Kindness Week  November 26- November 30, 2018

#15DaysofKindness:  Kicking off on November 26 we will begin a 15 Days of Kindness Challenge.  Each day will have a challenge for students AND staff.  At the end of the day all are encouraged to report completion of their participation in the challenge on the form which can be found at  The goal is 10,000 Acts of Kindness completed during schools days starting November 26 and ending on December 14.  Some challenges are easy, some require a bit more action, all are low/no cost.

Monday November 26th:

Tuesday November 27th:

Wednesday November 28th:

Thursday November 29th:

Friday November 30th:

Monday, December 3:

Tuesday, December 4:

Wednesday, December 5:

Thursday, December 6:

Friday December 7:

Monday, December 10:

Tuesday, December 11:

Wednesday, December 12:

Thursday, December 13:

Friday December 14: