Jordi Ortiz

Interest Fields

Video transmission, Scalable video

Multi Interface Systems


C/C++, Python, Java  Programming

H.264/AVC SVC HEVC SHVC Dirac/DiracPro


Experimentation and Repeatability

Software Defined Networking (SDN), OpenFlow, OpenvSwitch

Network Orchestration and NFV

IoT - Internet of things

FI - Future Internet



Master Degree in Information Technology and Advanced Telematics at University of Murcia (September 2009)

Computer Degree at University of Murcia (March 2008)                          

SCRUM MASTER – authority level 150 (2017)

Work experience


Since August 2007 in Intelligent Systems and Telematics at University of Murcia


Two Seasons in FiestaHotelGroup working with Windows 2003 Server related technologies

International Project participation


I participated in this project in a mostly pure technical profile developing the bootstrapping mechanism via Diameter (OpenDiameter). I also collaborated in some administrative tasks within WP3 in Deliverable writing and was part of the team involved in the Final Review Demo that took part in Aveiro.

The focus of this project was the transmission of scalable video (SVC). My role here was multidisciplinar since I was involved in the development of the software (codification, transmission and player) as well as documentation and administrative purposes. I also got involved in the various technical reviews (Ouli, Lisboa and Steyr).

During this project I stayed as scholar in Universität Klagenfurt (UNIKLU)

Some of the work can be seen at

This project was aimed in the direction of remote experimentation with the objective of achieving repeatability and verificability. We used NEPI. I deployed HIMALIS over 3 different testbeds (HEN, PLANETLAB and NITOS) to perform IoT video streaming with DASH over FI.

Intercontinental SDN network deployment between Europe and Korea. I was in charge of deploying UM’s SDN as well as Wimax and Wireless equipment and developing over POX the controller.

I was part of the Stork 2 team. I was in charge of providing the CAS plugin so that the Stork users could login into University’s apps, as well as, developing University’s pilots for the project collaborating with the national government operators of the infrastructure.

During GN3+ JRAT2 I worked on an ICN video caching mechanism  based in SDN, shown in

During GN4 JRAT1, JRA2T2, JRA2T3 I was designated leader of the Network in the Campus Use Case for the provision of advanced network services and SDN interaction within campus networks, shown in At the same time I collaborated into SA5T1 harmonisation in a mechanism to integrate EduGain and Stork.

In Phase 2 got involved into JRA1 T2 BoD and became ONOS contributor as part of the so called Brigades. Main task was to deploy SDN in production environment employing Corsa devices taking profit of their virtualisation capabilities.  In the context of JRA3T3 eIDAS integration with eduGAIN was proposed and got involved OpenIDConnect federation tasks.

Involved in the proposal and development of Android application to employ Spanish NFC DNIe to authenticate and authorize users through the eIDAS architecture.

Being responsible of the deployment of the PoC in University of Murcia, involving multi-site virtualized network and computing resources.

As part of participation in other minor projects I have also gained experience in simulation/evaluation mechanisms such as NS2 or OMNET++.

Deployed first University of Murcia’s SDN network based on Virtualized OVS devices. Deployed a real SDN with HPE 2920 devices on top of CWDM with QinQ.


Reviewer:  JITEL 2010, MMEDIA 2011, MOBILITY 2011, IEEE WCNC 2012, MMEDIA 2012, IEEE Network 2012, MMEDIA 2013, IEEE Network 2013, EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing,  CONTENT 2014, MMEDIA 2014, MMEDIA2015, CONTENT2015, IEEE NETSOFT 2016, Elsevier Computer Standards & Interfaces 2016, IEEE NETSOFT 2017, IEEE NFV SDN2017, IEEE ICC 2017,  IEEE NFV SDN2018, Computer Communications 2018, IEEE JSAC SI-SDNScalability, IEEE Network Magazine 2018





B2 - Cambridge First Certificate in English. Working in English since 2007


B1 - 4 years in oficial language school


3 years in high school


Mostly speaking due to some working experience