COOP cover letter rubric







Requirements: ✔✔✔ all in a cell to ✔ a “Feature”

Notes (optional)


  • Yes: Dear [Name], or Dear [Company] team,
  • No: To Whom It May Concern (it’s too robotic!)


  • Identify specific role at specific company
  • Why you are a strong candidate for this role
  • If possible: Note a mutual contact, relevant recommender, recently attended event, etc.
  • 2-3 sentences (lines)

My story

  • Authentic career story: past, present, future
  • Emphasize industry- and role-relevant points
  • 2-3 sentences (lines)

Make the case

  • Expand on “why strong candidate”
  • Demonstrate research about role/company (express genuine excitement for specifics)
  • 3-4 sentences (lines)


  • Reiterate excitement for the opportunity and thank reader for time/consideration
  • Provide phone/email (in text or after signature)
  • Sincerely, Kind regards, skip line [Full Name]

First glance

  • Immediately clear this will be short and sweet: one page, std margins—no big text chunks!
  • Skip an open line between paragraphs
  • Stick with one professional font, 11pt+

Spelling & grammar

  • Clearly proofread, no typos, no bad grammar
  • Double check names of people & companies


  • Role-relevant terms included as appropriate (for digital marketing, expect terms like Google AdWords, client, Excel, etc.)
  • Generally positive qualities really “pop”... teamwork, leadership, always learning, etc.
  • No: Over-the-top industry jargon

Active verbs

  • Yes: interesting, dynamic verbs like designed, facilitated, coached, formulated, solved, etc.
  • No: Don’t reuse cool words (in one paragraph)


  • Overall, cover letter feels tailored to a specific job description—not just a canned template
  • “Why you are a strong candidate for this role” is totally clear to the reader

      /10 (sum of “Feature” ✔✔✔ in leftmost column)