Meeting called to order at 7:07pm. Late because the school was closed.

Cassie made a motion to accept last month’s minutes. Lindsay seconded.

Jordenne reviewed the treasurer’s report. Saving balance at the end of May was $11,107. Checking balance was $13,191.  Board had open questions about the April, May, and June treasurer’s reports. Jeff made a motion to table the vote on all reports, Heather seconded. Cassie mentioned that the vote is being tabled because there are unanswered questions on the reports, and the treasurer is not present at the meeting to answer the questions. Motion passed.

Fundraising update:

Jordenne said movie night was a success. Fisher Cats night got moved to July 26th, a Wed night, as the original night became a double header. Jordenne also questioned whether we’d to host an adult softball tournament. Consensus was that people are interested, and Jordenne is going to look at interest for the fall, and if not, then we’ll try for next summer.

Soccer update:

Registration is open, and early bird deadline has been extended to the 15th. Lindsay said that they have a lot of coaches coming back. Heather suggested that Lindsay email Karen at the school to see if she can send an email out to the incoming Kindergarteners. Cassie said she is still interested in doing snack shack for the little kids on Saturdays.

Baseball update:

Jason said we are hosting a tournament from July 24th-30th. There will be 8 or 9 teams in the tournament. Jason said we’ve spent a lot of money on all star baseball, but has a bunch of checks for Tiffany. The U12 all star team got runner up in states. The U10 team are playing in the championship of the Oyster River Invitational. The U9 team is building a lot of character this season.

Softball update:

Still need a new softball director!

Basketball update:

Board needs to get Chris looped back in and see if he is going to the run the program this year, or to find another basketball director.


Jeff brought up that we still need to send Lisa a thank you for doing the Sue Russell stone. Jason made a motion to send her a thank you card with a $50 gift card. Jordenne is also buying some thank you cards to send to a few other people.

Old Business:

Cassie mentioned that she looked up some info about our non profit status after our meeting last month. We are still in good standing, but the Secretary of State website has outdated information for us. Cassie recommended Jeff look to get that updated. Cassie also brought up again that she still recommended we do an internal audit. Heather recommended we move forward with it this summer, before we get busy in the school year. Cassie said she would like to serve on an audit committee if we put one together. The audit committee would generally be a group of 3 people. Jeff made a motion for Jason to appoint an audit committee, Jordenne seconded. Motion passed. We’d like to get the audit completed by the end of September. We also discussed Jason getting himself onto the bank accounts and Jeff getting a key to the mailbox to make sure we have redundancy on business critical things.

Cassie made a motion to adjourn at 8:30. Jeff seconded.