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Sunday, October 28th 2018
15:00 - 16:30 CET
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Webinar with Dimity Dornan

Love Protects Your Brain

Language: English, Russian

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About the Topic

‘Love Protects Your Brain’ is a presentation which involves both children and older adults.

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November 4th 2018 / 15:00 CET

Learning results

The importance of the brain in teaching children with hearing loss to listen and speak is now forming the treatment of our older citizens with hearing loss. New research is showing that in order to reduce the risk factors for brain decline in adults, treating hearing loss from mid-life on to old age is really important. If  we want to protect our brain we need to hear those who love us communicating their deepest thoughts with us. It is hearing their love in social interactions that provides protection for the brain. Growing the brain in children will first be discussed followed by the need for adults to retain good brain health.

About the presenter

Dr Dimity Dornan is a Speech Pathologist, and the Founder and Managing Director of Hear and Say. This not-for-profit program, opened in July 1992, and enables children with hearing loss to listen and speak through the use of modern hearing technology combined with the simultaneous education of parents and children (Auditory-Verbal Therapy).

Today Hear and Say provides services for over 500 children and families in five Queensland centres, plus a telemedicine Outreach program for rural, regional and international children and families.

Dimity is also the founder of Hear and Say Research and Innovation, the research and development unit of Hear and Say, and Hear and Say WorldWide, their global professional training program.


Dimity Dornan


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