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EU Parliament Adopts New Directive on Copyright in the Digital Market

By: Bart Van Besien,
Finnian & Columba

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The AIPF held its 2018 Annual Meeting, entitled “Everything Feels Different: How Should Boutique IP Firms Respond to Disruption,” on Wednesday, September 26, to Friday, September 28, at the Swissôtel in Chicago, Illinois.

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Featured Above: Board and Speakers Dinner, Networking Breakfast,
Networking Reception, and Architectural Boat Tour

The meeting featured a diverse group of intellectual property professionals including in-house counsel, legal strategists, and international IP practitioners. Sessions were structured to cover the latest issues in IP, ranging from What’s New @ TTABVUE, Lessons Learned From Malpractice Claims Against IP Firms, Beyond the European Trademark and Design, and Navigating Discovery in Patent Litigation. The program was well received by attendees, and concluded with an optional Architectural Boat Tour on Friday, September 28.

The AIPF was also proud to partner with LegalShift LLC for a unique Boutique Practice session, entitled “Legal Project Management Essentials.” This innovative and interactive workshop was led by Dan Safran, President and CEO of LegalShift LLC, Scott Rosenberg, Managing Director and Corporate Counsel of LegalShift LLC, and Carey Lambert, Project Manager of LegalShift LLC, who instructed attendees on how to align client expectations with practice efficiencies and profitability.


AIPF is pleased to announce the appointment of Brett Lunn as President, Christopher Agrawal as Vice-President, Lynn Jordan as Treasurer, and Matthew Stark as Secretary. AIPF is also pleased to announce the election of four members to the Board of Directors: Jeremy Lawson, ROBIC, Carlos Olarte, OlarteMoure, Andrew Taska, Sughrue Mion PLLC, and Christian Thomae, Dumont.


Brett Lunn

FB Rice


Christopher Agrawal

Bookoff McAndrews PLLC


Lynn Jordan

Kelly IP


Matthew Stark

Price Heneveld LLP

For more information regarding our Board of Directors, visit our webpage at aipf.com/Board-of-Directors.


The AIPF highly encourages all members to volunteer and actively participate in a committee of their choice! If you are interested in joining a committee, please visit our committee volunteer survey and indicate up to three committees, in order of your preference. All committee selections must be submitted by November 14, 2018. You will be notified of your appointment shortly after the selection is made. Committees are open to members only.

See what our chairs have to say about their committees:

The Boutique Practice Committee’s mandate is to develop content regarding business, operations, and practice issues unique to boutique IP firms. This content ensures that all AIPF members stay apprised of developments in firm management, operations, technology, marketing and branding, talent acquisition, business, including ethics and liability.  Building on our success in the past year, in the coming year we will be providing valuable, quality content via articles, webinars, podcasts and blog posts.  Our committee has monthly conference call meetings, and all committee members are encouraged to participate and contribute to content creation, as well as plan for the annual meeting.

-Christopher Agrawal, Boutique Practice Committee Chair

“The Trademark Committee seeks to focus on substantive and timely trademark topics of interest to the international trademark bar.  We meet by conference call once every two months.  We have ambitious goals for the coming year including holding three webinars and one virtual roundtable, and publishing three short, concise articles.  If you are a trademark practitioner or have an interest in trademark law, please join us.”

-Laura Winston, Trademark Committee Chair

The Patent Committee tends to activities related to international patent practice, from both a prosecution and a litigation perspective. Its mission is to deliver webinars, articles and sessions at our Annual Meeting conference of high quality for the benefit of our member firms and other attendees or readers.


As an IP specialized association, the AIPF is dedicated to showcasing the depth of expertise of IP Boutiques with respect to patent matters. Our patent-related events aim to provide IP practitioners with comprehensive materials relevant to their expert practice.

-Isabelle Girard, Patent Committee Chair

For more information regarding our committees, visit our committee webpage at aipf.com/committees.


By: Bart Van Besien, Finnian Columba

On 12 September 2018, the European Parliament adopted a new draft Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market. This new legislation is meant to correct the imbalance between creators and online service providers, by requiring the latter to obtain licences for the works that they make available (and pay for it).


Why is this draft Copyright Directive so controversial?

The new European copyright rules have been the subject of intense lobbying between supporters and opponents. Both supporters and opponents use metaphoric language to demonise each other (“the end of the internet!” and “freedom of speech!” versus “theft!”, “piracy!”, and “exploitation!”). In reality, the stakes are at a more mundane level: what part ...

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LEXT Intellectual Property Opens New Office in Campinas

LEXT Intellectual Property is proud to announce a new office in the city of Campinas, in the state of São Paulo. Campinas is a city that is becoming more and more prominent as a technology hub. For more information, please click here.


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