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 Yondr FAQ’s

Q – Why Yondr?

A – See the following links for a Yondr explanation.

Q - What if I want to reach my student during the school day?

A - If at all possible, resist the urge to contact your student during the day.  It is important for students to be able to focus on school while they are here. Even if a student doesn’t answer the text, there is research that shows cognitive processing is disrupted by notifications and even just the presence of a cell phone on a desk.  Learning to schedule activities and plan ahead are skills that our students need to develop.  Of course, sometimes, it can’t be helped.  In most cases, you can contact the main office at 925.606.4709 ext. 0 to relay messages to your student when action needs to be taken during the school day.

Q - What if there is an emergency?

A - There are many instances when parents need to communicate information to students during the school day.  Most of the time, students are unable to act on these issues until after school.  In these cases, students can just read messages at the end of the day.  If it is crucial that a student respond immediately, students can unlock their pouch in the main office.  In case of an emergency, such as an earthquake, all staff members will have access to an unlocking device.

Q – Will my student’s cell phone be safe?

A – It will be as safe as before the change, as students are still in possession of their phones all day.  Keeping it home is also an option.

Q What if my student doesn’t bring a phone?

A – This is certainly an option.  We have survived for ages without carrying cell phones, but usually when this question is asked, it is because someone doesn’t want to use the pouch system.  If your student forgets their phone, this will be noted by the teacher.  

Q – What happens if the student is found using their phone later in the school day?

A – The phone will be confiscated by the office and pouched and additional disciplinary action to be determined.

Q – What if the pouch gets damaged?

A – The pouch is LVJUSD property and, just like textbooks, it is free to use but the student is responsible for any damage or loss that occurs.

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