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notes on making parallel parasite video-site
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notes on the making of

an inconclusive report on the technical and epistemological assumptions that was made in the making of “Parallel Parasite : Timeline Repository

Sina Seifee

8.April 2019

_video tutorial for the editors, how to use the interface:

_links to this document:


“Parallel Parasite” was a month residency, at ZSenne ArtLab, produced by A.PASS RESEARCH CENTER 18/II, curated by Lilia Mestre (

the website is made by Sina Seifee (

the video material was recorded and prepared for publication by Steven Jouwersma ( and Christian Hansen

for more information go to:

technical infrastructure:

the website is registered under a sub-domain of (a.pass - Posthogeschool voor Podiumkunsten vzw / advanced performance and scenography studies)

the back-end is programmed with PHP, on the Wordpress interface.

the rest of the interface is handled with AJAX to perform the asynchronous application of the “inputs” into the timeline of the video.

the video is 23h:38m:22s in total length, and is cut in four parts.

programmer’s assumptions:

the web-interface parallelparasite is a discursive apparatus, in the sense of:

interface terminology:

terms used in the making of the parallelparasite’s title: “Parallel Parasite : Timeline Repository”

the input text-area:

these inputs are visible only to the editors (and not the visitors) of the website for the period of editing, and they will be disabled after finishing the writing process, by the end of July 2019.

the input areas are hypertextual (equipped to translate text to anchor links, and image URLs into embedded images in the HTML format).

history and the explanation of the terms used as the “placeholder” in the text fields:

the timeline:

the corresponding visual representation of the input’s diagrammatic indications (was conceived initially to mimic a rotating clock's hands):

_|_ (titling...) duration adjustable

_/_ (reactions...) 8.333 minutes appearance on the timeline

_\_ (frame referencing...) 8.333 minutes appearance on the timeline

ˉ/ˉ (image superimposition...) 8.333 minutes appearance on the timeline

ˉ|ˉ (commentars...) duration adjustable

ˉ\ˉ (comments on items) duration inherited from the parent item

they will appear on the timeline marking the input category:


snapshots of the interface:

the image that appears in the case of sharing the website’s URL in the so-called social media:


from top-left to right-bottom: