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Workshop/Seminar Review Form

Date: September 28, 2018        

Workshop/Seminar Title: Setting Goals to Develop Your Teaching Effectiveness

Presenter/Facilitator: Jennifer Todd and Tonya Buchan

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  1. Explain the central topic and purpose of the workshop/seminar.  What are the presenter/facilitator’s goals for this workshop?

The general purpose of the workshop was to highlight the importance and value of setting individual teaching goals. The only way that you can effectively improve as an instructor is to have some form of benchmarks or measurement. Unfortunately, only relying on feedback such as student course evaluations offers limited information. Individual instructor goals and self-evaluation on those goals can be a good way for instructors to measure their own teaching effectiveness, and may be a good option for departments to incorporate into their evaluations.

  1. What information in the workshop/seminar was most valuable to you?  

There are many different categories of measuring classroom operations and teaching effectiveness, and many of these individual categories blend into and overlap with one another. At first, it can seem somewhat overwhelming to look through all these categories, so it was incredibly useful to have the opportunity to only work on one single goal within one single category. Working through the information in this fashion made it significantly less intimidating. From these singular goals, it was nice to see how one simple goal can easily connect with and expand into other categories and other goals.

  1. How will you connect that information to your own pedagogical endeavors?

As part of the workshop, I set a singular goal for the rest of the semester. My goal was to “create an environment where instructor-student interactions happen naturally, and not just because they are required to do so.” I was able to speak with several other instructors, and picked up many specific techniques that can contribute to my establishment of an open and inviting classroom culture. For future semesters, I am planning on including goal-setting as part of my course planning process. As I am working on preparing materials and updating my syllabi, I will set 2-3 specific goals for that semester. Additionally, I want to keep this goal written down in my own teaching notes, and reflect upon it throughout the semester. At the end of each semester, I plan on taking some time to fully assess whether or not the goal was achieved, and us that assessment to inform my goal-setting for the next semester.

  1. After attending this workshop/seminar, what additional information would you like to seek about this subject?

Personally, I would like to meet with other instructors and discuss their own individualized teaching goals. Just from the conversations we had during the workshop, I heard a wide range of teaching goals–from very specific and minute changes to larger and broader goals as well.  I think that we all have a lot that we can learn from one another, and one easy way to do so is share our goals with others and hold each other accountable.

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