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Trello Resource for TD
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US Quidditch

Trello Resource Template

US Quidditch strives to stay as organized as possible on-site during regional and national championships to provide a smooth and successful event for all.

Recently, our organization has begun using Trello on-site, which allows us to work collaboratively with all staff members. Trello allows you to create cards for tasks to complete or for information you’d like to organize for your event. Each card can be assigned members, a due date, description, checklist, comments, and attach files from Google Drive and more.

In effort to provide tournament directors with as many resources as possible for a successful event, USQ has provided a template as well as some tips for how to utilize Trello to the best of its ability for your event.

Please view the Trello template on excel here. It is a template and example of some things that could be written on your Trello board. Feel free to make it your own and utilize it in the best way you can!

Visit to create a free account. Below are some tips for some of the tasks.

Trello Tips:

Before Tournament

Day of Event

After Tournament