Gilbert Adams 


Jed “Presto” Crouse

Face Art/ Chalk Art

    Suzie Zoerman


Lamar Yoder


Dave Hilll


Del Wilson


& Drama

Michael T Myers









Joe White - This is a balloon and how to get started

Jonathon Fudge - TBA

Lee Andrews - The Beauty of Great Looking Clown Makeup.

Tammy Christie -  “Menu Board Class”
The focus will be on using a menu board effectively

Gary Luber – Beginner 3 Balls

Greg Phillips - Funbelievable Gospel Ministry = Sharing your Faith through fun use of Gospel Magic and Creative Object Lessons.


1) YOU CAN DO VENTRILOQUISM -- Whether you are new to ventriloquism or have been "throwing your voice" for many years, it's good to see the way other vents do it. Steve will teach the basic skills of ventriloquism and how he does it. Come and have fun while you learn to talk to yourself!

Joe White-Balloon Proverbs and

Parables-one to three minute stories to share while

twisting your balloon characters to create an atmosphere of learning I Joe says that there are words that grab kids immediate attention and laughter.  Use them wisely I



Dale Cambell -

Headbands and things I like to do

Greg Phillips - - Funbelievable Multiple Event Programs

Norma Hill - “Face Painting for Fairs and Festivals”
She shares 20+ years of experience in this challenging but lucrative market.  Bookings, fees, set-ups, supplies, and some of Norma's favorite designs will be part of the discussion.

Mary Luber – Beginner Plate Spinning

Norm Barnhart - "Comedy Magic and Good News"  Norm shares his Good News Show                                                he has presented around the world. Techniques for laughs with many                                                of his original gospel routines.


1) HOW TO MAKE FUZZY PUPPETS LOOK REALLY ALIVE -- Learn how the pros make spring animals, stuffed animals and hand puppets come alive before your very eyes. Ever have a stuffed animal, spring animal, or hand puppet and didn't know what to do with it after you bought it? In this exciting workshop Bev Dowling, a master of lifelike puppet manipulation, gives you the inside secrets that will make these animal puppets a feature in your show!

John and Ynita Swomley-Stick Drama ­learn to use wooden dowel rods "sticks" to interpret and bring to life Christian music as a dramatic art form. We will use sticks and additional props such as fabrics, signs, sign language and drama to interpret the lyrics and

stories of Christian music. We will also introduce "black light" to make your presentations more dramatic!

(3) 4:00

Dale Cambell -

Headbands and things I like to do

Gwen Clark - Hats, Hats and even more Hats

Steve Waldo - TBA

Carol Rikkers
“Basic Beginner Airbrush Face Painting”

Madison Christie – Juggling with a message

Brian Foshee - "From Mind to Market" Inventor and magician, Brian reveals the steps                                             needed to take an idea and bring it to life with success.

Lohren Meier - The Magic of God's Promises" Routines that focus on the promises in

                                              God's word and practical applications of each promise.


1) PUPPETS WITHOUT A STAGE -- Chaplain Jill Bryan, aka Jillybean, has been doing ministry for over 30 years. Street ministry was a favorite. She would draw a crowd & begin to make them laugh. Use any situation & let the ministry happen. Simple basic Vent using small puppets.

Jeffrey Lemasters Tahir-"How to Save a Life"-As Evangelical Performers, we often concern

ourselves with how to save our audiences members' souls. However have we neglected the physical lives of those we reach? Can our performance acts literally save people's lives? As the demons of depression, anxiety, and suicide infest our society, we as performers for God are on the front lines of a battle. How do we fight this battle using the creative arts He has given us? How do we fight the battle within us?







(4) 8:30

Norm Barnhart -

Magic and Fun with Balloons

Gwen Clark - Wristables Creation to decoration....from big to little.... wearable wrist creations

Kornpop - Fun with Balloons or Birthday Parties

Christina Getz -  “Glitter Tattoos”

Open Juggling

Bob Zoerman - Mental Feats You can Use. ( Flipped with Joey Evans. Was at 1:30 Tue. but Joey wanted Change)


1) PAY NO ATTENTION TO THAT MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN -- What we learned on the road with a curtain and a puppet. How to think about puppet and human (in front of curtain) interaction. What fun can be had behind the curtain, story construction, staging challenges

Bev Dowling - “Storytelling Made Easy” - Ever wanted to learn how to tell stories and not quite

know how or where to start? In this fun and inspiring workshop Bev teaches you how to find and develop your stories. How to take an ordinary story and make it come alive. How to include and captivate your audience with ease. From folklore to fairytales, personal inspiring and inspirational stories! You too CAN be a successful


(5) 10:45

Norm Barnhart -

Magic and Fun with Balloons

Nick Geigle - Balloons from You Tube fun fast ideas from the world of youtube

David Ginn - Repetition, Magic, and Snakes

Jackie Gillespie -
Chalking on Paper

Gary Luber - Beginner Club Juggling

Duane Laflin - Magic that Wins, Wows, and Witnesses - Not every trick must have a message. Some are for "winning the right to be heard". A combo of win them over tricks and clear witness illustrations.


1) YOU CAN MAKE A VENT FIGURE -- This is a beginner's workshop for those of you that would like to learn the techniques of making your own vent figure. Charlie will teach you several basic ideas that will help you design your own "one of a kind" vent partner.

Tricky Ricky Henson-Stories That

Come Alive-Using magic tricks to tell true stories. How you can take one trick and keep the people on the edge of their seats!

(6) 1:30

Ken Ernsberger -

Next Step Up Advancing your balloons

Kornpop McCullough - Balloon Wearable costumes how to dress a kid from head to toe and make a super party

Lohren Meier - Clown Worship

Jack Owens-
The Henna Option

Mary Luber - Spinning Plate Tricks

David Ginn - Amazing Kidshow Magic - David will share a dozen routines from his new " Kidshow Magic Kompendium" book.

Joey Evans - Last Couple Years in 60 minutes - After taking a couple years off from lecturing, Joey Evans is back with a brand new lecture to show exactly what he's been doing for the past couple years.  He is also joined by a couple of other special guests that show their favorite routines as well.  Bring a notepad and prepare to write furiously.  This lecture will be jam packed of comedy, routines, bits of business, and ideas!


1) HOW TO START A BLACKLIGHT MINISTRY -- Are you in the dark on how to do a blacklight ministry? This class will shed light on what you need to make your ministry shine! Plus tips on how to get more glow for your dough!

Ed and Rena Cavender-Emphasizing Your Drama-Using facial expression, body language and movement, your voice and words to communicate your Good News story to the audience!

(7) 4:00

Ken Ernsberger -

Next Step Up Advancing your balloons

Dave Hill - Beginner Balloons fun beginner balloons to get you started or to speed you up during parties

Norm Barnhart - Scripture Skits

Ynita Swomley - "Put A Muzzle On It!'

 Create designs by mastering the "muzzle."

Pouncers, daubers, brushes, and stencils to make your cheek art come alive will also be discussed.

Lamar Yoder - Site Swap - The Language of Jugglers

Dana Hill -Self Working Close Up Magic - Simple close up/ walk around effects that are void of sleights but full of astonishment. Stop worrying about moves and concentrate on presentation.

Angelo Bermeo - "Reaching the Unchurch with Gospel Magic"  Put together a program

                                                 to reach a secular audience with the Good News. From props to

                                                  promotion for a successful presentation.


2) GLOW WALL CLASS -- A popular tool for today's creative teams is a glow wall. Come and learn what you need to know before you start building your wall! Information on supplies, ideas and bonus ideas that the other teams aren't doing!

John Welcher-Dramatic Portrayal of a

Pirate !-Includes magic, storytelling and more to

communicate the Gospel of Jesus! Use this first-person presentation to develop your own ideas of a character.

Learn when to leave and return to that character during your presentation!












(8) 1:30

Brian Getz -

The Business side of ballooning and how to make a living with them

Carrie Rostollan -  My Favourite Things balloons that entertain, you will be asking for more

Ed and Rena Cavendar - A Long Way From Home!

LynNel Harmon - The Doppler Effect

Madison Christie - Beginner Diabolo and Diabolo Tricks

Dave Hill - "World's Easiest Magic" Simple but Impressive effects that allow you to

                                        concentrate on PRESENTATION without worrying about sleights. For                                        Gospel and secular shows

Larry Wirtz - Leading Your Ministry into the 21st century. - A multifaceted session that includes topical information to reach a multigenerational audience.Authentic spiritual leadership approaches sharing successful object lessons.


1) STUFFED ANIMAL SURGERY -- Giving  a voice to your silent stuffed animal by adding a functioning mouth. This is a hands on, in class, workshop where Missy will teach you to add a moving mouth to a stuffed animal. There is a $10 charge for your supplies to do this. Bring a  large teddy bear or stuffed animal to convert into a moving mouth puppet. If you have a Good Will Store near by, their stuffed animals are priced low. Missy will have some stuffed animals available for you to purchase if you are unable bring your own. This hands on class is limited to 10 persons. (You must be 14 years of age, or older, to attend! NO EXCEPTIONS,)

Sue Abshier-Dramatic Portrayal of Mary: My life as the Mother of Jesus; His birth, life, death and Resurrection!

(9) 4:00

Brian Getz -Part 2 Faces Faces from Beginner to Advance

Mary Lemaster Tahir - TBA

Lee Andrews - How To Market Yourself Professionally

Diane Patty - Powders Plus

Lamar Yoder - Building numbers in juggling for balls, rings, and Clubs.

Gary Barker - TBA

Ricky Henson - "Oldies and Goodies" Old and New Tricks on the market with                                              powerful Gospel lessons


2) STUFFED ANIMAL SURGERY -- (This workshop is continued from #1 to make certain your puppet is completed.) This is a hands on, in class, workshop where Missy will teach you to add a moving mouth to a stuffed animal. There is a $10 charge for your supplies to do this. Bring a  large teddy bear or stuffed animal to convert into a moving mouth puppet. If you have a Good Will Store near by, their stuffed animals are priced low. Missy will have some stuffed animals available for you to purchase if you are unable bring your own. This hands on class is limited to 10 persons.(You must be 14 years of age, or older, to attend! NO EXCEPTIONS,)

John Welcher- Dramatic Portrayal of

John Bunyan, the author of "Pilgrims Progress": My

thoughts I









(10) 8:30

Dr. Don Nelson -

Balloon Magic to wow and audience

Gilbert Adams - Arm Munchers new and fun stuff from Gilbert to have fun keep out of their hands and bring old to new

Kornpop - Clowning in Ministry

Sara Siegfried - Beginning Face Paint Designs

Open Juggling

Greg Phillips - "Funbelievable Magic Programs" Want to do multiple day Crusades,                                               V.B.S., or Outreaches? How to plan, execute, and accomplish them,                                           with a few creative magic ideas thrown in.

 Marc Buxton -

"Magic Workshops That Will Grow Your Church" - Everything you need to know about starting a magic ministry in your church that will reach the lost and disciple new believers into mobile evangelists.


1) ADVANCED PUPPETRY -- This workshop goes beyond the basics to offer exercises, choreography, and methods to draw out the actor in the puppeteer and bring life-like action to your puppets.

Normajean Price- Storytelling Power

Using Costumes-How to use costumes to enhance and not distract from your storytelling message I

(11) 10:45

Dr. Don Nelson -

Balloon Magic to wow and audience

David Hill - Fun and Games with Balloons a must class on how to get everyone involved with balloons games and just a whole lot of fun

Lee Andrews - The Ministry of Santa

Suzie Zoerman - Chalking on Sheets

Al Eisenhour - Exploring Fun Props

Duane Laflin - - Message Magic for "Kids of All Ages" - Fun Magical Experiences that convey Gospel truths.

Curt Patty

Puppets, Puppets, Puppets -

All different kinds of puppets you can make that are not expensive. Ideas for performances, and a special make and take puppet project at the end for no cost to you. (This special project is limited to 15 persons.)

Michael T.-Santa Claus-Christmas in July--the children will be there to see Santa as the man who loves God and knows Jesus Christ as his personal

Lord and Savior I

(12) 1:30

 Christine Getz -

Decor Centrepieces Arches  and so much more

Mary Lemaster Tahir - TBA

Sharon Tucker - Cross Cultural Ministry

Yvonne Harmon - “The Wow factor in face painting”

Al Eisenhour - 3 Club Tricks

Lee Andrews - "Marketing Your Show" A-Z's for publicity and promotion from a full                                              time professional doing over 300 shows every year.


2) ADVANCED COURSE IN MAKING YOUR OWN VENT FIGURE -- This workshop teaches you how to install various animations on your vent figure as you make him.

Tammy Christie & Sue Abshier­

Fundraising Can Be Fun I-This class will focus on unique and fun fundraising ideas that are great to help groups of any kind! Audience ideas encouraged!

(13) 4:00

 Christine Getz -

Decor Centrepieces Arches  and so much more

Jonathon Fudge - TBA

Curt and Diana Patty - Walk Around Entertainment that Fits In Your Pocket

Face Painting - TBA

Madison Christie - Juggling Games

Andrews Family Magic - " A Spectacular Production"  Covering all the important                                                             details to move a presentation from a simple performance                                                              to a Spectacular Production.

Jeffrey Tahir - "Representing Jesus in the Secular Market" Create a show that a

                                              secular audience will be excited to see while communicating the                                            Good News Message.

Steven Parker , Vent, Things I Wish I Had Known In The Beginning -- This workshop will share many ideas for the beginning and seasoned performer through fine tuning your performance to make it shine for all audiences. We will discuss things from choosing what type of figure or puppet to use, to performance tips. Bring your vent figure and puppet as we will together network ideas.

Tammy Christie & Sue Abshier-"Material Makeover" --This class will focus on taking purchased

curriculum and transforming it for a Kids Crusade,

Sunday School Class, Super Saturday or Children's Church Venue! Any special event you have creatively created to share the Gospel!










John Holmes -

Armour of God create a visual of the complete armour

Tane Alexander - Flowers Flowers and even more Flowers great decor or line balloons from simple to wow taught by a master in this area


Caricatures - TBA

Open Juggling

Steve Varro -Magic That Amazed Me - Over the years I have seen several tricks that have blown me away. Some I have performed, others not but I will share these routines so hopefully you'll be amazed by the outcomes and methods used.

Greg Hamilton - "Showing People Amazing Magic" Tricks you can easily make or

                                             perform that will truly amaze any audience.

Jill Bryant - Puppets & Vent- Ministry Art Requires A Ministry Heart-- Chaplin Jillybean uses Variety Arts to minister anywhere. She will help you to know when, where, and why to share your gifts impromptu, In an instant, or not!

Aunt Nora a.k.a. Normajean Price­

Interactive Family Games-Learn how to play games at your event without "breaking the bank"! I love the Dollar Store"



Gilbert Adams - Let's Make Them Move (this is advance) how to add movement and bring your creations to life

Joe White - The Conference Wows balloons I have learned from years of conf attending from fun and easy to wow and Oh my

Jed Crouse - Sharing the Gospel Through Clown

Al Eisenhour - Beginner Club Passing

Roger Bus - "The Magic Cafe' Gospel Routines" Enjoy and learn these effects that                                         Bob has presented on TheMagicCafe.com


1) FUN AND NOVEL IDEAS WITH B.L.A.M. VENTRILOQUISM -- This workshop is designed to challenge you to think out of the box with ventriloquism. Del shares several novel and unique ways to use ventriloquism that will add even more fun to your programs. This time together is designed for both the beginning and advanced ventriloquist.

Gwen Clark & Mary Lemasters Tahir­ - "Sharing The Gospel Through Duct Tape"-This is a

"hands-on" class where we supply the duct tape and

scissors so you can teach the story of Creation!