As you work to complete your child’s CampDoc profile, know that it is time well spent! The Aloha health staff relies on the information you input to provide safe and appropriate care for your child. Please take the following details into consideration as you complete your child’s profile:

  1. A signed order (from an MD, DO, PA, or NP) is required for all prescription and over-the-counter medication. Due to nurse licensure and scope of practice laws, there are no exceptions to this rule. We can only dispense your child’s medication when we have a signed order from his/her provider that matches the medication supplied. HOWEVER:

  1. Our camp physicians provide standing orders for many medications. See our medication list below. If your child needs any medications on this list, our nurses can use the standing orders; you do not need to get an order from your home provider. If you think your child may take the medication only occasionally, please do not list it in CampDoc and do not send a supply. The health house will provide the medication.

  1. If you anticipate your child will take a medication from the standing orders on a daily basis, please complete the medication section within CampDoc and send a supply, in the original packaging, labeled with your child’s name. While a doctor's note is not required, the CampDoc system will require an upload in order to be considered complete. After completing the medication questions, please download your child's confirmation form and then upload it back to CampDoc (no signatures needed!) to make the record 100% complete.

  1. If your camper will take any medications (including over-the-counter) not listed on the standing orders, please complete the CampDoc tab about medication administration. This tells us when and how to dispense your child’s medication. Health house staff will review this with you on opening day to resolve any discrepancies. If your CampDoc record is locked and you need to amend anything, please email to have it unlocked.

  1. Once you complete the CampDoc medication section, you may download your camper’s medication confirmation form and bring it to your camper’s physician to sign. Signed provider orders must be scanned into CampDoc. Again, make sure that the order matches the medication you will be sending (same drug, same dose, same form--i.e. liquid, pill, cream, etc). The instructions on a prescription bottle do not take the place of a signed provider’s order.   

  1. Our routine medication schedule is as follows: before, during or after breakfast (7:30-8:30 am), lunch (12:30-1:30 pm) or dinner (6:00-7:00 pm), and prior to bedtime (8:30-9:00 pm). Except in unusual circumstances, medication administration is limited to these times because it does not interrupt activities. Please consider our routine medication schedule when you and your child's doctor are completing the health forms.

  1. We serve nutritious meals that incorporate local farm fresh ingredients whenever possible. We ask that you refrain from sending vitamins and supplements unless they are prescribed by your child's health care provider and are accompanied by a doctor’s order.

As mentioned above, the medication list includes ALL the medications for which the health staff has standing orders from our pediatrician. The generic name is listed first; brand names are listed in parentheses.

We are grateful for your careful attention; it is invaluable in supporting us to care for your child safely. If you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact me in advance to clear things up!


Thank you,

Heidi Haghighi, RN