Sixth Grade Bulldog Pride Newsletter

From the leadership team


Monday- Lesson 26

Tuesday- Lesson 27

Wednesday- Adding and Subtracting Equations

Thursday- Multiplication and Division Equations

Friday- Lesson 30

Module 4 Topic G-H test tentatively scheduled for February 22nd

Honors Math

Monday- Lessons 15 and 17

Tuesday- Lesson 18-19
Wednesday- Review -Lessons 11-19

Thursday-Test--Module 5 Topics C-D Lessons 11-19

Friday-Module 6 Mean, Median, Mode, and Range


Continue Hatchet unit with a focus on characterization and theme.


Monday: Introduction to Unit 6: Interdependent Relationships

Tuesday-Wednesday: Arrangement of Ecosystems

Thursday-Friday: Resources that affect ecosystems

Social Studies

Continue Rome unit.  Life in Rome.  Timeline.

Vocabulary quiz Friday.

girls Health and Pe

This week in PE we will continue with the Bowling Unit.

boys health and pe

This week in PE we will continue with the Bowling Unit.


Numeric Keypad


Focus: Students are working out of their yellow book for warm-ups and, they are also working on their festival music.