed to satisfy the audience needs, and on the other hand manifest the “permanent transgression.”’

P. 56 also regulated by the world of contemporary media and the so-called “arts”, which, on one hand, are supposed to satisfy the audience needs, and the other hand, manifest the “permanent transgression” (p. 109);[34]...chooses the strategy of shock and breaks social and religious taboo. ...TV camera is treated like a springboard to fame and a media career; it justifies the most hideous lies and cynicism of the heroines starting in the beauty contest. The deep anthropological crisis, tightly connected with the religious degradation of sacrum, exposes the destructive result of contemporary media determining the consciousness and attitudes of the audience in presenting the overall interpretation of the surrounding world.[35]

P. 56 This promotes--as Wojciech Cudy remarks--anarchic attitudes (“because I can reject any value whatsoever, I am free”), anti-naturalism (“there is nothing constant in me and morally determined”), and auto-creationism (“I myself create me and I build my own behavior norms”), [36] and thus, in the final score-settling, trivializes the meaning of human existence. … ‘generally, the world is constructed in a way, that nothing is what we actually take it for, and perhaps only on the other side of the Styx..”

P. 58 “imperfection of human nature, which surrenders to the world’s temptations, ineffectiveness in action, limited reliability, and weakness of faith reflect the contemporary crisis of Christian identity. “In each culture, drama thrives upon conflict and contradictions, an evil is the best fuel for it, the more insolent and the more powerful the evil becomes, the better for the theatre”-writes Roman Pawlowski.

P. 60 Reality, brought down to the from of an endless game, does not answer any basic questions; life, reduced to the from of a performance cycle, brings the bitterness of disappointment…..defines himself as a priest practically without God’s presence in his life. He lets Anna treat God as an object….When strong faith and a constant point of reference for human beings’ existence are missing, and fiction becomes the exclusively existing reality, man--usurping for himself the right to create the sense for everything--pays at the same time the highest price, ultimately confirming that the theatre devoid of the great Spectator can only be a trap and the final end.

P. 60 Portrayed in the contemporary drama man--lacking inner cohesion, experiencing the dilemmas of blurred identity, treading upon the uncertain ground of relativism, disoriented by a complicated, dynamically changing reality unravelling the line of thinking in transcendental categories  --is often set in “darkness”: struck with a fear of the world and of another human being; overwhelmed with the feeling of hopelessness and life defeat; concentrated on personal weakness which justifies the tendency of doing evil, nihilistic negation, and auto-destruction.

p . 62 “...distinctly remind us, that “darkness” of thoughts, of human actions, of doubt, of suffering, of despair, of walking towards death--which show the magnitude of the downfall of the human condition, and poverty--and does not negate God’s presence. As one of the evangelists say, the human being chooses darkness because his actions are bad, (MK3, 13). Out of the darkness, however, the yearning for light grows, as darkness indeed--according to St. Augustine--is only the lack of the presence of light, and the evil does not have it's own existence, as it is only an absence of good. [37]

P. 62 He is like a contemporary prodigal son who preserves the memory of his way, but stopped following it a long time ago, and is tangled in the world of his thoughts. He negated the world of basic values of his parents, he does not know and is no longer capable of showing evangelical obligation to love his neighbor. Obstinately contemplating the misery of his life, he cannot (and does not want) to break away from his own self to head “towards some kind of <<there>>”, [38] as Levinas says.


About The Love Story

The Love Story Media, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3  grounded upon 1 Corinthians 13, verse 12, that fuses journaling, journalism, and the hero’s journey, designed to break our hearts open so that we may  inspire people dealing with adversities to choose creative expression as a means to transform our pain. We exist to shift the perception of what pain is–not as something to be ashamed, dismissed, or avoided, but as an opportunity to grow emotionally, spiritually, and creatively.

Why We Exist

Suicide is the second leading cause of death among young adults ages 25-34 and depression is the leading cause of suicide. Depression is a major symptom of heartbreak.

Our Mission

We believe that social isolation comes from depression, and depression comes from suppressed expression.

Our mission is to shift the narrative in our scripts from:

Through creative expression, we are able to create a love story through our adversities.

Our Purpose

The Love Story stands to arc the hero’s character through the principles and mastery of love as defined in 1 Corinthians 13, verse 4-7 (1 Corinthians 13 in the Holy Bible KJV).

Copy and Pastes

It is ying and yang, sun and moon, creator and destroyer.

It is dualistic nature because we are dualistic by nature.

We are at war with ourselves and this spiritual warfare within is reflected in the holographic reality called the human experience.

Within the Producer’s Playbook, there are three revealings inspired by 1 Corinthians 13:12:

For the Rational, there are three Steps to the Playbook:  

  1. Step 1: Pitching
  2. Step 2: Producing
  3. Step 3: Publishing

For the Emotional, there are three Phases to the Playbook:

  1. Pain to Passion through Writing a Love Letter to a Kindred Artist
  2. Creative Expression through Producing a Story for your Inner Child.
  3. Reveal Your Inner Artist (your own passion) through Artist-Inspired Journaling

For the Spiritual, there are three energetic elements to the Playbook:

  1. Connecting through the Yin Energy
  2. Catharsis through the Yang Energy
  3. Community with the Human experience through Ying/Yang Duality.


The Love Story is a Three Act Story played out by the Hero, You, in the Hero’s Journey of revealing Love by acting in love defined.

Our Premise

The Producer’s Playbook:
Connection, Catharsis, and Community

We are the

A Journal-Artist is someone who expresses pain, grief, and heartache through creative expression by fusing the three crafts of journaling, journalism, and the Hero’s Journey through in a three-act love story:
The Power of 13
Broken Down into a symphony of 13s

13 journal-artist producers

13 storyteller producers

13 showcase producers

Simultaneously harmonizing in pre-production, production, and the breaking open process
All designed to
Break the Producers’ Hearts Open:

The Producer’s Playbook: The Mystery of Love Revealing

The mystery of love is revealed through 1 Corinthians 13, Verse 12:

“For now we see a reflection, as in a mirror,

Then we shall see face to face,

For now I know in part, then I shall known fully, even as I am fully known.”

Act I: Reflections:
For now, we see a reflection, as in a mirror;
–1 Corinthians 13, verse 12 Part I
Through Artist-Inspired Journaling, we will discover our own hero’s ordinary world by journaling in the three voices (First person “id” voice, Second person “ego” voice,  and Third person “superego” voice) through the raw, intimate, and authentic shares of artists who have transformed their pain into creative expression. The journaling program layers the first and second journaling voices into the third person journaling voice, told in fiction, based on a true experience, where the journal-artist becomes the protagonist in the tragedy to divine comedy transformation of the personal story.

Act II: Face to Face
then we shall see face to face
–1 Corinthians 13, verse 12 Part II

The Storyteller Producers will pitch, produce, and publish an artists’ pain to passion journey into mixed media journal, also known as The Love Story Journals, inspiring others to transform pain into creative expression through artist-inspired journaling. The storyteller producer will be taken through a series of workshops that will teach the principles of production with the self-realization process through a series of milestones that reflect catharsis through the connection of kindred strangers.

This “face to face” program in the journey of connecting with a kindred artist, disciplining ourselves through compassionate listening during the interview(s) and filmmaking, and revealing ourselves through artist-inspired journaling inspired by the intimate interviews of the artists. Upon completion of this workshop, the Storyteller Producer has the option of joining the Producer's Collective, who become mentors for future The Love Story Producers.

Act III: As I Am Fully Known
Now I know in part, then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.
–1 Corinthians 13, verse 12 Part III

The Love Story Showcases
The Showcase Producer’s Program will show the Showcase Producer how to coordinate with the Storytellers by producing a local community showcase featuring the artist in the short documentary. We will show you how to gather indie and featured artists, partner with social cause organization and local businesses, and invite kindred strangers into the inclusive, diverse, and intimate space of creative self-expressions.

Most importantly, we will teach you how to break your own heart open by telling your own pain to passion journey and declare your pursuit through this platform. You are the host, the mirror, and the container of the showcase.


  The Producer’s Playbook  Copyright © Mingjie Zhai and The Love Story, Inc. 2019                               Page

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