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“编程一小“时是每年在 电脑科学教育周 期间举行的。2018 计算机科学教育周将在 3-9 DECEMBER 举办,而我们的特点活动时间会落在8号(星期六) 1:30PM - 3:30PM 进行。地点在富丽华独特补习中心。


请联络Ms. Lim (0168773887), Ms. Chloe (0138023887) 或 Mr. Teo (0169810613) 报名参加


我们将会提供电脑让你参与,但是数量有限(10台电脑,供20人使用), 所以你也可携带自己的手提电脑参与。电脑只要有“Google Chrome” 以及能上网就可以了。


“编程一小时”的目的不是让任何人在一小时内成为一个电脑科学的专家。一(或二)个小时只够用来了解电脑科学的趣味和创造力,它是可以被所有年龄,无论什么背景的学生使用的。这个运动成功的衡量标准不是通过“学多少“ 来计算的,而是由有多广泛,跨性别,跨种族和社会经济组织的参与来反映的。



任何人在任何时候都可以到CODE.ORG 或 TYNKER.COM 继续他们的学习旅程,而且都是免费的。如果你想要有导师指导的课程,也可报名参加我们的编程班,欲知详情请联络Mr. Teo (016 9810 613)

What is the Hour of Code?
The Hour of Code started as a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify "code", to show that anybody can learn the basics, and to broaden participation in the field of computer science. It has since become a worldwide effort to celebrate computer science, starting with 1-hour coding activities but expanding to all sorts of community efforts.

When is the Hour of Code?
The Hour of Code takes place each year during Computer Science Education Week. The 2018 Computer Science Education Week will be 3-9 Disember, and we will be organising our Hour of Code session on 8th of December, 1:30PM to 3:30PM at Pusat Tuisyen Intelek Boulevard branch. We will also be organising Hour of Code throughout the 2019 so do check out our Facebook page for latest information (www.fb.me/realfunLC)

Why computer science or coding?
Every student should have the opportunity to learn computer science. It helps nurture problem-solving skills, logic and creativity. By starting early, students will have a foundation for success in any 21st-century career path. See more stats here.

How do I participate in the Hour of Code?
Please contact Ms. Lim (0168773887), Ms. Chloe (0138023887) or Mr. Teo (0169810613) to register

Who is behind the Hour of Code?
The Hour of Code is driven by the Hour of Code and Computer Science Education Week Advisory and Review Committees as well as an unprecedented coalition of partners that have come together to support the Hour of Code — including Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Boys and Girls Clubs of America and the College Board.

I don't know anything about coding. Can I still join?
Of course. That is the purpose of the event, for your to learn and get to know more about Computer Science and coding.

Do I need to bring any devices?
We will provide laptops for all students but we only have 10 of them which can be shared with total of 20 students. If you have your own laptop you may bring and learn. Just need to have Google Chrome installed and can connect to the internet.

Do parents need to come along?
Not necessary (except those that are 8 years old and below), but we would recommend parents to join in and learn together. Afterall, coding is the 21st century skill that everyone must know (even Steve Job, Obama, etc. agreed).

How do you measure the success of Hours of Code?
The Hour of Code tracker isn't an exact measurement of usage. We do not count unique student IDs perfectly when tracking participation in the Hour of Code, especially because we don't require students to log in or register. As a result, we both over-count and under-count participants at the same time. Read all the details here.

How much can one learn in an hour (or two)?
The goal of the Hour of Code is not to teach anybody to become an expert computer scientist in one hour. One hour is only enough to learn that computer science is fun and creative, that it is accessible at all ages, for all students, regardless of background. The measure of success of this campaign is not in how much CS students learn - the success is reflected in broad participation across gender and ethnic and socioeconomic groups, and the resulting increase in enrollment and participation we see in CS courses at all grade levels.

At the end of the session, every student will create at least one game similar to the one shown here:


Besides that, every student will also get a certificate of attendance after the event.

How do I keep learning after the Hour of Code?
Anyone can learn Hour of Code at any time. Just go to Code.org or Tynker.com where you get to choose various types of activities, tutorials to continue the learning. There are all free. If you are looking for an instructor guided classes, you can also join our weekly coding class. For more information you may contact Teo (0169810613)